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  1. And that's why we love Phil. 'Cause he's gonna hit driver off the deck of that fairway, over the snack shack, and put the ball on the green! (Ok, maybe he ends up in even more trouble, but every so often....Wow!)
  2. This is exactly how I found GolfWRX. I had heard about these Miura irons "crafted from the hands of god", and had to do some research. Ended up in the JDM forum and was stunned by the quantity and depth of information. (Didn't even know what JDM meant at the time). Spent hours that first night just in that forum. When I discovered all of the other content, I was sold. And just like you, Quigley, I have yet to pull the trigger on any Miura equipment (or any other JDM stuff), but I'm still researching!
  3. Enjoy! Let us know your thoughts after your trip.
  4. Very happy with latest firmware update. Really like the club selection indicator, just to confirm it's locked onto the correct club. You can see the club indicator change a few seconds after placing the club in your left hand (right-handed golfer, watch on left wrist). If it wasn't changing quite fast enough, a quick tap of the sensor on the watch band took care of that. Plus, the number of missed shots is down significantly (picked up all but one shot yesterday). Getting better at remembering to record the # of putts at the flag stick after holing out. Definitely helps with post round editi
  5. The Ledges should be at the top of your list. I'd also look at Old Marsh, The Links at Outlook and Cape Arundel (an "old school" classic).
  6. Shot a 78 at Oxford Greens in Connecticut yesterday, my personal best! Moved up a set of tees and it made all the difference. It's a challenging enough course without adding distance to the equation, requiring accuracy off the tee and a steady putter. Hit 72% of fairways, and 45% GIR. 33 putts, with 2 birdies and 9 pars. Finally breaking 80 feels awesome!
  7. Ah, good point. Honestly, don't recall which hand but it could likely have been the left (watch) hand, as I probably had the pitch mark tool in the right hand. I'll make a conscious effort to use the putter in the non-watch hand to tap down any repaired pitch marks and see if that corrects the issue.
  8. Second round with the V3 yesterday, and happy to report that it's working well. I had one missed shot from each round that I had to add, and yesterday's round had a couple of extra putts noted on one hole that I forgot to perform the "pin collect" function on. I recall fixing some divots and tapping the grass with the putter on that hole. Could those have been recorded as putts? (Although I'm sure I did the same on other greens without issue).
  9. Welcome! Lots of amazing info here. Take time to explore the great content. Small world, as my sister and her family lived in Geelong for a few years. They absolutely loved Oz, especially the people. The kids made some lifelong friendships, and they still host those folks when they come to the States for a visit (at least they did in the pre-Covid days). Enjoy.
  10. I think you'll like it, and that is a killer deal. Let us know your thoughts once you try it out.
  11. I had heard great things about Fiberbuilt mats and started looking at a few options about a year and a half ago. The full size mats were not cheap, but from my research they appeared to be a top choice. Then I found the hitting station and was intrigued. Looked like an interesting option, at a more attractive price. Then I found the Flight Deck (just the separate hitting surface) for $99. When I came across the deal on Amazon, I had to pull the trigger. Here's the pros and cons of the Flight Deck - Pros - Bigger than it looks in the photos. Relatively heavy, too, so it stays it place. Rock so
  12. I don't change clubs very often, but I've definitely had more Drivers than putters. Started out with a Mizuno T-Zoid, then moved to a Taylormade R580, a Taylormade Burner, an R15 and the current Callaway GBB Epic. During that same time, the putters have been the starter (Wilson Harmonized), and the current Rife 2 Bar Hybrid. I've tried a few other putters over the years, but nothing has knocked the Rife out of the bag.
  13. Yep, I've really liked this club from the first swing, when I felt the ball jump off the face. It's been in the bag since. I find it easy to hit off the tee or off the deck (do tend to be more of a sweeper with the woods). Original RBZ 3 wood with stock Matrix Ozik shaft. Seems to work well for me.
  14. I'm not a local, and don't have a Player's Club membership, but I am a DVC member and visit several times a year. I do enjoy playing the Disney courses and generally find them to be well maintained and a decent test of golf. I'm sure staying on the property and being able to take advantage of some of the perks such as complimentary taxi service from / to the resort, bag storage and transfer to each course (although they have recently started charging $5 for this service) and, of course, the discounted rates on rounds and merchandise, certainly helps. Now the downside - the rounds can be long,
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