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  1. Why? Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine is healthy for everybody. But you didn't answer my question.
  2. Are you suggesting he doesn't try to make putts unless it's a major?
  3. Erin Hills was a great event and they should return soon. But to answer the question, I applaud their efforts to play on new courses. I hope they keep looking for new places to have the US Open.
  4. All four of our courses are open. I'm still playing three times per week.
  5. I'm not sure why some courses are eliminating carts. We use one cart per golfer, or walk. Here are our club rules and they appear to be working quite well. We still have quite a few golfers everyday; Golf Carts: Our team is armed with disinfectant and will be cleaning all of the common touch points on the golf carts before and after each use (Steering wheel, GPS, Sand Bottles, Coolers, Handrails etc.).Golf Shops: Our teams are disinfecting the golf shop(s) constantly throughout the day.Member Check-In: Effective tomorrow, you will no longer need to provide your ticket to the starter. We are
  6. Exactly. Riding on the back is a very good practice. BTW, most of our guys have always been single cart riders. Fortunately, it's a private club and they can get away with single carts.
  7. No. He ranked 48th last year and 68th in 2018 for the entire season.
  8. Our group of about 18 golfers is mixed almost half and half walkers to riders. Our courses are not favorable to walkers. We usually play in three groups of four. Foursomes are chosen randomly so you usually get a mix of riders and walkers. The walkers usually jump on the back of a cart when going from green to tee. If they don't, they fall way behind the rest of the group. The biggest problem is walking to the second shot and cart riders are always waiting for walkers to get to their ball. Regardless, we always play in less than four hours (unless waiting for a slow group). Thur
  9. I see two different situations and two solutions; What to post for handicap purposes. This has been addressed by the USGA "most likely score" decision.What to post for your match with your buddies. Our group will stick with this rule; "if it hits the cup and stays with a putter length, it's holed".
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