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  1. Unless they infringe on a patent or use a name that has been trademarked, what can they do to shut it down? Kind of like saying Ping should shut down anyone that made a putter that looks just like an Anser.
  2. Picked these up as an experiment along a number of other sets. Faces are immaculate, there were only a few rounds on them when I bought them and I have only hit them in the sim. There is a small nick on the toe of the 8i that wasn’t aware of when I bought them but tried to get it in the pic. Spec sheet in the pics. I butt trimmed them ~3/4” from the delivered lengths on the spec sheet. I’ll take the dots off from my launch monitor before shipping, as well as the lead tape from playing w/ weight a bit(unless you want it). They are light b/c they were originally over standard length. W
  3. PXG 0311P Gen3 5-GW (7 clubs) $sold Steelfiber i95 Stiff See pic of 5i length. Stock pxg grips Great condition, as you can see from pics. Minimal chatter but some there as you’ll see with soft forged heads. The reflective dots are just for club data on my launch monitor. Will take off before shipping (unless you want them for Foresight club data). I’d be better off with regular flex. Not trying to lose too much $ on these. I will say, ball speed was up about 3mph with my 7i in these vs my gen2p with steelfiber regular. __________________
  4. The protos of the 13 should have been the retail version. Make them now and they’d make a killing...so good (at least on my head).
  5. If I’m off on price just shoot me an offer, need to clear these out. Never took any of these to the course but they were all gamed by previous owners, pics show condition. Happy to send more pics. 1. SS3 Betti-Tour - DASS with crescent neck - $875 Drilled sole and Flymill face. Tour Dept shaft band. I’m told this has 20g of tungsten corked in the shaft and it’s 37” with a long deep etched grip. Easy enough to remove the tungsten and trim to regular length. IIRC it’s around 360g. 2. JAM Mallet heel shaft - $360 Honeycomb face, matte black, gloss black flange line
  6. Huge fan of those Proto driver shafts. Already have one with a 400 tip and one with a 410, otherwise I’d pick that one up too (still tempted).
  7. 0311P gen2 5-W - $1100 Steelfiber i95 R -1/2”, 2* flat, D3 swing weight all direct from PXG. Very mint, only hit indoors on a Fiberbuilt mat mainly 7i and PW. This just isn’t the shaft for me, could probably use the FC model. Paid a few hundred more than this after shipping/tax and about 4 weeks to build. Will ship in the lovely PXG box with handles and foam dividers(I got lucky and got the nice packaging, not the cheap boxes have been using recently for some). I’ll take the Foresight HMT stickers off (they don’t leave marks, just a decal for head measur
  8. You want to look at their Studio Stock, Queen Bee and BB lines. Below are a number of “traditional” mallets. You are referencing their Inovai line, which is focused on higher MOI and innovative designs. Studio Stock 3, 38, 28 Qb 10, 9, 6 BB 39, 40, 45
  9. I was really trying to see if anyone had real data on how 1* less loft affects ball speed. That’s pretty much it. Spin and launch is going to be impacted by many other factors but in general I just wanted to see if anyone had a rough percentage of difference it makes. I figured there were many fitters who make minor adjustments to lofts to fit gapping needs, so while not truly scientific, it’s real world observation that could show a trend if they’ve done it enough. Simply, I have a set of irons that I get a little more ball speed/better smash factor out of (HMP) and picked up a set o
  10. This is the general type of breakdown I was looking for. Obviously it won’t 100% translate to an amateur, but the details about breaking it down by length / loft contributors makes sense, given somewhat consistent spin changes w/loft. Thanks for the detailed breakdown. I’m sure a few learned a bit here. Very helpful.
  11. I appreciate you giving it a try. Is there any chance you had the data in FSX that you could pass on? Not sure if you had HMT as well, but would love to see the data, even if it’s just ball data. Can get enough info to make some real judgments and assumptions about what the club was doing. As expected though, with higher chs, the impact is more substantial.
  12. Just saw this. Did you happen to do this on FSX and have the session data available? Would really be interested in the ball speeds and see the launch conditions.
  13. Thanks for the test, but for any real data to analyze, it would have to be on a launch monitor that can give enough info to assume a decent sample of similar impact conditions. Impact location CHS Launch angle Dynamic loft or AoA path/face angle would be good too, just to try to measure square contact. We’d need to pick similar shots to get any real info. Then we could see the ball speed difference (yards are all relevant to ball speed) between the loft change, as well as spin. Really just need an Iron Byron and a GC2.
  14. Thanks, that’s about what I was guessing. Wasn’t sure if anyone had some real world data that might map over to a rough % change across a few different swing speeds. Obviously you can’t just look at mph differences since as CHS goes up, the gap between original and 1* strong will grow. All that being said, if I get a few yards closer to my distances on my previous set and dispersion is better along with descent angle still being steeper (I know this will change too), might be worth it.
  15. General question as I’m trying to sort some things out with my irons. I’m curious what some of the experienced fitters have seen over the years. Assuming all things equal (head, chs, AoA, path, impact location), what would you expect the difference in ball speed and potentially spin be from a 30* iron vs a 31* iron. I realize a lot is relative to the head design, but in general, what percentage difference would you expect in ball speed/launch/spin be? I’m debating on what to do with some irons that didn’t seem to pan out the way I expected. They are about a degree weaker
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