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  1. Two more please if you don't mind. 1K5607A and 1K4802A Both are S56 the first is a 4-PW set and the second a 3 iron. Thanks again for doing this.
  2. Thanks again for doing this, much appreciated.
  3. Can I please have a check on 15B4425A. It's a set of i25 3-PW Red Dot just checking length and shaft info. Thanks again for doing this.
  4. Can someone please check the serial # details 11N5009A for a set of Ping G irons just to see if they’ve been altered or reshafted. Many thanks for doing this.
  5. IMO Pure Midsize are very tapered compared to the GP Supertack I use now.
  6. Not in Europe but Billy Bob Golf sell i210 ferrules and ship international (they shipped to me in Australia) plus way cheaper than buying them locally. The base shipping cost wasn’t too bad and you can increase the quantity to see when the shipping cost increases. They fit perfectly but are not the same length as the original Ping ones.
  7. 63yo and moved from 75g fairway shafts to a 65g in my 3 wood and 55g in my 5 and 7. The 55g shafts are OEM in my Honma TW woods and I really like them which was a surprise as I bought them planning to reshaft. Have also been using a GD Tour AD BB5 55g shaft in my driver which is fantastic, tried a 55g Riptide but didn't like it.
  8. pt73

    Cobra drivers

    You would think he's done plenty of testing with many different heads before it went in the bag, will be interesting to see if the RAD makes an appearance in R2 and beyond.
  9. The recently built ones don’t use epoxy the weight has two rubber rings around it to hold it in place. Mine had the new style weight so did a mate’s.
  10. Sold mine as I changed my bag setup but I kept my Tour Issue SLDR Mini in case I have a change of heart. It’s not going anywhere.
  11. 737 five wood and 727 seven wood won’t be leaving my bag anytime soon. Beautiful looking clubs that perform really well.
  12. https://superstrokeusa.com/shop/wristlock-putter-grip/
  13. I bought these ferrules from Billy Bob which fit perfectly but are not the same length as the Ping original ones. https://www.billybobsgolf.com/product/ping-g-series-2018-2019-iron-hybrid-ferrules/ Not a major problem but I only did 5-PW of my set so the 4 iron ferrule will be different which really elevates my OCD.
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