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  1. I played Arcadian Friday. It’s in excellent shape—tees, fairways, greens. Pace of play was excellent as well. I went to play at MBN-King’s North earlier that morning, and left because they were 30 minutes behind already at 8:09. Looking out over the complex, I had never seen so many people waiting to tee off, hitting balls at the range , and on the putting green. It was going to be 5-plus hour round, I’m sure. That’s when we called Arcadian and were able to get on within the hour. Rate was $60. Myrtlewood’s Palmetto course is also in great shape and priced right. Enjoy the golf and don’t forge
  2. If you can do it, you must play it. Awesome golfing experience.
  3. Sandy for par or better doesn’t take enough skill to warrant monetary reward. The next shot after the sand shot should be holed for a sandy.
  4. Who is this Spieth to whom you refer?
  5. You need to book your times through the lottery and then add the other courses around whatever date the Old Course gives you. The golf companies typically charge ridiculous fees for guaranteeing you a time. Just do a little leg work yourself and save a good bit of cash. Enjoy your trip!
  6. Why are people so hung up on tradition but don’t care about how technology changes the game? Is it not all the same thing? What golfers wear does not make the game better or worse in my opinion. If Augusta National can a host a women’s tournament, then certainly people against the men wearing shorts can change their antiquated views.
  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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