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  1. Have played both. The 6.5 has just a tiny bit of kick to it while the 7.0 has that minimal kick rebar profile. However the added weight makes tempo seem easier with the 7.0 and there still is some feel to it. You can really feel where the club is in the swing with the 7.0 vs. the 6.5. So if you get quick in transition the 7.0 is better but if you struggle with slow tempo the 6.5 is better. Spin just a bit less than the 6.5’s and comparable launch. Dispersion just a tiny bit better with the 7.0 and much harder to work the ball. However, you do have to have some serious heat for the 7.0. Wouldn’t recommend it unless your driver is over 120mph and 6 iron over 105mph or else it won’t load properly.
  2. Noticeable increase in spin rate with the MG3's vs. the Vokeys inside of 60 yards? Obviously some would be related to the MG3's being brand new but wondering if you thought these spun more new for new with the raised ridge technology.
  3. Up for sale are two sets of x flex pullouts and two zipcore wedges. Longtime member with all positive feedback. All items shipped CONUS. Project x 6.5 4-PW, SST Pured. 37.25" 4 iron shaft without grip. No grips. 8 and 6 iron shafts missing SST PURE sticker but have a sharpie line on where they were pure'd to. $old C-Taper 130x 4-PW. Lamkin UTX standard (no grip on 7 iron but grips probably should be replaced) 4 iron shaft measured to roughly 37 3/4" with grip. $old Zipcore Tour Rack Raw 60 Degree Low Bounce, DG Spinner Shaft, Tour Velvet +4 Standard. $90 Zipcore 52 Degree Tour Satin Mid-Bounce Wedge Head. Grooves have one range session. $75 (will sell both 60 full wedge and 52 degree head together for $140)
  4. Ping seems to check all the boxes but the muted sound. Even some of their older stuff all the way back to the G25 are phenomenal on forgiveness. With some hotmelt though they seem to be exactly what you have described.
  5. PM sent. Will take the wedge set. Please let me know paypal.
  6. Are we talking a "Golf Channel Am Tour Net Division Traveling 5" or a one trick home course casual round pony? Also is the 5 playing tour issue hotmelted woods with 2 inch tipped TX shafts and zero offset blades with hardstepped X7 that seeks advice in the instruction forum about airmailing greens from 265 with 5 iron?
  7. Plenty of guys in the top 30 OWGR still playing a draw as a stock shot with driver and playing very good golf (Dechambeau, Cantlay, Xander, Reed, Webb, Billy, Im, Fleetwood). If you've managed impact dynamics from that type of ball flight your entire golfing career that is a massive reason not to change. The jury is still out on whether or not this is a good change for Rory as his win yesterday seemed more about cleaning up mistakes with the wedges and putter vs. a great driving performance.
  8. The tour seems to have a lot of "copycat" for what is most successful at a given time. Dechambeau has been grinding with one of these for years and seems his success has given the Quads more credibility than they previously had. From a functionality perspective the only thing I can think of is the Quad numbers are immediate after the moment of impact so no waiting until the ball lands and they seem easier to drop down and get setup without the burden of an extra ipad and getting the trackman ap up and going.
  9. Have tried and seemed much harder to deloft the clubface, not launch the ball high, and control for a right miss. It's one of those things where the micro feels it took years to develop in your swing are going to have to change to get optimal impact dynamics. Finally, almost no jumbo on tour other than Dechambeau and very little midsize (Finau, Rahm, Koepka are the big names I'm aware of playing midsize). It seems most are using wraps and buildup to get the optimal sizing.
  10. Can change the flex and way the shaft plays/feels by a decent amount. Usually for fine tuning launch and spin when someone is in between flexes but most tour guys seem to be at least tipped 1/2" or more for that stouter/boardier/tighter dispersion feeling. For example let's say a normal player was 107 mph of clubhead speed. Something where the profile they were trying was right on the edge of Stiff and Extra Stiff where the stiff was too loose and the Extra Stiff too much you could tip the stiff to get a stiff+ type profile.
  11. Have seen this a couple times where it will sit in that status until it gets to the destination regional center. Max I've seen is 4 days though. If it doesn't update status by tomorrow morning I'd have the seller open a lost package case. Just a lesson for anyone that does a lot of shipping through USPS. Even if you create your own label and scan at the self service kiosk prior to drop off it doesn't guarantee USPS will give it another scan indicating they are in receipt. I would ALWAYS go to an actual person and get them to scan it in even if it means waiting 5-10 minutes in line.
  12. Misses start line by 15 yards and mishits the ball.....“HiT a WaLL oF WiNd”
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