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  1. Got a set of 2020 Forged Tec that aren’t being played. Built at Club Champion. Ended up with a herniated disk/nerve pain and never got these on the course. Just need to move some experiments out. If you want the forged tec and modus, we can work something out. Also have a spare 7i head and 9i head that we can work something out with. Trade interests: Bettinardi stuff (not off the rack). PXG 0317x gen2 hybrid (3, 4 or 5). PXG 0311p gen2, Steelfiber 80 or 95 shafts. 1. $550. Sold - 5-PW Forged Tec - Fujikura Pro 63i Stiff - Brand new Winn Dritac grips supp
  2. Quickly be able to search a specific keyword for the forum/sub forum we are browsing instead of having to pick from a list (mobile browser), also would love an app similar to what the old app used to be. Much quicker navigation vs clicking links/menus, etc.
  3. Woods $430 - New Towel $85 - new Both $475 Trades for other bettinardi stuff.
  4. Anyone seeing any TPs in wide? I normally wear between 8/8.5 in TW15 and Lunar Control4. Got a pair of 8.5 med in the TP and could probably do with a wide. I think going to a 9 would be too much length in the toe area.
  5. The 2 wedges you'd like to test (complete with finish, grind, bounce, shaft, etc.)? 50.8 C and 56.12 C in Black Finish with KBS Hi Rev Shaft What is your favorite feature of the HLX 3.0 Forged wedges? Made in the USA and similar to Cally MD2 wedges. Current wedges? Callaway MD 2 50/55. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes
  6. That’s what I get for not checking wrx over the last few days. Need a Forged Tec 6,8, PW to build my set. Already picked singles of the other irons I needed on the bay.
  7. Very underwhelming session with the 0211 and MMT. Really nothing special, at least with that shaft for me. The Cobra Forged Tec (even with heavier steel $ taper) was carrying 7-8yds farther. Even my old Adams A4 Forged with Matrix Studio 84 was giving me similar numbers to the 0211. Just goes to show, even with all the new design tech, sometimes stuff just isn’t a good fit. I wish I got a Steelfiber instead of the MMT, but I don’t think I want to deal with ordering another. They feel nice though, was really hoping to love them.
  8. Suspense is killing me. My single iron with 80g MMT should be here Friday. I have a set of 919 Forged with 95s Steelfiber (just not enough spin with that shaft for me), 919 Pro with Recoils (better launch/spin), a two Cobra Forged Tec that I'm going to throw two different shafts in, and the 0211 coming. Someone shoot me. I need to get rid of the Forged, or at least those shafts. I’m hoping the 0211 isn’t going to work, but you guys aren’t making it sound like that’s an option. Hope they work out and I just have to sell all this mess of clubs.
  9. Yeah, I was ready to just buy the whole set and take a hit on the 10% restocking fee if it didn’t work out. On a whim, I figured I’d see what it did to shipping if I just added one... Save $30 now, and if I have to return, it’s only $12 to restock, where it would have been 6x that with the full set. Obviously if I decide to buy, I’ll need to pay shipping again, but it’s still a little cheaper.
  10. They are limited with what they can do on the 0211, it’s essentially a regular iron head. One of the selling points of the 0311 is the screws. It’s always a challenge for me playing 1/2” short irons. Winn actually makes a decent light grip. That gets me back up when it needs to be (sometimes a little more).
  11. Thanks for the info guys. Just ordered a 6i 0211 with an MMT 80, if all works out, I’ll order the rest. Grip uninstalled, they said they’d try to get to D2, but may be difficult with the MMT at -1/2”. I really appreciated the knowledge of the young lady on the phone. Refreshing when talking with someone that knows what you are saying when talking about this stuff. Eddie, I’d suggest you just call and ask about what you’d be looking for. They are super easy to work with and was going to be too much write it all down and retype (With all the variations of weight and flex). They are open 7 days
  12. Mizuno JPX 919 Forged - $750 5-GW Steelfiber i95 Stiff, 2* flat from Mizuno The 5-PW have Winn DriTac wraps and are ~1/2” short. GW wasn’t trimmed and has GP Tour Velvet Extremely clean clubs, see pics and can take more of whatever you want. ~$1500 retail with these shafts. I love them, just need a bit more spin and should have went with either a lighter shaft or Reg in the 95. I’m trying not to lose much more than I already am, hopefully someone can use them Trades: Cobra Forged Tec 2020 with graphite, or JPX 919 Pro
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