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  1. These are the highly regarded, discontinued PING Norse II fully insulated Primaloft jackets. Size XL. Color is Oxford blue. All new with tags from my personal stash. 4 available. $120 each, shipped. USA only.
  2. Very limited/rare Augusta National Maui Jim Backswing sunglasses. These are only sold on site at ANGC/The Masters. I’ve only worn these a few times on course. These are ANGC exclusive frame and lense combo. Black frames with green rubber/traction areas, and MauiHT polarized lenses ideal for golf. Come with hard case and cleaning bag. Price is $500 shipped Rare sterile/blank white PING Hoofer Stand bag. No logos/screen printing/embroidery I used this one season and then put it into the ever growing bag storage. Price is $140 plus ACTUAL shipping charges. Please PM me for that.
  3. As a retailer, I can say that most push cart wholesale prices have increased from this time last year, mainly due to import fees from China.
  4. I'm not sure I have an answer or solution to this "issue", but I can say that the thread makes for some entertaining reading! There's some worked up posters here over something that's pretty insignificant. I can maybe add that I've been a member at several forums where we B/S/T things A LOT more expensive and more rare than golf clubs (luxury watches/Rolex/Panerai/Patek/etc, high end pocket knives...think $1000 to $10,000+), and in each of those forums, removing the selling price from the thread is common/standard practice. If we are doing research on prices/price checking, we can easily PM
  5. I was going to say essentially the same thing...as far as flipping is concerned, there just "ain't no meat on that bone." Yes, Cobra makes great clubs, but they aren't popular (from a retail standpoint, the demand and sell through is abysmal), and are discounted pretty heavily before they sell. Any flipper worth his or her salt aren't looking at Cobra to pad their pockets, even at 45% off of retail. Very few people buy Cobra at full MSRP.
  6. And golf courses! At least here in GA. I'm up a little over 20% in revenue when comparing the period coinciding with the USA's COVID-19 response this year to the same period last year, and last year was my highest revenue year in a decade.
  7. It’s certainly possible, but the fact that cobra hasn’t made them public anywhere officially, sent them in emails, social media, anything makes me think they actually aren’t meant for the public.
  8. As someone who has dealt with a lot of cancelled orders from retailers over the years, I can say that a tracking number doesn’t guarantee success in securing an order. Often times tracking numbers are auto generated when the order fulfillment software receives the order, but the label itself isn’t printed until the package is boxed up and ready to go. At that point, If the order is wrong or cancelled, it just doesn’t ship and the tracking info is dead. Unless the tracking number shows actual package movement, there’s always the possibility of cancellation. Especially if these were Cobra Sta
  9. To anyone from this thread that's sent me a message, and it looks like I have a LOT of them to catch up on, I'm sorry. I don't come on this site much anymore (just don't enjoy it since the format change), but will check in more often. I'll reply to them all ASAP, and feel free to continue to ask questions/advice.
  10. I’ve mentioned it before, but OutDry is great. It is GoreTex ShakeDry before Gore had it. No threat of the dreaded “wetting out”. It’s basically putting the waterproof membrane on the exterior of the garment, instead of adding a cloth face fabric to the outside. And I actually prefer waterproof gear with hoods, even for golf. Wish more golf specific companies would do them.
  11. Well, again, unless it’s changed in the last few months, that’s the case with KJUS. They want a commitment by an account to make it worth KJuS’s time. It’s actually not that uncommon for any company to do. Many do. It’s just the price point with KJUS that makes it an issue for a small shop. But, KJUS only wants their products in places that are moving it and have the means to fully represent the brand. And in high end, private clubs, this kind of buy in isn’t a huge deal. And that’s the type of account that KJUS (again, this is info from the last discussions I had with them) wants. Just l
  12. No, the about KJUS here is pretty spot on, unless they have changed their policies for accounts in the past several months. See my post just above.
  13. Two points here. You're always going to hear the internet stories of how FootJoy is soooo terrible, people get wet the first wear, and other exaggerations, but the truth of the matter is that FootJoy has been just as good in terms of waterproofing for about 6-8 years now, as long as you make sure to compare "apples to apples" and buy FJ that actually contains a waterproof membrane. The internet stories seem to have come from the days before FJ widely used waterproof membranes and leaned more on DWR only, combined with consumers seeing/buying garments that are labeled as "water resistant" (DW
  14. If you’re still looking, PM me. I may be able to help you out.
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