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  1. I used the V55 cords all thru college(15yrs ago), loved them! Been using the TV Cord ribbed for the last year plus and have now grown accustom to a rib....would love to see GolfPride come out a with a V55 cord ribbed grip!!
  2. Judging by the specs, it looks like they have flattened the lie angle compared to previous models. Really liked the look and feel of the F9 fairway but it was just to upright, if that's the case then I will very interested if giving these a try.
  3. For sale: Rare Mint condition Tour Issue “small head” SIM 3wood. These differ from the regular model by having a slightly shallower face/head and slightly smaller overall head size(cc’s). I have included a few side by side pics with a regular SIM for comparisons only. This was purchased brand new and has only hit 12-15 balls, all off a mat so the sole and face are in great condition. Specs are included in the pictures. Currently has a Tensei Pro Blue 70TX(tipped 1/2”) at 42.75” with a brand new Tour Velvet cord ribbed grip. Shaft is in really good condition with only a sma
  4. Yes, both are the rocket 14* heads, the retail head is my buddies. The small head is obviously tour issue, true loft on that is 14.5.
  5. In the second pic the small head is on the left. The last two it’s in front just to try and show the differences in face height. It’s not a ton but def has a little shallower face than the standard SIM
  6. Got my hands on one the tour issue small head 3woods. Def like the shape and head size of it but still struggle to elevate it off the deck compared to my gamer. So will likely throw it up on the BST.
  7. I’m not sure, perhaps the design of twist face limits face angles to an extent or the pros snag up all of the really open models. I have tried the retail SIM fairway and despite being a higher ball hitting I have trouble with launch off the deck and even contact issues with it. I am very curious as if this v.2 model would help at all...with the down side being a very expensive experiment! I have not hit the SIM Max fairway, those are a lot harder to try with decent shafts since it’s a glued hosel
  8. For sale: Very very mint Toulon Garage Las Vegas 33.5” putter. This putter had been rolled once on a the putting green and twice on a backyard turf green. The included plate shows all of the specs, has the Tour Silver finish(upgrade) with a top sightline, black shaft and Lamkin Deep Etched grip. Comes with a 20g weight but will also include both a brand new 7g weight and the hard to find 40g weight which is used and was purchased second hand. Comes with the original Garage head cover. It’s a great putter but it just feel better with my long time gamer!
  9. I’m the same way, I had a 2016 tour issue m2 that was 2.5* open and in my opinion still the goat 3wood. Sadly it cracked last year and ever since twist face came out it’s hard to find tour issue heads that have very open faces. Wish they would just remake the m2 again!
  10. I have heard the smaller version has a shallower face then the standard model which in theory would make it a little easier to hit of the ground.
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