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  1. One thing to be aware of, the standard apex head is slightly less forgiving and slightly lower launching than the 19' version. Visually it also looks slightly more compact. I assume this had something to do with making room for the new DCB version, which isn't all the different looking than the apex 19. So if someone is looking for max forgiveness more comparable to the 19's in long irons they may want to consider the apex/apex dcb combo set.
  2. I traded in my Apex 19 for Apex 21 "mixed set" which is Pro AW - 8, Apex 7 - 4. I decided on this change for the following reasons: - Apex short irons had too much bounce and offset for me, and it was difficult to work the ball, encourage a hook for me, which is last thing I wanted in a short iron; - There was a substantial upgrade from the 19' Pro to the 21' with the hollow head, tungsten insert. - I stayed with Apex in the longer irons for more forgiveness on clubs where I'm just looking to launch it high and let my natural shape (draw) determine the fligh
  3. new putter or driver -- can never seem to have too many, and easy to resell
  4. I recently purchased a set of Callaway Apex Pro Combo irons and didn't realize the lie angle is 1 degree flat relative to competitor irons like Titleist and Taylormade. The retailer I purchased thru is telling me they can bend them more upright (I want them 1.5 more upright), and it will be the same outcome as sending them back to Callaway, just a much faster turnaround. My questions: is it a fairly straightforward process that I should trust a good retailer to be able to manage? Will the clubs look the as good as new or will there be a "kink" where they were bent?
  5. Q: How do you know Lee Westwood isn't going to win an important tournament? A: He's leading going into the final round.
  6. Let's see him make that putt and prove me wrong.
  7. Westwood is a choker in high profile PGA events and all majors. No point in denying it any longer.
  8. Thoughts and prayers, at least not life threatening sounding. Eerily similar to what Ben Hogan went thru with the bus accident. At TW's age and with his injury history however I'd gather that will be it for his competitive golf career. It was an amazing career nonetheless and put him squarely in any GOAT conversation.
  9. I only used the non orange and had to get rid of ....very stiff butt and very active tip imo terrible combination. I had to idea what was going on in the tip section during the swing
  10. congrats to DJ for brushing off Koepka's cheap shot at the PGA and responding with a green jacket!!
  11. Why do so many players from Asia have really slow deliberate backswings?
  12. He looks mentally shot now. Tv coverage not even showing him. Saw him bogey the par 3 #4 on the app
  13. Can't imagine anyone thinking they'd lose a ball at that spot. No trees, no hazard, no OB
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