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  1. My question was what would you pay for a new unused set.
  2. What would you pay for a new unused set of these irons?
  3. Special ordered these for my daughters high school season. She wore them for 9 holes and said they were too tight. Paid 240.00 for these asking 175.00
  4. 5-gap pxg gen3 P model with Nippon850gh regular flex shafts. Used for 5 rounds never without headcovers. Zero bag chatter 1200.00
  5. The price is shown mabe you guys should read a little better before being smart axxes.
  6. Only took out of packaging to take pics. 4-pw with steelfiber I 95 regular flex. Standard loft and lie. Paid over 1700.00 sell for 1575.00!!! 1475.00 plus shipping!!!!!!
  7. I just ordered the Callaway TCB Irons I hope I’m doing the right thing by Buying them and selling these
  8. Up today is 2 sets of of brand new never touched a ball. First up is a set of the legendary Epon af302 irons 4-pw heads still in plastic. Shafted with kbs tour black nickel stiff shafts, uncut. 1675.00. Price drop 1500.00!!!!! 1400.00!!!!!!!Next up another legendary set of irons. Miura cb57 irons 4-pw heads only, never shafted. Sold!!!!
  9. Do u think the epons are more playable then the cb 57 irons
  10. I said the Miura heads were 125 a head unshafted. The epons are shafted with kbs tour black nickel shafts uncut for 1200.00 4-pw
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