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  1. Have you tried dropping the loft of your driver? I'm not a long hitter by any means, I probably top out around 270. But I remember the first time I took out the G400 Max it was set to 10.5 and I was losing distance over my old M2. Dropped it to 9.5 and it feels much better.
  2. I'd assume OP is referring to wrist angles. Motorcycle "Rev" to keep the face square.With the trailing wrist(right for right handlers)? Isn't this just the same as bowing the left wrist?That's what I meant, I think OP is referring to bowing their left wrist during their backswing.
  3. I'd assume OP is referring to wrist angles. Motorcycle "Rev" to keep the face square.
  4. I've got carpal and when my wrist are sore from typing a bit to aggressively I'll wear one. If I'm honest it doesn't impact your swing much unless you're completely unaware of your wrist in the first place.
  5. This was the exact switch I made. I find the G400 has much more forgiveness. I thought I'd lost some distance but after dropping the stud loft a degree on the G400 there's no distance lost. I'm keeping the M2, going to be hard not to switch from time to time.
  6. If I were going to be at home absolutely. Considering we're traveling during that time I will be finding a bar that's airing it. There are two that I know of in the general area that should have it.
  7. Once a year, around the Players because I always buy one while I'm there.
  8. Fairly certain we've reached the peak with the current ball designs. That's what's going to increase distance more than anything I think.
  9. Went from SLDR (which I bought because I had no clue what I was getting into) to a G20. Then a '16 M2, and just recently to a G400 Max.
  10. I'm in the opinion of clubbing up and taking my back swing to either 90 degrees or 45 degrees depending on the yardage. Play around with it, there's no one idea that's gonna work for everyone. Gotta find what works for you.
  11. Well right up until about 4 hours ago this thread was buried in the forums.
  12. Just switched my 2016 M2 for a G400 Max 10.5 adjusted loft to -1 and I've lost no distance but gained a ridiculous amount of control. Played two rounds with it so far and both rounds saw considerably more fairways. Maybe it's mental but it's working. I'm excited to trust my driver a bit more and really looking to get under a 10 this fall.
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