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  1. Like others have said, don't use fabric softener. You should also use some white vinegar in the rinse cycle to get rid of the detergent buildup.
  2. Lots of threads about the best waterproof jackets around. With that said, I love my Galvin Green Archie jacket.
  3. Hit them up on Instagram. They are pretty quick to respond. I signed up early January and received the welcome pack about a month ago.
  4. I like the athletic fit FJ shirts. Much better fit than the normal FJ polos. Check out Rhoback and Holderness and Bourne also.
  5. Mostly in my back left pocket but sometimes on the velcro patch on my carry bag.
  6. I think it's worth it as well. I have the Players III 6-way stand bag. Coming from a Titleist Hybrid 14. I have the white bag and it wipes down easily if it gets dirty. Pockets are well thought out. The carry straps don't tangle and twist. Overall, I'm glad I got it, and I think it's worth the money.
  7. Holderness and Bourne makes a nice solid white shirt
  8. Really loving the exotic skin belts I've seen lately by the likes of Mickelson, JT, and Morikawa. I'd like to know as well.
  9. Rhoback, Holderness and Bourne, Greyson, JLindeberg, RLX.
  10. I have several and it really depends on what you like -- single prong, double prong. What's more important is that you use the right technique. Anything will work. Sometimes I just use a tee. With that said, I use a Kraken crayon or a Scotty Pivot.
  11. Gonna have to add another vote for Rhoback polos. I just got one in the mail this week and it ranks up there with the best of them. Hoping to grab a few more when they get more of the funky patterns in stock.
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