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  1. I have hot metals (4-Gw) nippon 105 less than 10 rounds factory LLL
  2. Trade you the baby ben for a cure RX4 in 34"-35" like new condition with brand new SS counterbalance grip..head cover and extra weights
  3. Im looking for some 745 heads in 7 or 8-pw to blend in with my set of 545 if anyone knows of any
  4. I have 545's with recoil F4 shafts. I use ping glide wedges. I have 47ss,50ss,54ss,58es I swap out the 47 and 50 depending on the course and sometime drop the 58es unless the course had lots of greenside bunkers
  5. Just stumbled in to a set of 545's 3-pw with recoil 95 shafts. After many months of wanting to join the cool crowd.... I'm in deep..lol. Not as much as above ePearl, you know they made srixon putters for a short time and can be found on eBay. Might as well go ALL the way...lol
  6. I have a j815 and was wondering if the JGR was going to be that much different. No one stocks BS in oklahoma
  7. I'm looking at a slightly used set of 745's with KBS C-taper (lights?) I believe. Anyone played this set up?
  8. I think my only chance to hit 545's is to buy a set off of Ebay and hope the DG shafts work for me
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