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  1. Up For Sale: Lightly used Tour Issue Epic Flash Triple Diamond 8.5* head, I purchased this second hand in which is was close to mint condition. Had originally planned for it to be a back up/eventual replacement head but ended up going in a different direction so now just looking to unload it. I have one round of golf and 1-2 short range session with it. Club is in really good condition, has a few blemishes on the crown that were there when I bought it but not extremely noticeable from address. Unfortunately it did not come with the spec numbers but I did get the true loft of it che
  2. I have CC close by and have been to it a couple times for a few fittings, only bought from them one time and that was a putter fitting. Did a driver shaft fitting and when they wanted to charge me $425 for just the Ventus Black shaft before the build, I haven't been back. A friend of mine just went down there a week ago for an iron fitting and I told him ahead of time not to let them pressure him into buying right then. He sent me a pic of his build sheet for a set of 5-PW and GW Srixon irons with PX LS shafts for $2200. I went on the Srixon site and they were charging him the full
  3. Appreciate the great feedback, for sure still in the research phase and will make sure what I get will work for what I really want. In the past I had sort of always figured if I got one I would get the Mevo but having ready some comparisons and reviews several people rated the Rapsodo and SC300 above that, have to say according to the Mevo website...not getting total distance is a little disappointing but not the end of the world, and yes the Mevo+ is out of the budget of what I want to spend. Good to know and I now see it on the website about needing the app for the spin on the SC
  4. I look forward to hearing the feedback, I have a friend who just got the Rapsodo, I havent seen it yet but I have been debating between that on the SC 300i myself. From what little i've read so far, one of the things I actually like about the SC 300i is I can use it without having to have the app up and running and still get some baseline numbers. Mine would be pretty much all outdoor use so tracking ball flight im not really worried about as I can/will see it.
  5. Up for sale: Mint Tour Issue Epic Speed Triple Diamond w/Tensei 1K 70x. These haven’t even hit retail yet, this has two range sessions and 1 round in it so far. Club is fantastic shape as is the shaft which plays 45” and has been tipped 1/2”. Has a new Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord rib. Comes with head cover, wrench and a spare 2g weight. Unfortunately did not get full specs with it but can say the head weighs 198g(not including adapter and with both 8g weights installed). Head only - SOLD Shaft only - SOLD Not interested in trades!
  6. I think it’s a very solid driver but looks like I’m gonna stick with my Flash TD. I do think the Speed TD has slightly better feel but to me the Flash TD has more fade bias to it which I definitely prefer. About to throw the Speed TD on BST
  7. First impressions are that it might be a little more forgiving than the Flash TD. I plan on going out this afternoon to hit some balls and going to do more comparisons with the DF in both heads to get a better feel for it. Currently has a 8g in both the front and back
  8. Just got my Tour Issue Speed TD on Friday, took it to the range Friday afternoon and got a round in with it on Saturday, got it paired with the 70x 1K shaft. Been using a Tour Issue 8.5 Epic Flash TD for the last two years with a 70x Diamana DF. The Speed TD def has a different feel than the Flash TD though could be a combination of the shaft also. Not sure I was a big fan of the 1K and will likely not play it going forward. Hoping to get on trackman in the next day or so and compare the numbers, the Speed TD feels solid and looks good, I actually really like how the alignment aid stands out m
  9. Just came in today, heading to the range to see how it stacks up against my Epic Flash TD.
  10. Got this back in January....Older TXT model(2012) but everything important(batteries, rims, tires, body) was brand new, and got the same charcoal color. Folding seat on the back that turns into a flat bed.
  11. Up for Sale: Mint condition Tour Issue Epic Flash Sub Zero 3wood head only(with headcover). Bought this and decided to go in another direction so I have never hit it, and the original listing had it as only being a hit a handful of times off a mat. Face and sole are in great condition. Spec Numbers are still written on the sole and are: True Loft: 14.2 Lie Angle: 57.2 Face angle: 1* open Weight: 208g Unfortunately it does not come with an adapter. Headcover is included. SOLD Limited Aldila Rogue White 130 70TX - Shaft
  12. Perhaps I have missed it in the thread, but was just curious if anyone has any feedback on how this might compare to the DF, been using that for almost the last 2 years. Played the original Pro White for a season when that came out. Just trying to decide if it's worth a try.
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