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  1. Anyone can take some comparison photos of TSi2 vs TS2? TS2 was noticeable bigger than 818H1, but at least in the pictures it seems like TSi2 is smaller than TS2 and now looks more like the size of 818H1. At the images it seems more like TSi1 is the size equivalent of TS2.
  2. Big congrats to the ugliest swing on tour. Full respect for Berger’s game, but please stop misuse the rules with lining up with a caddie on the green and then “fake” your own correction after the lineup.
  3. Not sure if you already covered it in this thread, but he has changed his old trusty Rombax in 4-wood to a Tour AD DI with the new graphics. Anyone know if it’s 7 or 8 TX? Edit: To correct myself it looks like the club I thought about was not his 16.5* but another added fw, probably 5 or 7-wood. It was the club he used as second shot in to hole 6. On hole 9 it seemed to be the 16.5 with Rombax as second shot.
  4. Just hope they add IZ 95, today Titleist only offer IZ 85 in their custom catalogue.
  5. No, I found a shop that had a stock of new V-grinds.
  6. My V:s wore out and I changed to D. They cannot even compare. V is so much better and versatile in every aspect. I spent a fortune on some new V-grinds in the price range of a driver - best spent money ever. Unbelievable Vokey didn’t release V-grind for SM8, best grind ever!
  7. I find it fascinating that there is such a big difference in recommendation of swingspeed for HD vs IZ for example, and that they say HD is closest to XC, BB and to some extent GP (thought TP was an obvious comparison. And also that butt, mid and tip real measurements is so different from what GD specify (compared to IZ for example). Normally I’m between flexes in most GD shafts, but apparently a 6s will be my sweet spot for my 105mph smooth swing.
  8. Okay, after full investigation of this shaft, do you want to know how I feel about it? Well... IMG_3294.MOV
  9. Found another concern that might be very obvious. When I look at TP shafts on the Internet and your shaft it seems to be a quite clear distinction between the “white” top and the glossy silver below Graphite text. My shaft has a distinction, but my “white” top is definitely a silver color. Hard to show in pictures, but you can see it more obvious in the picture taken inside.
  10. Unfortunately I can’t measure the weight since it’s now installed with adapter and grip. But one thing that would help a lot, anyone that has a a TP shaft and can measure with a caliper on the lowest golden ring according to my picture. I’ve included de measurement for both mm and inch. The shaft feels very thick compared to my DI but not sure if this is due to FTT design on TP. Other concerns: - Except for the obvious with missing serial and text on the graphite under the grip I think the transition between the color and the non colored graphite looks odd, it’s
  11. Already looked at that page and there is nothing obvious there you can see related to TP. I already sent to them earlier but haven’t got any response, that’s why I’m asking for help here instead.
  12. I’ve used multiple Tour AD shafts during the years, but I’m skeptical on this one. I’ve encountered fakes before, but then it has been very obvious. It was news to me that not all new ones have serials or printed info on the black graphite on the butt. Makes this one even harder. I’ve bought the shaft from a friend, don’t know where he got it, but would like to know more before I talk to him. Its hard to show on pictures, but I have two more things I do notice, but I don’t have a real one to compare with. - The Tour AD logo is not 100% aligned with Gr
  13. This TP 6s does not have a serial number and nothing is printed/etched on the black graphite on top of the shaft. Grip has been changed many times so no stickers has survived. But is it possible that Tour AD TP that is a relative new shaft doesn’t have a serial number?
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