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  1. 1. Las Vegas, NV 2. 8.3 3. ZX-5 3. Yes, I can test within the timeframe. 4. Srixon Z545 4-PW, RTX4 50* w/ NS Pro 950 5. Srixon has incorporated some of what made the ‘45 line so great (notched hosel, straighter top line, cleaner looking cavity backs, tungsten in toe) with even better looks and...well, the supposed performance to make it better. Is it? 6. Yes
  2. Thanks GolfWRX and Cobra for providing this opportunity! Loft and flex of the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme drivers you want to test? 9.0* stiffWhat is the biggest factor in buying a new driver? Look at address. Nothing else matters if I can't stand the way it looks every time I set up.Do you adjust your drivers after buying? Yes, and I purposely steer away from glued heads for that reason. I like the flexibility since my swing isn't the same swing to swing, day to day.Current Driver Setup? Taylormade M5 9* (set to 8.25*) w/GD AD Tour BB-6 stiffWere you fit for that driver? Yes (original
  3. Don’t own one (yet) but Mavrik. M5 is best driver I’ve had in a long time. SIM can’t beat it. One half hearted simulator try and Mav beat M5 in consistency and was easily as long for me. I can’t imagine how much happiness I’d find if I had it dialed in.
  4. Tried moving to the SM7 in an S grind because I wanted the Slate Blue to match my 58M. Lasted one round. I'm a sweeper and open the wedge often, even if slightly. Just didn't care for it and ended up switching all together to the MD5 C grind. Unfortunately, only played once with it before the corona messed everything up. That said, been chipping in the backyard and just really prefer that grind to a fuller sole. If you want to stick with Vokeys, I'd look for an SM7 54 M grind. The grind is much more important to me than the subtle changes to the head. We're talking wedge tech here, not
  5. Under the oldie but goodie, I'm gonna thrown in my favorite. BB-6. Can't find a better combination that feels quite as smooth but all this talk about the TZ5 has me thinking as I haven't tried one of those. With all this down time, I've been upping my 'backup to the backup' bag and may have to seek one out. I fear (actually, can't wait!) the day that I start playing regularly again. I'm going to look like a manufacturer demo day with all the crap I'll have to take and try out to the range.
  6. Wonder how many of us are looking at ramping up home practice stuff as well. Been looking at the Birdie Ball putting green but open to anyone's suggestions. Fortunately/unfortunately, I'm an 'essential' guy so I still go to an office daily...for now but we're in new house that doesn't have carpet running at 11 on the stimp like the old house.
  7. Just wondering what fellow WRXers have bought since their 'normal' lives have changed, since your last round of golf before shelter in place/stay at home order, etc. I feared this situation for myself as I'm not playing anymore so I'm on the BST a LOT, and have already purchased a Ping putter in store (they were going rogue early on so I honored them with some business), TM driver from an online shop, driver shaft on the BST, and getting ready to pull the trigger on another driver on a mfr website. The worst part is that I just completed my 'project' to have a full starter and backup bag so I
  8. Love the topic. I've spent WAY more on drivers but only averaged 2 per year. I've bought/sold more putters than I care to think of. My frustration is that I tend to find the right driver faster (for the moment) thus leading to the thought that spending more on one club may lead to satisfaction. Unfortunately, my brain won't solve that riddle when it comes to the flatstick.
  9. Odyssey Black Tour 1 wide - tempted to get a Toulon Chicago because of it but hard to justify the price vs grabbing a classic from the bay and refinishing and still beating retail on the Toulon. Went through 2 of these and a couple of #5s. This was probably at the height of BST madness for me. Yes Tracy II - something about that flow neck and alignment line on the top line just did it for me with that great feel off of Harold’s genius patented face. Went through 2. TM Spider Mallet - regret getting rid of the 3rd one. Yes, this too was a multiple buy, sell and trade for me. Went to the center
  10. Agree with Golf64 on this. Feel is going to be better in the 785s. The HMB, even being a Mizuno, is a hollow body that will mute some of the mishits, but anything near the sweetspot will not have the same feel as the 785 or MMC. I've spent the last few months going in and out of shops and narrowing it down to these and the Apex '19. Forgiveness is going to be a little better in the HMB, but it's also relative to what your miss is. The 7 line of Srixon has always been a star in the category because it is constructed like a player's iron but performs closer for me to this new category of pl
  11. Great GolfWRXer here! No need to hesitate in a transaction!
  12. Hmm. I wouldn't have thought so but the facts are the facts. It was one of many things that didn't click for me with the M5 but the other faults for me may have contributed to me seeking other things that didn't work. Thanks for clarifying and sorry if I steered someone wrong. Regarding the M6, yes, I went that direction...only after trying the new SIMs. Got better numbers with the M6 but now I'm off topic.
