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  1. now that it's over can we talk Covid and politics?
  2. Pathetic what a rout. Even presidents cup would have been better. And I hate PC, fwiw
  3. Awesome opening tee shot by Bryson. Tigeresque
  4. I'm rooting for US but it would be a lot more interesting if it got close.
  5. Yeah they need more picks. Ppulter sucks, but Lowry and Garcia need to be on the team.
  6. Beating the field is no longer easy for him anymore. Rahm, Koepka, Bryson, Morikawa, and others etc etc have all the game in the world and then some; Rahm has a short game Rory will never have, Bryson hits it farther, Koepka is just as long and putts better and Morikawas mental toughness is off the charts. Tiger had the will to come back and win when his physical advantages we're surpassed , but Rory I have serious doubts about him swallowing his pride and sucking it up to work on his game enough.
  7. Yeah remember when seve put a thick band of rough about 290 yards out on a par 5 at valdaramma (sp?) Because the US was a longer hitting team and he wanted to take away their advantage of getting on in 2 with an iron.
  8. Does Rory no longer care, or have too many guys caught up to and surpassed him? Or is it the latter leading to the former ?
  9. They looked bad aesthetically but at least not cumbersome to play in the US hoodies. My guess is that hoodies are for merchandising reasons.
  10. More like the Irishman looking to embaress the Prod
  11. Day 2 takeaways - Koepka should have been given relief - Morikawa is probably the best player in the field this week ...nearly every time they go to him live hes nailing a drive, stiffing an iron, or holing a clutch putt - I knew Lowry would make that putt on 18, he's clutch too. And I like watching how he plays the game with his flighted iron shots. Not many do that any more, it's like a lost art - Dechambeau will win over many fans this week - Rory is not the most talented player in the field any more. Rahm is, and others are filling up the "checks all the boxes" category too. Rory's best days are behind him, and he's playing like he knows it. - US will most likely win ...stricker deserves some credit, but really this is the deepest Ryder cup team I can recall seeing. - whistling straits is visually stunning but it's less difficult than it looks ...the greens are large and for the most part not too severe - europe is at serious risk of losing by an historic margin since they expanded the team from UK to all of Europe. I don't think this says anything about future of European golf, it's bright. This is just a uniquely deep US team this year.
  12. Outfits today - 1) US hoodies look really uncomfortable to play golf in; 2) euros brown striped shirts with gray pants, just hard to look at.
  13. Hatton just said "f%#$ you" to his putter
  14. if this were a qualifier, JT would miss the cut.
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