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  1. The Ping ISI Tec debuted around $600 if I remember correctly when it was first launched so when you factor in how long ago that was - were actually only getting back to that point and are still technically lower.
  2. Don't think of this as a mens or women's club thing - all you want to do is focus on club dynamics and fit to that. Lots of options out there including Ping crossovers.
  3. As the title says I'm selling my used but in great condition Flightscope Xi+ launch monitor, this is the +(plus) model and for all the information on the data this provides, check out the link below: https://flightscope.com/products/flightscope-xi-plus/ It can be used indoor and outdoors, and this unit was mostly used inside over the past year. Will be shipped fully insured by either FedEx of UPS - up to the buyer. Asking price is 3450 ---> 2600 USD + Shipping, see all the pictures below. (No trades please)
  4. https://www.golfwrx.com/600144/nike-golf-club-nostalgia/
  5. Pictures tell the story. Selling one of my Rare Bettinardi covers - never removed from the plastic. Asking for $275 $245 OBO 200 OBO Shipping in North America is included.
  6. Title says in all. Looking to sell a new in plastic MG2 - 56/12. Standard everything - picture shows the current in plastic condition. Looking for 125 usd and that includes shipping. First PM gets it.
  7. Mizuno has been smart with their metal woods releases. Make a GREAT driver - Keep in priced under the BIG 3 - DONT over produce heads to try and get large forced early "sell in" at retail, only to risk them being discounted - Repeat with a new better driver. This simple strategy is helping them slowly gain some market share as far as I can tell
  8. Ok... So the title truly says it all. Selling a set of Project X 6.5 3-PW that came from a set of NIKE irons. Grips are stock in great shape Tour Velvet (Nike Vapor) grips Looking for $150 USD all in shipped - first PM gets them.
  9. Title says it all here folks Selling my lightly used PING G410 5 wood, cover also included. As the buyer you have a couple options for how you would like it and price. NOTE Shipping with be Canada Post / USPS. - Head only WITH TIP - $135 USD all in, I can do this quite easily because i have a tip and a BN ferrule that can be included with the head ( also with the smaller box size shipping is WAY cheaper ) - Head with Stock EvenFlow Black Stiff - $175 USD shipping incd. This is obviously a full club so price is higher and with the box size shipping also goes up. Any question please let me know - also if you think I'm out of line on price make me an offer
  10. > @"James the Hogan Fan" said: > Now a year on, how did the durability hold up? My local shop is blowing these out right now and I just want to know how many seasons I can expect out of one. I don't want it to be disposable, if you know what I mean? Still have it, still love it. I have it in my main bag rotation with a couple others but it has seen a lot of action, from carrying, pushcarts, and riding carts and it had stood up to everything. Still the best value bag in golf in my opinion
  11. Currently around a 5-6, have been as low as a 1. Play ( hopefully ) once a week. **Are you really solid mechanically?** From a distance yes, but on video and up close I compensate a lot. As others have said, impact is pretty good but what it takes to get there takes some work. **Or have you just really grooved what you got despite it having big flaws?** I don't have what I would call big flaws, but when things go sideways misses can get BIG **Would you erase your muscle memory and start fresh knowing what you know now?** 100% **What would you have change about how you approached your swing if you could go back in time?** how to use my lower body better **How many lessons have you had?** Zero beyond golf camp as a kid **How long did it take for you to be satisfied/feel like you had a “good” swing?** I'm 33 and still not satisfied **How much do you think you fully understand “the golf swing”?** Just enough to be dangerous, a lot more in the last 5 years **How often do you work on mechanics and has it gotten less frequent as you’ve improved?** No mechanics, just feels now
  12. Andy from The Fried Egg did this before the whole thing blew up a few weeks ago... pre, Bryson trying to "be faster". Very interesting read: [https://thefriedegg.com/slow-play-pga-tour/](https://thefriedegg.com/slow-play-pga-tour/ "https://thefriedegg.com/slow-play-pga-tour/")
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