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  1. First set is 5-pw Specs standard. With the real Tour AD 85 stiff shafts. This was not made for the cheaper version, Callaway Japan only used the upgrade tour ad in this model. In rare mint condition very little use. Only a very small ding on bottom of 5 iron, it’s tiny but worth mentioning. 925.00. Second set: 5-pw beautiful condition, standard specs, see pics one of the shafts has minor pitting near the hosel. Shafts are gs95 stiff shafts. Apart from that a rare find for Legacy irons in this shape: 825.00. Not looking for heads only or trades!!!
  2. I have been holding on to these for awhile but my age tells me it’s time to go to something a little more age friendly. First up 5-pw gs95 stiff shafts Mabe played a few rounds 9.0 condition. 6 iron shaft appears to have some pitting near the hosel probably from storage pictures show the pitting. Asking 795.00. Next up 5-pw tour ad 85 stiff shafts. I would say 9.5 condition again played a few rounds. Asking 950.00
  3. My question was what would you pay for a new unused set.
  4. What would you pay for a new unused set of these irons?
  5. Special ordered these for my daughters high school season. She wore them for 9 holes and said they were too tight. Paid 240.00 for these asking 175.00
  6. 5-gap pxg gen3 P model with Nippon850gh regular flex shafts. Used for 5 rounds never without headcovers. Zero bag chatter 1200.00
  7. The price is shown mabe you guys should read a little better before being smart axxes.
  8. Only took out of packaging to take pics. 4-pw with steelfiber I 95 regular flex. Standard loft and lie. Paid over 1700.00 sell for 1575.00!!! 1475.00 plus shipping!!!!!!
  9. I just ordered the Callaway TCB Irons I hope I’m doing the right thing by Buying them and selling these
  10. Up today is 2 sets of of brand new never touched a ball. First up is a set of the legendary Epon af302 irons 4-pw heads still in plastic. Shafted with kbs tour black nickel stiff shafts, uncut. 1675.00. Price drop 1500.00!!!!! 1400.00!!!!!!!Next up another legendary set of irons. Miura cb57 irons 4-pw heads only, never shafted. Sold!!!!
  11. Do u think the epons are more playable then the cb 57 irons
  12. I said the Miura heads were 125 a head unshafted. The epons are shafted with kbs tour black nickel shafts uncut for 1200.00 4-pw
  13. I will let you know. They are 125 a head not shafted.
  14. I wander which ones are harder to find brand new
  15. Guys I found 2 of my dream sets of irons brand new. Miura cb57 and epon af302 irons. Please advise me on which to buy. I cannot afford both.
  16. This is hard to believe but I have found a brand new set of Miura cb57 and epon af302 irons. I always heard these 2 sets are considered legendary. Which ones should I buy?
  17. Hi I just paid to have my ad pinned. Gx golfer is telling me I have to send him a link to my ad. I don’t have a clue even after reading the directions how to send him a link to my ad. Sorry I’m not computer savvy like all of you fellas.
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