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  1. It can be done...pictured is my Piretti Forza flowneck mated to a heavy , stiff tipped graphite putter shaft... Extreme measures were used to do this....but if there is a will ...there is a way....not something the average DIY guy should even attempt...
  2. Anyone else notice the common aspect of the custom longnecks pictured so far.?..single sight dot... and owned by guys that have been around...know what they like... The Piretti Workshop putters with a rear flange line usually sit a while going unsold...their putters with just a single dot or naked sell quickly...
  3. 1 full shaft offset..at address...
  4. Piretti welded long slant neck Cottonwood II ....wide tri-sole.. Mine came out of the Piretti Workshop... It came with a premium leather magnetic closure head cover ......Naked sole , single sight dot....very clean tight weld is also a plus...as is the absence of the word ' tour ' on any of my custom putters.... including several " over priced " GSS models in my collection... Face balanced...I usually prefer putters with some toe hang , but this with a Gripmaster midsized paddle grip works great with just a small adjustment to my setup and a slightly more upright lie angl
  5. I'm a hoarder....I used to ' Retire ' full intact bags about every other year... Once I had a bag fully dialed in , I would become bored and begin the build and fit process on the next one More than 10 fully intact bags with all yardage gaps and trajectory dialed into my swing at the time... Just a few of my drivers , these are just the Taylormade and Cobras with dedicated premium shafts that fit my swing ....many more if I were to include my Adams , and heads that shared shafts.. Fairways .... I don"t have to further bore you with pi
  6. National Custom Works...Custom handmades by Tad Moore...also doing Hickory shafted clubs.. Louisville Golf...Custom handmades.. Bob Burns... Custom handmades..
  7. When ever I have a question about whether plastic or metal with a adapter that I am unfamiliar with....I will heat up a sewing needle and give it a poke...any thing plastic will reveal itself without doing any cosmetic damage......
  8. Easiest , and cheapest way....black heat shrink tube...I bought a 50' spool.of this stuff years ago ....have done this treatment on numerous putters and a set of wedges ... no durability issues....pictured is my 2012 Scotty Newport Notchback.. I believe it has the same over post single bend shaft design as the Futura 5.5..... Google < $3.96 black putter shaft, golfwrx > there is a long thread on this site that details the how to's for install ...
  9. Highly unlikely that it is fake... another way to check would be balance point...if it was an older i110 with faked grapnics it would have a higher balance point than the black label version....
  10. A year or two before the Black Series they did a limited release of this...Black Swirl Prototype,,, only 3 models at the time...but shares many of the same features as the Black Series...
  11. CRAWFORD McGREGOR & CAMBY ......Made in 1917.....my grandfather' first putter...given to me in 1969... over 100 years in the family... The flat top shaft, with a thin leather wrap grip , blends into the hosel and putter topline...you can feel the squareness in your hands , and see it with your eyes...probably non conforming nowadays.....
  12. I think I have the same exact scale... Definitely D-3...."scratch" is the indicator line... To zero out - calibrate the scale, slide the weight all the way to the static weight - grams end of the scale bar...align 'scratch' with the 0....check balance indicator on the other end of the bar..I had to add a little lead tape to the beam bar on the static weight end when I first bought it... .
  13. Single bend shafts will usually have a 2.5"-3.0" parallel tip section.... leave the grip on , pull the head off and tip the shaft .25" at a time until you see the toe hang you desire... Thread , fishing line , or a small piece of double sided tape will keep the head in place while going thru the dry fit process..leaving the grip on makes it easy to re-align shaft to it's original orientation ...after your done getting the toe hang you want, then you can pull the grip and add a butt extension if needed for the length.... .
  14. I still have a set , 1iron thru PW.....mine came with the TS 100 graphite Bubble shafts.... when I started having hand problems I reshafted them with Apache 40i graphite.... still have the the Bubble shafts bundled up in permanent retirement......not much you can do with .400" tip graphites.... Out of town this week , but I will post some pics, when I get home..
  15. For some one that swings driver between 90-100mph about 2.5 yards per 1° .... driver swing speed between 100-110 about 3 yards per 1° ....speed between 110-120 about 4 yards per degree...YMMV depending on how efficiently club head is delivered to ball.... I have experienced partial shots that did not fly as a far as expected when I tried tried wedge shafts that were too stout/ low spin for my slow swing speed (KBS Tour V)....
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