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  1. $1300 is a steal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. try DG 105 R 300 - just as stiff as the traditional 128g DG S300 I was very surprised as I play DG S400 usually
  3. I usually take the third putter out the bag
  4. Which is unsurprising since Norway and Oslo in particular have the fastest internet in the world.
  5. I just sold my 34”/340. Was too inconsistent off the face like a part of the face was hollow and other areas not so. Felt dense one putt and the next putt hollow. I don’t get this feeling from my other manufacturers. Probably me though!!
  6. KBS Tour Stiff has the same FCM as PX 5.5 KBS Tour Stiff is 2 grams lighter than PX 5.0 (FCM 5.5) cut weight All charts by Howard Jones
  7. I played Modus 125x and it felt like DG and PX had a lovechild..!! Bang in the middle feel wise and arrow straight
  8. Is it happy or sad to see an artist such as Phil go down the power and speed route?
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