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  1. I’ve been using a piece of dense foam on the floor, press the shaft tip firmly into it then use my air gun tool. This is only for grips I have previously installed using air.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, there's not a lot of PXG in Australia as they mainly sell through Cool Clubs etc. so prices are extortionate.
  3. Unsure about this one although a Handcrafted shaft seems unusual for a fake club. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pxg-0811x-Gen2-Driver-Project-X-Evenflow-5-5R-Flex-55g/114767425691 Appreciate some feedback. Thanks
  4. Unless something has changed when you replace the arccos grip with a normal one the club will be 1/4” short than original. I found this out when I replaced the stock grip on my F9.
  5. I have the exact model which I bought new 20+ years ago and the gold weight doesn’t move on mine. The advice about zeroing it is spot on.
  6. Ping G410 crossover is .370 too.
  7. Fred Couples, Mark O’Meara and Woody Austin on the Champions Tour. Min Jee Lee on the LPGA.
  8. I used calipers to measure the weight from my Toulon Chicago which is one of the newer ones (not glued in) and got a diameter of .522 inches. Hope that helps.
  9. Just turned 63 and have lost some swing speed and distance. Current handicap 8 but I'm coming back from shoulder surgery 18 months ago, before that I was on 5. In the past I played 65g driver, 75g fairway and 85g hybrid shafts but I bought two Honma fairways (5 & 7) both with 55g regular shafts thinking I would reshaft them with something heavier but they have been absolutely awesome. That got me thinking so I bought a 55g Riptide regular shaft for my M6 and a JDM Titleist TS2 with a 50g Titleist Speeder 519 EVOLUTION(SR). The TS2 has been fantastic, my 3 wood now has a 65g shaft and my 23* hybrid a 70g shaft. My i210 irons have Project X LZ 110g 5.5 shafts and they seem fine at the moment but I'm thinking about some 80-90g graphite shafts in the future.
  10. Ping i210 with PX LZ 5.5 shafts, love them.
  11. I acquired a Ping G410 crossover head from a friend and shafted it with a Modus3 105 shaft (my i210 irons have PX LZ shafts) and the results were OK but not great, so I considered selling it. Last week I installed an AD DI 85g hybrid shaft and in the first range session the results were amazing so it's in the bag.
  12. Tour Velvet Super Tack midsize, love the tacky feeling and the fact they’re not that tapered.
  13. Many thanks for this Howard. Absolutely brilliant, checked my 25+ year old Golfsmith and it's within 1/2 point of the calculation using grams and mm for accuracy.
  14. I was referring to his speech in Korean language, I've been to Korea many times on business and have a reasonable understanding of Korean culture. Loved browsing through the golf shops in Seoul to see the local brands and other stuff I would never see in Australia.
  15. I love the fact that he always acknowledges his Korean fans and relatives back in Korea. Also thanking his caddy of 13 years, he’s 100% class.
  16. One of my best friends still carries a 1 & 2 iron and hits them miles off the tee and fairway, not bad for a 60+ year old.
  17. That may be correct but the ferrule looked original and when I cleaned the hosel after removing the DJ I couldn't find any signs of a shim, the replacement shaft was also .335 and had a really snug fit. Maybe it was a tour issue, if that even exists for Yonex woods.
  18. That's interesting info. I also have a Yonex EZONE 7 wood which had a Tour AD DJ6s shaft which was .335". It doesn't matter if the NST300 EX is .350 as I plenty of shims.
  19. I'm looking at buying a Yonex i-Ezone 5 wood with a Yonex NST300 EX regular shaft, I've done lots of searches through Google but can't find any details. Can anyone please help with the shaft specs before I just replace it with something else. Thanks Peter T
  20. I did some regrips for a friend a few years ago that slipped but he has hands like a gorilla and looks like he’s trying to strangle the club at address. I’ve heard some people use cheap hairspray on the shaft to provide some more grip without stopping the grips from being removed.
  21. One of their marketing team believing that being created using 3D printing is a critical feature buyers are looking for. They should have added AI and Machine Learning to the meaningless feature list.
  22. Pretty sure Unique was a small company from the 70s.
  23. I removed and reinstalled the shaft in mine without any damage to the red insert. I only use a butane micro torch.
  24. Some of the ads on eBay from Global Golf say both models are counterbalanced. Is the Black head (375g) heel shafted (not the H) model really counterbalanced ? Thanks
  25. https://www.ebay.com/str/pxgexpress It's empty right now
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