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  1. Talked with Titleist today and got the following confirmed: 27th August will be the release of the new T-series, at least T100 and T100s. MB/CB will get a renewal, but at a later stage. U500 will get a renewal and he confirmed the replacement will be called U505. He didn’t/couldn’t confirm any news about the irons regarding hidden tech and other speculations from this forum.
  2. I agree, I loved T-MB, especially my full set 2-W with 716, but also had great success with 718. Just didn’t like the design with the colored part on the sole/head. I really don’t understand why they just couldn’t let it be 712U look all over, would have been the perfect iron
  3. They already did that with T-MB, both 716 and 718 never had issues with sudden “flyers” like P790 and Apex CF16 had for example.
  4. It could be a Stenson edition as well. After +10 years with #7 and WHP insert Stenson moved to 2 Ball Ten with WHP insert and is glowing on the greens this week.
  5. 1. How did you get hold of one with WH insert? 2. Where have you heard about this Rahm model?
  6. Seriously guys, how the hell are you playing you fairways and what kind of range balls do you use? This is my TSi3 16.5* after +20 rounds, but more importantly - at least +20 range sessions focusing only on this 4w. I see no difference in wear whatsoever compared to all other woods I’ve been using during the years.
  7. I hope Titleist finally will make T100s (with hidden tech - imagine T-MB without the divided color) with progressive lofts instead of that weird 2 degrees all over.
  8. You’re missing the obvious how to add 10 yards to your 4 iron - use a Titleist AVX. I promise you that your 4 iron will go 10 yards further than your current ball. For me AVX added 13 yards on my 4 iron and 15 yards on my 3 iron.
  9. I bought TSi3 with IZ 6s, DI 6s and XC 6s. After 3 months of testing and swapping between the shafts I decided to sell them and get Smoke Black RDX 6.0. For me it’s superior in all aspects, except for feel (subjective), compared with the GD shafts I owned. Just wish I just went with RDX from the beginning instead of this very expensive and cumbersome project
  10. Tried the Two Ball Ten today. Would have been the perfect putter - with White Hot Pro insert. WHY is it so hard for Callaway to offer WHP insert in their new models, WHY? They can offer different shafts, necks, color, aiming etc. on the same model, but they can’t offer the most obvious thing as an insert. 90% of the pros play this with the WHP insert, why is it so hard for Callaway to offer this to their customers as well? I’ve been asking this year after year, but still this makes me crazy, it’s so frustrating to never be able to get what you want
  11. Agree with OG Black for example, but specifically Smoke Black RDX is a totally different animal. Plays way softer than any other PX I have tried.
  12. Most of you guys here are missing the point - we’re not saying you should use an X flex with 100-103mph, we’re specifically talking about Hzrdus Smoke Black RDX 6.5 that really plays soft to flex. With my 103mph I normally never consider X, and with OG Hzrdus Black 6.0 was too stiff for me. With Smoke Black 6.0 was perfect, but with Smoke Black RDX they have moved even softer and now 6.5 feels more like the OG 5.5 or Smoke Black 6.0.
  13. Tried RDX Blue (PVD) today in 60 6.0 in TSi3 9* and 70 6.0 in TSi2 15*. Aren’t they like the RDX Black - a little bit soft to flex? I’m 105 mph with driver and 102 mph with spoon with smooth transition. I normally play stiff, maybe tipped a little bit extra. RDX Blue felt awesome, very smooth, but in 6.0 a little bit too smooth. I didn’t pull any balls left, but I “overdrawed” quite a few of them with both clubs, and especially the launch was way higher than I anticipated. As an example I launched Tour AD IZ 6s/7s lower than RDX Blue in 6.0 when I switched between them dur
  14. Anyone else noticed that TSi4 actually ranked as more forgiving than TSi3 in Most Wanted M/G/S Driver test.
  15. Anyone else that normally doesn’t play X-stiff been fit into Hzrdus Smoke Black RDX 6.5? My 103mph swing with smooth transition is very surprised
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