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  1. My guess his grandson Trey might have them , or know where the collection is......he was left the driving range when Leon passed... I have his phone# somewhere .... .....small world.... If you met Scott , you have probably seen my house.. It sits on the hill between the 1st tee and the practice green.......
  2. The GooseNeck FG-53 were made in 1991-1992.... My Goose Necks with the little goose logo were 1988-1990
  3. I like the matching aspect of era and make now for the sake of nostalgia... But back in 1990 these were the clubs that were actually in my bag...not Persimmon or laminate, but High modulus Graphite and Metal , next club in the kit was the Hogan Redline 1 iron..
  4. All you have to do is ask....there is a wealth of knowledge on this site.... That's what I did...Site members LeftyMac and elwhippy , were able to tell me the year made (1990) and the name of the designer ( Harry Busson )
  5. I traded some '86 Ping Eye irons and an Anser putter for this set of '88 - '90 Gooseneck irons and '90 Staff woods... Sat unhit in my closet for 30 years , until this past spring . I find the Goosenecks very forgiving , easy to hit . Especially when compared to my '88 Hogan Redlines and Mizzy TN-87 irons that I played for the decade of the '90's .
  6. I'm going to be keeping anything I can get them to part with. There were several putters he was not willing to part with. It's been 30 years since my last repairs on Persimmon woods. I have the skills , and possibly a new hobby, full restorations.....
  7. Your post earlier in this thread inspired me to take this picture....I remember your basement photo from a few years back...The embarrassing part is I could do similar group photos with drivers , hybrids, putters , and wedge sets. I'm not as bad with irons , only have 10 or 12 sets in my current collection...
  8. Bill Welch , after college he partnered up with Leon Fawcett and they went to Tx. One of his favorite stories is how they hustled Trevino and Chi Chi out of some money during a practice round....After 2 or 3 years, he returned to Missouri to run the family course until he passed about 5 years ago...The clubs are now in a long forgotten club house storage room, along with many other vintage gems..
  9. Yes it was a driver , I believe it was made in '53 - '55 based on the face insert. It was most likely played by my mentor during his Professional ( Texas Tour) days. Also there was a set of MT flat back irons with ceramic insert faces (1945?) I was told they were used used by the father of my mentor. I will be working on bringing all these 'home' in the future........ I live in their original family house , built in 1936 ,while the course was under construction, and opened for play in 1938. My basement was the original Pro Shop....Course is now owned and operated by the same fam
  10. I believe it was Vijay Singh that when faced with an into the wind shot that he wanted to flight down and take some spin off, would take a practice swing and "dirty up" the face prior to hitting the shot....I used to do the same thing..... ...natural Chapstick...
  11. I was just wondering....is the straight grain pattern running away from the face, more or less desirable, than the circular pattern that gets tighter towards the toe. And given the choice of this Sounder and a mid 50's MT M85W in rough , but solid and still playable condition, which one would you have chosen??
  12. Kind of new to collecting of Persimmon woods...although I played 'em from 1970 until about 1985...... I did a reshaft for an original mid '90's Callaway Big Bertha bore thru iron. Some how I still had a Memphis 10 shaft and new old stock grip in my stash... For my parts and labor I was going to charge $45...Instead I took this in trade.. Mint , all original , has never been hit...
  13. I would like to thank you for all the smiles your original search for a 3 wood thread gave me . It was what I went thru during the 2005 to 2012 period.....
  14. This is some of my collection ..... I have another dozen or so , unshafted in a box somewhere ........I could almost double this number if I included all my low lofted ( 16° to 19° ) hybrids.....
  15. I have reshafted 9 of my 10 Piretti putters , all have been .370" tip diameter My Piretti Performance forged wedges were .355" taper tip....
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