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  1. I’ve had my T-200 4iron for several weeks now, must have come from the same spare set haha
  2. Just checked with Titleist, Oct. 13th is the day they are expected to get PX 6.5 shafts in, so looks like late Oct. at best before my irons come in.
  3. Anyone who’s played this have any real world results on how it compares to the DF? Played the DF 70x for several years and I’m curious to try the PD. Similar launch and spin…lower? Been using the Rogue White 130 70TX most of those year so if anyone has any comparisons to that as well I would love to hear them! Thanks!
  4. Just an update on this situation: The utility 3 iron cracked on Friday (9/10), called Titleist on Monday(9/13) and shipped it out to them on Monday, they got it on Wednesday and just got shipment notification last night that the replacement will be here tomorrow. So a one week turn around...kudos to Titleist on that!! Lets just hope this one last longer than the first one did! And got word that the ETA on my iron is (9/29), so hopefully just another week on those!
  5. Just talked with my buddy who fitted me and ordered my irons around (8/5), he just checked and ETA on the irons is (9/29) so just a week away...we shall see! Ordered a T-200 4 iron and 5-PW T-100S all with PX 6.5 shafts. The 4 iron showed up 2 weeks ago with the T-200 utility 3 iron. Side note: The utility 3 iron actually cracked on the top line after one range session, that was on a Friday. Called Titleist on Monday(9/13) and shipped it out to them on Monday, they got it on Wednesday and just got shipment notification that the replacement will be here tomorrow. So a one week turn around...kudos to Titleist on that!! Lets hope the replacement last a little longer this time...
  6. Ordered a T-200 utility 3 iron on 7/31 from off the Titleist site. After going thru an iron fitting, ordered the T-200 4 iron and 5-PW T-100S' about 4-5 days later. The 3 iron and 4 iron showed up the same day (9/7), no word on the T-100S' though. The 4-PW all have Project X 6.5's and the 3 iron was the RDX black 6.5, sadly the 3 iron is already back at Titleist because after taking it to the range for the first time last Friday I noticed a crack along the topline Saturday morning when going out to play. So who knows when that replacement will be back!
  7. I ordered a T-200 3 utility with the RDX 6.5 and thru the first range session was very impressed with it, really loved the height I saw with it off the ground. I have been using the Tmade UDI for years and ordered this blind as I was wanting to upgrade and had just gotten fit for a T-200 4iron and 5-PW T-100S. The shaft RDX 6.0 and 6.5 feel drastically different to me, the 6.5 still feels smooth but is much more stout than the 6.0 which i've hit in a 5wood and just felt whippy. Having said that, you can pretty much put/try any sort of graphite iron or hybrid shaft in a 3 iron, you just have to pay attention to the tip size of the shaft. Most all hybrid shafts are .370 and would either require sanding down the shaft to fit the iron head or boring out the iron head to fit a .370 shaft, I have done both in the past. Also, just try to look up the shaft as it may require some tipping when installing into an iron, but I would think whatever it is for a 3 hybrid would be pretty close to a 2 iron. If you are at all hesitant on building it yourself, I have sent mine down to @Peoples Golf many times for builds/shaft swaps. His work is second to none and he will build it up right for you, making sure swing weight and everything is on point. As for other shaft options, my Tmade UDI has a Hzrdus black 105 in it, but i've also used the Tour AD DI 105 for several years, have tried the Ventus Blue as well recently(wasn't a fan)
  8. Thanks for the help, def gonna look into it!
  9. How exactly does this customizer work after you have designed a bag? Do you have to order a minimum amount of bags? Where do you take or place the order for it? Have long loved the camo look, would love to get a black camo bag
  10. I wish I was bringing that kind of heat but if it’s cracking at my speed then they are gonna have big issues I’ve got a T-200 4 iron that came in also but was waiting to put that in play when my T-100S irons come in.
  11. My new T-200 utility 3 iron came in this week, took it out for the first range session yesterday. Really loved the club, great height off the deck and was gonna knock my Tmade UDI out of the bag. Put it on my loft/lie machine this morning just to double check everything(which was good) and when I took it out I noticed this along the top line. Has this cracked already after one session? It’s definitely not a scratch, the chrome is broken and can be picked at, was going out to play this morning and gonna see what happens, but I think I will be calling Titleist on Monday. Thanks!
  12. I got my T-200 utility 3 iron and T-200 4 iron with a PX 6.5 yesterday. Haven't heard anything yet on the 5-PW T-100S which have PX 6.5, the 4 iron was ordered the same day as the 5-PW though. The 3 iron was ordered a few days before. Been about a month since the irons were ordered.
  13. Got my T-200 utility 3 iron and T-200 4 iron yesterday, now just waiting for the 5-PW 100S
  14. Def not what I wanted to read first thing in the morning! I have a very similar set up ordered, T-200 4 iron and 5-PW in the T-100S all with the PX 6.5 shafts. When did you place your order, mine went in around the first week of August. I did get an email notice yesterday that my irons were in production, but I hope the shafts don't become an issue.
  15. Riverfront is a very solid course though does have a lot of houses on the course. Bide a Wee in Portsmouth is another option.
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