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  1. One thing to consider is if you have a stand bag the clic gear is not a good choice due to the single vertical tube.
  2. fixed swing, now need to fill out the bagI recently invested in CG Reds, instruction and range time to fix my horrible slice and improve my ball striking. It's paid off, and I'm now hitting the ball better than I ever have. Now I want to fill out my bag with 3 & 5 woods, and I want to make sure that I pick a model that complements the CG Reds -- i.e. a better players model with reduced offset, etc. What should I be trying out?
  3. buying new ironsI'm a high handicapper who's just beginning to get a consistent swing and am looking for new irons. 31 years old and play about once a week, normally. Mostly only have time for 9 holes, but play 18 maybe every 3rd week. Hit a Cleveland CG Gold 6i the other day and really loved it. But am wondering which shafts to order. Averaged 85-87 mph with a few up to 90-92 with the 6i. Given that swing speed and the fact that I'm still fairly young and have a lot of room for improvement, which shaft stiffness should I get? I did get some advice from my pro, but I'm curious to see what y
  4. local recommendationsI'm going to be spending a few months near Bundaberg for work this coming spring. Can any locals fill me in on the local golf scene? Most important would be a range & short game area to keep my game in shape, but should also be able to get out for a few rounds so reviews of local courses would be nice as well. Thanks in advance!
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