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  1. I said the Miura heads were 125 a head unshafted. The epons are shafted with kbs tour black nickel shafts uncut for 1200.00 4-pw
  2. I will let you know. They are 125 a head not shafted.
  3. I wander which ones are harder to find brand new
  4. Guys I found 2 of my dream sets of irons brand new. Miura cb57 and epon af302 irons. Please advise me on which to buy. I cannot afford both.
  5. This is hard to believe but I have found a brand new set of Miura cb57 and epon af302 irons. I always heard these 2 sets are considered legendary. Which ones should I buy?
  6. Hi I just paid to have my ad pinned. Gx golfer is telling me I have to send him a link to my ad. I don’t have a clue even after reading the directions how to send him a link to my ad. Sorry I’m not computer savvy like all of you fellas.
  7. Ping I210 irons with steel fiber I95 regular flex red dot 4-pw. Used for 3 rounds of golf. Save big!!!! Paid 1400.00. Sale for 975.00!!!! New Price 925.00!!!!! 900.00 plus shipping!!!! 875.00 plus shipping!!!!! pin 5/4
  8. I don’t know what you are insinuating but I paid 1150 with tax plus shipping.
  9. That’s what the golf store in Arizona told me. And they said the only reason they had them was ping sent them a duplicate set that was ordered for someone by accident. The price was 1150 plus shipping to me. Just trying to recoup my money
  10. Brand new never hit Ping i210 black dot irons. 4-pw plus gap wedge. Upcharge for Nippon Modus 105 stiff shafts. Standard length. 8 to 12 week wait ordering from ping. 1250.00 Price lowered to 1150.00!!!
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