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  1. Have bought several shafts from them in the past, never had an issue about not getting something but the communication after purchase does leave a lot to be desired. They are very adamant that after purchase JT has nothing to do with shipping but whenever you reach out to the other guy its always an automated response of their shipping policy. I recently(last month) got a shaft from them and was trying to get it in before a tournament so sort of a time crunch. I ordered/paid for it on a Tuesday(little over a week before leaving) and paid a little extra for quick shipping, was just a plain raw
  2. Up for Sale: Cobra Speedzone 17* hybrid(head only): Club was used for roughly a month, a couple rounds of golf and mostly range sessions. Head is in very good condition. Not pictured but will include two additional(8 and 12g) weights. - SOLD LA Golf Tour AXS Blue 105x hybrid shaft: This shaft has been pured and was originally in the Cobra hybrid(one time pull). Shaft is in pretty good condition, has a few cosmetic marks near the tip but wont/shouldn't be visible from address. Shaft measures 40'' from tip to butt (played in a 2hybrid @ 41") and does not have a grip
  3. I think it’s the new Diamana TB shaft, don’t know much about it but based on what he’s always played I would think it’s the new blue board profile
  4. Okay! Really just looking to unload in order to fund another putter purchase, but if I was to trade, would likely be looking for a Spider X. I am open to price negotiations but also don't want to just give it away ya know lol
  5. Used/great condition Savage Too putter! Putter was bought lightly used and has been used no more than 8-10 rounds. Putter is 33” and 1* flat and comes with the original leather grip master grip. $375 Free shipping to CONUS! Not looking for trades! Feel free to ask any questions!
  6. Up for sale: Great condition and rare Epic Flash SZ bonded head 3+ head, was used for a couple rounds and range sessions. Few normal wear marks on the face otherwise very minimal. Misplaced the spec sheet but did have them written down and they are: Lie: 59.4 True Loft: 14 Face Angle: 1 open Weight: 212gs (hotmelt was added toe side in the sole to bring it up to about 215g) Will come with 3 addition screw weights (6-8-12) that goes along with the 10 and 2 that are in the head. No head cover! $200 / OBRO NOT Interested in trades! Free Shipping to CONUS! Feel Free to ask any questions.
  7. Up for sale: Very mint set of Callaway Mavrik irons 5-GW(approach wedge) with Recoil ESX 460 F3(regular) flex shafts. The irons have been used for 2 rounds and are in excellent condition and come with the upgraded Recoil shafts. $775 $725 $700 / OBO Not Interested in trades. Free shipping to CONUS. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  8. Curious question without having the knowledge from being able to get on a monitor for numbers. Got a flash SZ 3wood and wanted to toy around with the weight some and potentially add a little melt out on the toe eventually. Right now I’ve got a 12 and 2g weight in the head with the 12 upfront. I know the effects of swapping them, but was differences might I see by keeping the heavy weight up front by the face but dropping to a lower weight such as a 10 or 8g ? Effects of launch, spin, forgiveness? The thoughts are going a little lighter weight up front so I can add some melt to the toe to crea
  9. I second this! Also been playing a Flash triple diamond for the last year plus. Would really be interested to hear the comparisons between the two...launch, spin, etc.
  10. I had Will Peoples build the UDI with Hzrdus shaft and it was a recommendation by him as the Hzrdus shaft is already a very stout shaft. Its a driving iron but also my 3 iron so I didn't want something that I wouldn't be able to get off the ground. The Tour AD isn't as stout and has a little more kick at the bottom of the shaft so thats why that one was tipped when it was built. Didn't have any trouble with launch with that but wanted it to be stable enough in terms of control. I think both a great shafts and both are very popular in driving irons, the Hzrdus Black is just the more demanding s
  11. Driver SS avg. around 110 and I have a Di 105x in a UDI 3iron thats tipped 1/2''. Also have another UDI 3iron with a PX Hzrdus 105g 6.5 that is installed straight in..no tipping.
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