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  1. I would rather have Ben Hogan's 1 iron that he used in the 1950 U.S. OPEN.
  2. 50 cal 44 mag 357 mag 22 38 super 40 cal
  3. Golf is a 4 letter word. Play well :-)))))
  4. I'm a 4 and I don't keep up with the LPGA but I am 99.999% sure I would get my butt handed to me no matter what yardage we played from. Play well :-)))))
  5. I use a 62 with 8 and a 54 with 12 in bunkers
  6. I have not bought any Callaway clubs on there site but I've never been disappointed in there OTHER BRANDS . Always better than described.
  7. I no longer play any tournaments at the course I am a member at for the same reasons you just mentioned. Play well :-)))))
  8. You will always remember the first one. Congratulations!!!!!
  9. Playing a draw/hook is like playing with a rattlesnake, sooner or later it's going to bite you.
  10. I played the 962b's for many years. Best set of irons Titleist ever made IMO.
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