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  1. I don't game the whole set but 4 iron only which is bent to 19* with a Nippon GOST shaft in it. LOVE the thing!
  2. > @RobDMB said: > Curious what everyone thinks of the Club Glove versus the Sun Mountain Meridian? Sorry to bring up an OLD thread but would also like to know what others think of Club Glove vs Sun Mountain Meridian? Thanks
  3. Scotty Pro Platinum Long Neck Newport since 1997ish? Still in the bag.... BUT I did just purchase a Newport 2.5 (first time ever trying a different putter) so we shall see how that goes
  4. Titleist Prototype/CLN putter that I have gamed since 1998ish
  5. Graphite Design M9003 which started in a Titleist 915 D3 head to Titleist 915 D4 to Callaway XR16 Subzero until finally that shaft/combo was recently beat out by the Tensei Pro Orange on a Callaway Rogue Subzero head
  6. I played a 46" driver for the longest time give or take 15 years then decided to go 45" about 3 years ago was doing decent with it but didn't seem to get consistent contact or as consistent as when it was at 46" and now about a month ago I switch to 45.5" and I think I found a happy medium PS These are all different driver heads and shaft combos so maybe my current setup just works?
  7. Currently gaming a XR16 subzero cause my strike consistency with that head (440cc) is MUCH better than the Rogue subzero head (460cc) with the same shaft. Honestly for me its down to head size... I just can't get along with 460cc heads but with all things being equal distance and dispersion is about the same with both heads. Just a lot more comfortable with the XR16 subzero head size which equals to better strikes which in turn equals to better average distance and dispersion
  8. Current bag: Driver 3 wood 15* 5 wood 18* or 2 iron UT (don't currently have one but considering one to swap out depending on course) 4 thru PW, 52, 56, 60
  9. Graphite Design M9003 until now but just received a Tensei PO and it seems that it might knock it out
  10. That Honma TW-U is very much on my radar at the moment. Hoping that the local shop here has one I can demo (I know they have some of the Beres stuff ie drivers and irons) Anyone else with some input? Thanks
  11. Would like to know if any of you have gamed or currently game a JDM driving iron/UT in and around 18 degrees? Looking at either a Honma Tour World TW-U or Miura ICL? How do they compare to the others ie Titleist T-MB or Callaway X-Forged ?UT? I use to have an old PRGR driving iron back in the early 2000's and I loved that thing. Wondering if the JDM stuff is still as good as it was back then Thanks
  12. I currently game Nippon 950GH SSX1 (Stiff flex) in my Mizuno MP5's which I was fitted for and I love them
  13. Currently have an IZ 7s tipped an inch in a Callaway Rogue SZ 15 degree head and its an absolute bomber! 255 to 260 ish carry and am able to flight it low/high or go left or right with it PS: I am a GD fan and use a M9003 60X in my driver for what its worth
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