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  1. I only used the non orange and had to get rid of ....very stiff butt and very active tip imo terrible combination. I had to idea what was going on in the tip section during the swing
  2. congrats to DJ for brushing off Koepka's cheap shot at the PGA and responding with a green jacket!!
  3. Why do so many players from Asia have really slow deliberate backswings?
  4. He looks mentally shot now. Tv coverage not even showing him. Saw him bogey the par 3 #4 on the app
  5. Can't imagine anyone thinking they'd lose a ball at that spot. No trees, no hazard, no OB
  6. I think this will get into his head like at muirfield. Its not even his aggressive play that got him....lot of the field is hitting driver there
  7. Crazy with all the tracing technology they can't find it
  8. Does anyone really think Paul casey can hang on and win this? I don't. Nice guy and everything but we've seen before he's not s closer ... Doesn't have that extra gear that ultimates winners have.
  9. Why is this course playing so easy? Pins or soft conditions?
  10. Well you have a lot of people to this day reciting post after post where they say stuff like "there'll always be a place for the guy with the wedge game who can putt".
  11. Yeah in a different era Leonard might still be playing instead of commentating in the booth. The guys who didn't harness the distance advantages of the new equipment were made obsolete fast.
  12. Agree 13' was the year for the x forged. I also think they did a great job with the regular Apex 19's , and the ability to mix them with loft adjusted Apex pros. I wonder if they'll come out with a new version of both for 21' too. But maybe not since they waited a full 3 years from the previous Apex.
  13. Could it be rory? Am I seeing things or is he notably bigger in the chest?
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