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  1. Some of the ads on eBay from Global Golf say both models are counterbalanced. Is the Black head (375g) heel shafted (not the H) model really counterbalanced ? Thanks
  2. https://www.ebay.com/str/pxgexpress It's empty right now
  3. There’s nothing like great customer service, I’ll have to look them up.
  4. FWIW, pins in the hosels means they are really old like 20+ years old.
  5. If you have the serial # ring the Cameron HQ to have it checked.
  6. Mine is a Potenza II with a 375gm head and it’s an awesome putter. Great feel and looks fantastic.
  7. Can someone check Ping 10D1149A for me A set of S55 irons. Many Thanks
  8. The Ozik HD shafts don’t show a flex, you need to look for a label on the shaft butt which will show the CPM.
  9. They look like ones I've removed from the shafts in Mizuno irons and they were aluminum so very light weight. Sorry no clue where you could get extras.
  10. Ping, I already use the G410 driver, i210 irons and a Vault Oslo putter.
  11. Do you want to remove the whole grip or just the wrap ? I’ve removed GM wrap grips using a compressor without any issues. The wraps can be removed by folding the grip cap upwards to reveal the end of the wrap so you un wrap it.
  12. Last WITB from Januaryhttps://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1808734/justin-rose-witb-january-2020
  13. If it was me I would just delete them and move on as it’s unlikely the senders will change their ways.
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