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  1. Too bad, at just Scratch, we'll never see him on Tour.....LOL
  2. Funny thing about the Old Course, you can hit it good and shoot in the 90's......LOL
  3. I've played with Curtis. Was he a ***** when he was 11, or hadn't he grown into it yet?......lol...
  4. Why is there always an assumption in these threads that most scratches are liars? I've known vanity caps but probably 95% of the people I know of all abilities enter their scores properly As ForgedForever would say, you have scratch, and tournament scratch.......Astronomical difference......That was really my point, Jeff......Apologies!....
  5. Justin Rose isn't moving the needle for iron sales. Him playing Honma will have marginally more impact on iron sales than if I switched. You must be world number two to Rose's world number one then are you? Well, I didn't buy Nike because Tiger was playing them, I didn't buy Nike because I knew Nike wasn't making Tiger's clubs.....It's a cat/mouse game in club manufacturing......lol
  6. Justin Rose isn't moving the needle for iron sales. Him playing Honma will have marginally more impact on iron sales than if I switched. LOLOL......True!.......
  7. LET'S start with a scratch that can ACTUALLY play to scratch in the presence of a PGA Tour/Champions Tour player??? Right there alone you just eliminated 75% of the "alleged" scratches out there........I'm a +2 and change, even I'll admit I'm probably a 1 around my little circle of A players, which occasionally includes a few guys some of you have heard of that CAN'T stay on the Champions Tour......
  8. It's not rocket science, Europe is hungrier! Always have been , always will be!.
  9. Anyone who can grasp the fundamentals of any sport "easier/better" than everyone else would be called a natural in my book. But that's just me. :) Not really! It's the mental side that puts guys on Tour. You ever see Trevino swing a club? That wasn't fundamentals.......LOL
  10. Anybody that said 350 would be the D player in my group anyway, so what's the difference. Few total bombers are anywhere near a 6 or better.
  11. NOBODY'S scores get better with new clubs and the same crappy swing. Unless I'm missing something? I got a few buddies with 10K in new drivers/irons, they're still 8 handicaps. Best player in my group, everything 10 years old or more. Yeah, he's a +6.......
  12. Im hearing from couple pros in Pittsburgh area, this club isnt straight on course, and they have went back to M3 or G400 LOLOL
  13. Nobody is a "natural" in any sport. "It's hard work becoming a natural", as my father says. Some people just grasp, or were taught, the fundamentals easier/better. I play with a ridiculous arsenal of advanced golfers, a few don't seem to be human at times. It's just a game, and like any game, there are always those that make it look easy.
  14. Agree. I'm not seeing anything ground breaking. Can't really say until you hit it and I'm sure it will perform great, but looks wise nothing special. Ground breaking days in golf ended 5 years ago. Where have you been?......LOL
  15. Come to Florida, there's 3-4 of them at every private club.......lol
  16. I shot 70 a few weeks ago and got beat by 9. Tournament tees, course was ranked 6th in the state. You just never know who you'll meet on the first tee!....
  17. "It" usually goes away when it's time to tee it up with something on the line. I know a handful of guys with "it" that went to Q-School and couldn't break par. I know a handful of guys with "it" that looked like "can't miss" future PGA Tour players, none of them made it past the first year of "partially exempt" status. I'm one of those guys that they said had "it", I still don't know the true definition. The guys I play with have "it", I don't! Having played with around 20+ Tour players in the 90's, I'll tell you this: "It" is only a guy that is A LOT better than you are, and they are all over
  18. Sponsors: 1 What everyone else thinks: 0 Money talks folks, sponsors headquarters in Atlanta!
  19. Well, the TM Juno is $200 I believe and the SC putters i have seen are around $400 Didnt he sign a 14 club contract with TM? 14..... EDIT: The eleven-time PGA TOUR Player of the Year will play TaylorMade metalwoods, irons and wedges as part of his club contract, with specific product models to be determined at the conclusion of Woods’ and TaylorMade’s extensive testing process. --- So its a 13 club contract but kinda 14? lol Scottys are over rated. If he used a Nike putter for his majors everyone would be wanting that. There is movement but a lot less movement of the ball with a putting
  20. I hear a sound!.... Not a baby crying!...Wait for it!.........Never mind, it's just your handicap going up!......BIG TIME!.......LOL
  21. If I play well, I'm ready for the gym, and a quick run on the courts. Play like crap, 4 double Jack and Coke's and a nap......
  22. NEVER ! Not as long as he's under contract. Next it'll be the glutes not firing, or the new patterns he's working on.
  23. All this "he said" and ''they said" is just pure speculation as well. I have a caddy buddy that I've known for 25 years, and you all know who he is. Countless times I've asked him questions about the tour players and he always says, "I can't say!" There is a code out there, especially with equipment companies, caddies, etc. One thing he has always said is "those guys play whatever pays the most, period!" You ever notice how they speak lightly on camera when it comes to equipment brands? Even the announcers don't usually mention companies names when broadcasting. Occasionally, but not regularly
  24. I have been twice. To be honest, there aren't usually a lot of people there, not what I had anticipated at all. Usually the stands hold maybe 200 people, with a little viewing on the side. You can usually get near the range where they are warming up, see them side by side. It's been a few years since I went. The last one Joe Miller and Jamie Sadlowski were hitting next to each other, it was ridiculous. The grid usually isn't that wide, so their misses are usually off the chart. Fun to watch, for sure.
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