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  1. I so wish I had the $$$ for this. What a great flatstick. Good luck.
  2. The Epic Day is incredible. I searched for years to land one and I lucked out by scoring one. Count me in. Only 48 to go.
  3. Okay, thanks. That is what I thought. Just wasn't sure.
  4. Is his shop in Georgia on the East Coast now? Where in Georgia? I had no idea. Last time I ordered something was about a year ago I thought and I thought I called HB.
  5. Can anyone say if the circle HB models of Byron putters have any difference in quality, materials used, specs, etc.? Or is it simply a spoof on the circle T?
  6. DH89, 007, 612, and Epic Day are all in my collection. Easily my favorite putters. They all get a fair share of action but something keeps pulling me back to my 612.
  7. Sweet flatsticks. Byron moved to Georgia? How did I miss this. Is his shop in Georgia now too?
  8. Low Tide Flow with a twisty neck and leather grip.
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