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  1. Hey - I've been away from the forum for a long while... I'm now in Hungary, and I'm looking for some Steelfibers to go in my titleist mixed-set. Ideally, they'd be i95cws, but if someone has a set of i110cws, they'd work, too. I'm looking for 5 iron raw shaft length of 37.5 or so. PM me here if you have anything like the above...
  2. Ali Express often has non-authentic clubs (and lots of other items) for sale, too.
  3. [quote name='DixieMafia' timestamp='1408850219' post='9996185'] Whats with the lead tape on two of them? Are all the swig weights the same? What is the swing weights? [/quote] listing says D4.... tape used post reshaft...
  4. yeah, these are the ones I missed out on. picked up a set after, and I love 'em. whoever gets these heads will be thrilled!
  5. G25 head, excellent condition. One scratch on the sole, but clean topline and face. Includes wrench and headcover, does NOT include tip. $189, shipped and paypal'd CONUS.
  6. per PING: Serial Number:11T5095 Model:I20 Club(s):5-9PWUW Color Code:ORANGE Swing Weight:D0 Shaft:FST KBS TOUR S Length:STD Grip:ID8-WHITE Status Date:5/30/2013 Missing the U wedge. Condition as shown - $280, shipped and paypal'd CONUS
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