  13. M5 fairway. Thought I liked smaller heads but this was too small. Went back to M3 before recently finding an M6 3wd.
  14. Loved my Yes! Tracy II...this definitely caught my eye. That putter wasn't the right 'fit' for me, but loved the roll it put on the ball and had the alignment on the top line of the putter, not in the cavity. I got rid of it in a rage of GolfWRX-ness and picked up another one somewhere along the way. Never was the same to me. For those of us that were caught up in the Yes! madness, it was funny because there were so many subtle iterations with where the alignment line was to the finish that it was hard to find the exact same putter. For the record, if Bettinardi is reading...I've owned a f
  15. Missed my QB8 that I got rid of last summer so just got my QB6 about a week ago. Haven’t rolled it yet but hoping I can answer ‘yes’ to your question in the coming weeks... That said, I think that where my honeymoon ended with the QB8. Just like posters above, I play mine at 33” and tinkered with grips, reluctantly cut it from 34” to 33”. Tried other grips. Had 2 back to back bad rounds on the greens and off it went.
  16. 818. I’ve had both. Prefer the 818 in every category although it barely wins in a couple. The epic is cool with the carbon fiber look on top but the sound and feel is 818 all day. I think they’re both technologically comparable but the edge goes to the 818 for consistency and better of the 2 when it comes to anti left (including adjustability on both). Plus the stock headcover is one of the best looking OEM hybrid headcovers.
  17. 15* Taylormade M6 3wd w/Ventus Blue Velocore 7 X-stiff. Thanks to fellow WRXers, reference the scoring lines and hot melt port to confirm it’s a tour head. In like new condition. It’s been hit in an indoor sim but very hard to tell. Lamkin Full Cord Tour Black grip & stock headcover. *SOLD* 21* Titleist 818 w/KBS Prototype 85 stiff. This one has seen very little play and is very clean. No scratches, chips or rubs in paint Face is very clean. Tour wrap 2G black grip & stock headcover (definitely one of the nicer hybrid covers lately). *SOLD* USPS Priority and PayPal. No trades please.
  18. I echo a LOT of the sentiments above. I'm a huge fan of the Vokey M grind since the SM6s (54* and 58*). Played Clevelands and Mizunos prior due to low bounce options. That said, trying out an 54* SM7 S grind and, so far, so good. Still play my SM7 58* in a slate blue M grind though. I open wedges a lot.
  19. Doesn't help that I'm actually shopping for a couple of wedges. Fourteen, please bring these to market. You'll steal away a Titleist wedge customer.
  20. I'm interested in the 54*, but not the 58*. I've got 2 of those already.
  21. Left front pocket: 2-3 tees, lucky ball marker of the day (usually Kapalua ball marker), generic divot tool with employer logo that’s worn off right front pocket: money clip - apparently I don’t value my wallet or phone as much as they stay in the cart/golf bag
  22. We all hurt for you for that one. Good grief! Glad you found a little silver lining with the new sticks and looks like you know to count your blessings. Sending you positive golf vibes and a $10,000 hole in one at the next tournament you play.
  23. Had a fitting at Club Champion and I asked what players distance iron was he fitting more than others. He said the new P790 hands down. Their model is to fit to a head and then find a shaft. I was open to anything as I was more interested in the process and the recommended iron was the CF19 when it was all said and done. I tried the new T200 and MP20 HMB, as well. Ultimately, I just enjoyed the feel of the CF19 over the others but was finding similar numbers with similar head/shaft combos...although my numbers were fractionally and consistently better with the CF19s. It just felt like a l
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