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  1. no more Erin Hills, what a disaster. any records set there should be asterisked
  2. He made sexist comments and when given a chance to explain himself doubled down. This wasn't CBS' fault .
  3. 17 may not photograph well but it's green makes it plenty interesting. 18 also had it's fair share of bogeys (Norman 86), Sandies (Lyle) and bridies (Mickelson) to leave a range of outcomes open for leaders and pursuers. 2 is a great hole but the problem with having it later in the round is that almost no one eagles it, unlike 13 and 15. Many fans I think make the mistake of thinking the tournament is over after 16 because it's last hole with water, but that's simply not true.
  4. VJ stunk on the greens. He was the only winner who'd be near the bottom in putting stats for the week.
  5. From being across the pond you might appreciate these comments from Montie on 97' masters. Love or hate him, have to respect his candor, which could also be self deprecating. (Montie part starts around 4:30 minute mark)
  6. Amazing how time flies. I remember like it was yesterday. He schooled Love on the first playoff hole by hitting 3 wood so Love would hit 2nd. Tiger parked his approach in middle of the green, and then watched Love yank a wedge in the bunker. Short sided, the one place he couldn't miss, he proceeded to make bogey to Tiger's par. Rest, as they say, is history as he would go onto join Jordan, Federer, and Brady as the greatest athletes of an incredible generation that put all of them squarely into the GOAT discussion. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/gallery/tiger-woods-first-pga-tour-victory-25-years-ago/
  7. With 11 not being the sharp dogleg it's always going to be more reachable in 2. It won't play like a true par 5.
  8. Sabbatini has a setup typical of what you see out of a lot club players: TM woods, Mizuno irons, Vokey wedges, cameron putter
  9. loft if more forgiving because it reduces side spin. the 100s would be less forgiving if they didnt position the weight lower.
  10. Like how the evenflow has become a very popular offering for project x
  11. JD3

    Honma TW-X Irons

    Tried them earlier in the year due to super low prices for new and mint sets on Ebay. Here's what I found: - they look cool - the soles are unbearable on shorter irons - because of the hollowness and weight moved back, they lose too much carry on shots struck low on the face - I also hate the stock Modus 105 shaft; too light and too stiff is a bad combination - as much as i wanted to like them, had to move on quickly
  12. Shafts matter more than clubhead
  13. Interesting calls on the ZF. I wasn't familiar with it. From their website sounds like it's going for a more KBS profile (stiff, soft, stiff). If it's too far on the curve it would be too much for me ....I recently moved on from the KBS tour Prototype in my hybrid. Nice shaft but profile just didn't work with rest of my bag. That's why I like the Kuro Kage which has more subtle of a mid bend profile, and butt and tip relatively stiff, but not as severe a difference as the traditional KBS.
  14. best bet mizuno, titleist are historically hardest, callaway somewhere in between
  15. yeah the non-Pros are so weak it feels like will break. white came stock in a TM 3 wood I bought, and it make it a quick exit
  16. I have in my hybrid too. Also Kuro Kage in both driver and 3 wood, which I think are awesome. Those shafts dont have much feel, which is what I like. I though the Tensei Blue would be a good transition from those to my slightly more active feeling iron shafts. Not sure though, the Tensei just seems like such an odd duck maybe it doesnt fit anywhere
  17. I have a love-hate relationship with this shaft -- it has the oddest feel of any shaft I've ever used. At first on downswing when it get stressed it seems like it's going to torque a lot, then it like hits a wall and snaps back. And it seems to oscillate in this pattern into the finish.
  18. now that it's over can we talk Covid and politics?
  19. Pathetic what a rout. Even presidents cup would have been better. And I hate PC, fwiw
  20. Holes the putt for eagle on par 4...OMG.
  21. Awesome opening tee shot by Bryson. Tigeresque
  22. I'm rooting for US but it would be a lot more interesting if it got close.
  23. Yeah they need more picks. Ppulter sucks, but Lowry and Garcia need to be on the team.
  24. Beating the field is no longer easy for him anymore. Rahm, Koepka, Bryson, Morikawa, and others etc etc have all the game in the world and then some; Rahm has a short game Rory will never have, Bryson hits it farther, Koepka is just as long and putts better and Morikawas mental toughness is off the charts. Tiger had the will to come back and win when his physical advantages we're surpassed , but Rory I have serious doubts about him swallowing his pride and sucking it up to work on his game enough.
  25. Yeah remember when seve put a thick band of rough about 290 yards out on a par 5 at valdaramma (sp?) Because the US was a longer hitting team and he wanted to take away their advantage of getting on in 2 with an iron.
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