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  1. Do you have a photo ? Many older Ping putters have the shaft secured in the head by ramming a ball bearing down the shaft to create a mechanical bond. That can make the shaft extremely hard to remove and using a heat gun won't create enough heat in this case.
  2. I think Adam Scott used the black version in his driver a few years ago, no way that was a fake.
  3. Last night on the range it looked like he was swapping between the two Mini clubs.
  4. You need a spacer if you’re installing a .355 shaft like the one in this link. https://store.billybobsgolf.com/product/pxg-factory-iron-ferrules/
  5. They did a 14* tour version with the long .335 hosel, I have one.
  6. pt73

    i210 magic dust

    Love my i210 4-PW with PX LZ 5.5
  7. TM Driver PTune (JDM) 3 wood Honma 5 & 7 wood Titleist Hybrid Ping irons Callaway wedges (one soon to be replaced by a Ping) Toulon putter Does that make it 7 or 6 as Toulon is owned by Callaway ?
  8. https://www.grips4less.com/pages/ust-elements-chrome-plus-wood-shaft-full-description
  9. I’ve been using a piece of dense foam on the floor, press the shaft tip firmly into it then use my air gun tool. This is only for grips I have previously installed using air.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, there's not a lot of PXG in Australia as they mainly sell through Cool Clubs etc. so prices are extortionate.
  11. Unsure about this one although a Handcrafted shaft seems unusual for a fake club. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pxg-0811x-Gen2-Driver-Project-X-Evenflow-5-5R-Flex-55g/114767425691 Appreciate some feedback. Thanks
  12. Unless something has changed when you replace the arccos grip with a normal one the club will be 1/4” short than original. I found this out when I replaced the stock grip on my F9.
  13. I have the exact model which I bought new 20+ years ago and the gold weight doesn’t move on mine. The advice about zeroing it is spot on.
  14. Ping G410 crossover is .370 too.
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