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  1. TBC hoody is nice and soft! Love mine. Just FYI for those interested, they run a size big. My small feels like a medium.
  2. I have the putting analysis add-on. When I ordered the quad, I was offered the putting analysis for 50% off. I don't have my indoor simulator set up yet but I use the putting analysis indoors. Personally, I like it and I get some pretty good data points during practice sessions. One thing I did notice is that you need good lighting. Sometimes, I'll get some missing data points like skid and time to roll when the room starts to get darker due to sunlight.
  3. Would anyone with Patron Shop access be willing to purchase a Peter Millar Polo for me? Thanks!
  4. Would anyone with patron shop access be willing to pick up a polo for me?
  5. Still have mine from 2012. It works.
  6. ZB posted these on his Instagram. Gonna be an awesome drop, IMO! Can’t wait!!
  7. I have the workday shorts. It’s definitely a slimmer fitting short cut above the knee.
  8. Been looking for these FJ polos with the Titleist logo on the sleeve...finally found some!
  9. I can't speak to those models but I have the Titleist Hybrid 14. I carry when I play my local course which I play 90% of the time. Used to have a midstaff bag which I pushed in a cart. Just need to get used to the fact that I don't have as much space as the mid staff bag, but the hybrid 14 is great. Ample pockets for what I need.
  10. Give Public Rec a look. I have a few pairs and like them alot.
  11. I just got my GCQuad last week, so I'm still playing with the software. I just installed FSX Pro on my PC but I can't choose a putter as a club. I played around with the FSX Pro app on my ipad and it reads putter data. I have both club and putter add-ons.
  12. Hydroflask or Yeti Rambler. However, I believe the knock off Walmart brand works just as well.
  13. Part of my Puma AP themed arrived today. Wish the umbrella was embroidered but it’s just an appliqué. Still looks great though!
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