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  1. Few items up today. Haven't been on the boards much of late, just Focusing on finishing school. Not even a lot of time to play golf. Swung yesterday for the first time, and instantly knew what was staying in the bag. First time posting under the new format, so I apologize in advance for sideways/upside down pics etc. As always, shipping priority USPS and is included for CONUS. Outside the US, PM for a shipping quote. Will consider splitting if there is a buyer for both, but prefer to sell as is. Can cut down if the buyer needs something a little different. Please PM with questions, offers **I am open to some trades: (with known specs please)** * Accra TZ5 or TZ6 75 M5 Playing at least 45" * Hzrdus Black or T1100 (not the evenflow white) Handcrafted 75 6.5 Playing at least 45" (pref tipped 1") * 2/3 Driving Iron w/ 100+ X flex Graphite ~~1. **2014 Ping Rapture 13* w/ Black Mamba 80TX -- $OLD**- Absolute beast of a club. The shaft was tipped 1" plays right at 43.5". No headcover on this. I picked it up last fall, didn't even build it until about a month ago. I just feel that I hit my CBX so much better. ~~ ~~2. **Tour Edge TEE CBX 13.5* w/ Tensei Pro Blue 80TX -- $SOLD** - Best 3 wood ever. Shaft was tipped 1" I bought used and confirmed with Mitsu on the tipping amount (was 0.5, and I tipped an extra 1/2"). Still plays a hair over 43". I wouldn't mind keeping this head and selling the shaft only. I need something a little lower spin. I am gaming an identical head and bought this one just to be able to shaft test. After the way I hit yesterday, I really feel that I am getting the best performance with the one with the Hzrdus Black. I really don't have time to test these days, so I am selling everything not in play. Again I will keep the head and sell the shaft and hold onto for a rainy day if somebody wants the shaft, but I am fine getting rid of it. ~~ 3. **Mizuno MP18 FliHi 3 (19*) w/ Aldila NVS 105X -- $OLD** - This plays long at just over 41" so plenty of room to cut down, tip or do whatever. It's the 0.355 version of the shaft, so built for the driving iron. I feel more comfortable with my MPH4 at the moment, so I am going to let this one go cheap. ALL SOLD
  2. I will be heading to Tuscaloosa tomorrow late afternoon. Any purchase before 12:01 PM tomorrow will go out tomorrow. I will Return on Sunday and rest will ship on Monday. Couple Price drops as well. Would love to get these last couple items sold and shipped out before I leave.
  3. 80tx is sold Feel free to make offers on the others
  4. Shipping CONUS and Fees Included. Will ship elsewhere, buyers PM for a quote. Prices are OBO, but I will keep them before I 'give' them away so please keep the offers reasonable. Will listen to trade offers though my bag is pretty set. If you need any pics or more info, just PM and I'll do my best. Trades Considered: Ping Rapture 2014 13* Fairway Head or Shafted Custom/Unique Driver & 3 Wood Headcovers (individual or a set) – Cru Reserve, Links and Kings, Bloodsweat&thread, Selmo, Seamus, etc. Size 13 Shoes (New only) – LCV2 , Boost 360, G/Fore (I am going to be a Picky Ba$T#Rd just warning you) 2/3 Driving irons with Graphite X Shafts (prefer +1/2"-1" but will listen to just about anything) U65/85, Xforged ApexUT, maybe even Crossover Other Strong 3 Wood with a Low/Low 80X/TX Shaft Tipped 1" or more playing 43" or more (CBX is pretty solid, but I am always looking for something that can hit that line drive stinger from the tee) You can try me for anything if you think you can get my attention. Cash will be added either way depending on the item. These are, IMO, the best shaft currently on the market. If you need lower spin and still want feel, look no further. The harder you swing, it seems to brace itself and spin lower. I have the 60TX, 70TX and 80TX and am sticking with the 70TX tipped 1" in driver. So the rest can go. If you fight to keep spin down, this is definitely worth a look. 1. Kuro Kage XD 60TX – $OLD Shipped Untipped (16.125" to the L in Chemical without the adapter) Verified untipped with MRC at that measurement. Playing 45" in my G400 LST (Measures a hair under 44" tip to grip) in my G400 LST. Can include a different adapter if you need something else. The Grip has been blown off with air, but I have an assortment of grips that I will Install one and is included in the price 2. Kuro Kage XD 80TX - $OLD Shipped Tipped 1" (15.125" to the L in Chemical without the adapter) Raw length shown right at 42" with no adapter (there is a half inch extension) to play 43" in a CBX Fairway. Played 42.5" without the extension. I can pull it if buyer needs it out. Also can throw in an adapter or change the grip if you need. Lamkin UTx Midsize currently but have some Standard and other mid grips. Buyers choice. 3. Tour Edge CBX 13.5 Head and Cover - $KEEPING Shipped This thing is pristine. I have 2 of the exact same head. I bought this one to test a few shafts, but with the season being over in Ohio now, I have zero need or ability to test anything else this year. I have one with a stock Hzrdus Black that I am going to ride with, so I have no need for 2 especially with snow coming quick.
