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  1. Any suggestions on cheap bag shipping services? Based on a box that's approx. 46"x15"x15" and approx. 5lbs, USPS and FedEx and UPS rates are more than the value of the bag.
  2. Closed [email protected]:50am More project clean outs: Spalding TPM 5 and 9 heads. Great for restoration. $20 PP CONUS only.
  3. Cleaning out my parts bin. Selling all 4 heads as a lot for $OLD PP shipped CONUS: Mizuno T-Zoid 15*, Titleist 975f 13.5, Cobra Baffler 14*, Cobra Baffler 18*. All have various scratches and paint loss.
  4. 1) The old diehard: V-Steel 15* w/ factory stiff graphite and stock grip. Excellent overall including the grip. $OLD 2) A set of Ping iWedges: 52 and 60 w/ stock stiff steel shafts and grips. Black dot. Excellent all around including the grips. Want to sell as a set. $OLD.
  5. Thanks. Just good lighting in my living room with an iPhone XR.
  6. 1) Tourstage X-Drive GR 15* 3 Wood Head. 210g, .335 hosel. Nice shape, no h/c. $40 PP shipped CONUS only. 2) Cleveland GC14 46* Black Pearl Pitching Wedge. Bone stock (LLL, shaft, grip). Barely used. $OLD. 3) Vintage Ping Anser. Box 9006, Phoenix 85020. Bone stock 35.5" with factory Heel Toe Balance shaft and GP Pro Only grip with Ping stamped on butt. Very nice shape, although the original grip will need replacing. $OLD.
  7. Sadly, I was told that it’s a very old model (which it is) and they didn’t have that info. I’m guessing they’re looking at the same club archive section of their website that I was.
  8. Does anyone know the lofts of the old MC-II cast irons?
  9. Stulz Nano Arrow Tri-Edge Torque Sensor driver shaft. 80 grams, 2.5* torque, stiff flex, .335 tip, 46" uncut. I was going to use it for my 3 wo. Closed
  10. Thanks for the info. Yes, there is a spine align arrow.
  11. I have a Stulz Nano Arrow I’d like to test in a driver. It’s 80g @46” with a .335 tip. But other than that, I don’t know much else. On the side of the shaft are the numbers “80-2.5-040” followed by “Patten 0383208”. Anyone know what those numbers mean? I’m guessing the 80 is the weight and 2.5 is the torque.
  12. Cool clubs!!! Great classics! 6.5* driver, wow! I remember my buddies using 7.5* drivers with great success during the Titleist Professional days! Brings back great memories. GLWS!!!
  13. I have the same putter with the original graphite shaft in my bag now. Great putter. Yours is in mint condition. GLWS!!
  14. Are there any good quality aftermarket SLDR adapters? I have a few shafts I want to experiment with on my SLDR 3 wood head. It seems like some out there are plastic rather than an alloy. Thanks!
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