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  1. Love Rhoback! Qzips are one of the best and I get compliments on the 2 that I have everytime I wear them. Their collars on the polos are one of the best in the biz! They don't roll and they stay stiff!
  2. I've got a few from RLX and Greyson. One from Galvin Green which is really warm. I also picked up a battery powered heated one from Amazon which is really warm. Wouldn't wear it casually in the office though. I find myself reaching for my Patagonia vest frequently.
  3. Yes, I use them all time I buy pants from them. Never had an issue and they have all come out perfect.
  4. I wear quite a bit of my quarter zips and cashmere sweaters on and off the course. They are mostly RLX and Greyson so I think they work well in both settings. During the summer, I'll wear my Greyson Montaux pants to the office as well. I have some "louder" patterned polos that I'll only wear on the course though.
  5. I have last season's colorway. Feet definitely stay dry. However, I agree with a few that commented about the zipper. I usually just barely zip up the outside zipper since it bothers my ankle bone. I would size up at least a half size.
  6. Greyson Montauk pants are great! Have 2 pairs and 2 pairs of the joggers.
  7. I have the GG Duke, and I agree! Super warm for a single layer. Sometimes a tee shirt underneath is enough!
  8. I bought this vest on the recommendation from others here. It works well but sizing is a little odd. I had to order a different size because it was a little small for me. I gave the first one to my wife. While the larger size was a bit longer, it wasn't as fitted as I would like. It's still warm though! I would recommend it for the price.
  9. I bought a Polo regular cashmere and the RLX washable cashmere hoodie. There is a little bit of shrinking but not much in my experience. It kind of stretches out a bit after wearing it again. I use the wool setting on our front loading washer and also put them in a mesh wash bag. And of course, dry flat after stretching a bit.
  10. I've got the Ping Norse jacket in the classifieds if you're interested. I play quite a bit in the off season here in Germany as long as there's no snow. I will usually wear a fitted baselayer from UA, Nike, or Icebreaker. Then a merino or cashmere sweater then a down or primaloft vest. I'm toasty with these layers when I'm walking. Can't forget a beanie and merino wool socks. If it's windy/rainy I'll throw on my Galvin Green Archie jacket. If it's really cold, I have a heated vest and rechargeable hand warmer in my pockets.
  11. Yes! I got all three colors last season when they were on sale and they are my favorite. The Greyson hoodies are awesome also. Although a bit pricey.
  12. 21 inches across the chest from armpit to armpit. 26 inches from shoulder to waist. 25 inches from shoulder to wrist.
  13. I usually wear smalls in most clothing brands. I have a few Nike polos in small but prefer the fit of FJ athletic polos, Rhoback, Greyson, and PM in smalls. The body of the jacket isn’t an athletic cut like Galvin Green. It’s a little roomy and the sleeves are just under an inch too long. I can get you measurements of the jacket if you like. For reference I’m 5’6” and 145 lbs.
  14. Ping Norse jacket size small but fits more a medium, IMO. The sleeves are a bit long for me. It's new without tags. Bought it last fall but haven't worn it outside. Just tried on indoors. Asking $125 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping from an APO address so it may take 7-10 business days. Please add 3.5% if using Pp G&S.
  15. Rhoback quarter-zips are great! Have 2 on rotation. Love 1/4 zips! Got a few from Greyson as well.
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