  5. Sounds very similar to me. I spin a ton and do not want to miss left. I was trying everything this year to replace my M2 2016. I just haven't been getting along as of late. Got a few different options, g400 (stretch and 14.5), rogue, F7, and a few others. Bought a Tour Edge CBX on a whim trying to get something long from the tee. I got a 13.5 and I was blown away. No lefts, spin stays down, and I actually launch it easier than the M2 in a 16.5. It takes off of the face like a rocket and is almost as long as my driver. I liked it so much I bought another head for shaft testing. Really great shape too. Never really got into the TEE stuff, just not really much around me to test. This one got my attention and it is really a solid club. I will be testing a few shafts then unloading the second head. I would say take a look at least. It was definitely longer than anything else for me. And know that it's really easy to launch, so don't let the 13.5* scare you
  6. M2 Fairway has SOLD! Only the J15 Wedge Left. Also will consider a trade for: -Callaway XR 16 Driver Womens 13.5* head OR FLY-Z 13* preferred or some other LIGHT headed 13-15* driver head. -Other kids shafts/clubs Looking to build something for my 9-Year-old this winter. He has a cheapo set, looking to upgrade as he has shown serious interest in improving next season.
  7. Modus 130 wedge shafts gone Price adjusted on the tour issue m2 fwy. $140 shipped.
  8. I have personally only hit a few TEE clubs in my life. Availability around me is next to none so there has never been anywhere to test. Picked up a CBX Fairway last week with a shaft I knew would work with my swing and out of the gate, this club has delivered. As someone who struggles to keep spin down with higher club head speed, How does the EXS line improve on the CBX line in terms of Fairways for someone that wants to hit long, low bullets off the tee with a fairway. The same question applies to the Driver line as well. Do you feel that these heads can hang with the Low Spin Drivers of the Big OEM's in terms of keeping the spin down, and keeping up with the ball speed? I know the CBX seems to come off the face like a rocket (no Launch monitor data yet), but it has blown my other options out of the water in terms of just being a pure distance club, and surprisingly very easy to launch off the deck as well. Thanks for taking the time!
  9. Prices include PayPal and CONUS shipping. Will ship outside, PM for quote. All Prices are OBO, looking to move this stuff and rid myself of any temptation Trades Considered plus or Minus Cash, see list below PM with questions, offers, and if more pics are needed. Thanks! 1. Tour Issue 2016 M2 HL w/ Kuro Kage XM 80TX. Plays 42.5" Little Tip Prep visible. Pics Speak to condition. Comes with Cover. Will Split Head and Shaft if Desired. Unknown Specs. Going to lower lofted fairway. I will split the head and shaft if I have buyers for both. $OLD Shipped ****2 marks on this head to note. Small paint chip right by the hosel. Also there is a spot right where the face meets the white. Took a close up to try to show. Not really noticeable in person, but worth pointing it out. 2,3,4. (3) Nippon Modus 130S Wedge Shafts - All played +1/2" PW Length. Plenty of Room to cut to spec. All Played 36" in my J15 50, 54, 58. Lengths shown in photo. All between 34 & 1/8" and 34 & 3/8" without grips. $OLD Shipped 5. J15 52* Wedge Stock DG Spinner Shaft – Looks like it's basically brand new. Just over 36". Came with a set of j15CB irons I bought, Already have the same wedges in 50, 54, 58. Tried it a handful of times, but I like my yardage gapping better and didn't feel like taking the time to learn a new club. KEEPING
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