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  1. Anyone played any of the Fairfield Glade courses recently? Heading out there next week to play Druid Hills, Dorchester and Stonehenge. Just wondering what kind of shape they are in and what to expect. Thanks!
  2. Just one thing for sale tonight. Super Speed Golf training aid. This is the men's version. I bought this about a month ago, took the plastic off the grips, made a few swings with each club and it has been sitting in the closet since. Will ship in the original box. I dont remember if it came with any paperwork/instructions. If it did, I no longer have it. All of the training program info & videos can be found on the Super Speed website here: https://superspeedgolf.com/product/superspeed-golf-training-system-mens/ $175 SOLD shipped. CONUS only. No trades at this time. PM me for PayPal info or if you have any questions. Thanks
  3. Good evening, All prices include PayPal fee and shipping to the CONUS only. I will only accept payment via PayPal goods and services. I WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL FRIENDS & FAMILY, SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK. ALSO, NO TRADES AT THIS TIME, PLEASE. PM if you have any other questions or for my PayPal address. I will do what I can to ship out the same day payment is received. Thanks for looking and again, please let me know if you have any questions. Items #1-5) NEW 5 Dozen 2016 Nike RZN Black Tour Balls SOLD All brand new. Will ship as individual sleeves since I do not have the original dozen boxes. I love these, but this is my last 5 dozen, so I figure it's time to move on and find a new ball since these are getting pretty hard to find. Item #6) USED Magellan Echo Golf Watch $40$30 This watch is roughly 2 years old and I only used it for the first year I had it. It is in functioning and in good shape with no scratches on the face. I just put in a new battery to turn it on so I could get pictures and make sure all of the functions work. I will also include an extra CR2032 battery. I only used it with the Golf Pad GPS App and Golf Tags on Android (similar to the Game Golf/Arccos tracking systems) so I am unsure on what other OS/Apps it is compatible with. I do not have the original box, nor do I have the instructions, but all info can be found on Magellan’s website here: http://www.magellang...tness/Echo/Golf As I said, I have not used this in about a year, so I do not know if the software is up to date or if Magellan has even released any updates for it. Item #7) USED Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch $100$75 I got this watch last year for father’s day and I think I used it for 2 maybe 3 rounds since. It is in excellent condition with no scratches on the face. The features & tracking options on this are great, I have just got to where I don’t like wearing a watch when I play. I just feel like it gets in my way. The original box and charging cable is included, but I do not have the instruction manual. All info can be found on Garmin’s website here: https://buy.garmin.c...-US/US/p/516207 Item #8) USED Grafalloy BiMatrix Tour Proto $50$40 This is a barely used fairway wood shaft with a Callaway Optifit adapter. No Grip included. Stiff Flex, 42-1/8" length, 73 gram weight without grip. Un-Tipped. I don’t remember the exact playing length, but in a Callaway 816 Alpha 3 wood, I believe it played at 43-1/2”, maybe a small bit shorter than that. Item #9) USED Mitsubishi Diamana ‘Ahina 70 $75$60 This is a barely used driver shaft with a Callaway Optifit adapter. No Grip included. Stiff Flex, 46-5/8" length, 82 gram weight without grip. Un-Tipped. I used this one at the range a few times and never got around to cutting it to cutting it down to length. In a Callaway Epic, I believe it played 48”. I figured I would give this one a try since I still see a lot of people talking about it, but decided to stick with my Veylix Agera. Item #10) Nippon Modus 3 130 4-PW + 1 Additional Wedge Length 8 Iron Shaft $125$100 4-PW+W .370 parallel tip shafts (8 Total Shafts) These were used for about a year and were installed in a set of Callaway XR Irons and played at standard length. The additional wedge shaft is actually an 8 iron shaft cut down to wedge length. The PW shaft does have a ½” steel extension installed because I messed up and cut the wrong club when I was cutting these to length. As you can see below, the weight of this shaft is about 15 grams higher than all the others. The shafts have been cleaned of all leftover grip tape and epoxy. The prepped/sanded area on the tips comes up about 1-3/4” to 1-7/8” so to be safe, I would say you would need to cover 2” up the tips. I had 1” ferrules installed and those covered the marks. So depending on what heads these are installed in, you might be able to get away with a shorter ferrule.
  4. Just one thing for sale tonight. A used Golf Works value line bending machine. This is the vice mount model and you will need to have a separate way to measure the club. It has been used quite a bit, but is still in good working shape. There are a couple of places where the paint has come off which you can see in the pics. This does not include a bending bar. Payment by PayPal only. $90 PayPal Only (price includes PayPal fees & shipping to the continental US). No trades at this time, please. Please PM me for my PayPal address or if you have any questions. Thanks!
  5. When I ordered a swingweight scale from them, I think I saved $10-15 on the standard shipping with the promo. I still had to pay the overweight shipping fee (which they charge on most tools) because they said the overweight fee is not included in the free shipping promos that they run.
  6. I soaked mine overnight in CLR. It took a few tries and I eventually used a scotch bright pad to remove what the CLR didn't get.
  7. Try Grail Golf on eBay. They have collared ferrules and shipping is usually free.
  8. I used paint stripper on mine then I cleaned out the weight ports and stuck lead tape in them to adjust the SW on mine. Layered up strips of lead tape and then used a hole punch to make some weight plugs that fit in the ports. Then filled them back with paint.
  9. Rock Bottom - 20% off orders over $125 - BlackFriday - but I haven't found any clubs that it applies to. I've tried all of the major club OEM's and they have all been exclued, including used clubs.
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