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  1. I'd be interested in the Rogue shaft, if could/would split them
  2. I had some unfortunate paint repairs to perform on a 915 driver but they came out really well, so thought I'd share. Several deep paint chips on the crown and a few lesser scratches on the back of the head. There are a few posts on the web that suggested the Duplicolor "black magic" was a good match. It's VW paint code LC9Z I cleaned the chips really well and layered the paint slowly. Each application was fairly light and I'd let dry for a couple of hours before applying the next layer. Once it was build up, I used a 3.5" foam polishing pad (on a cordless drill) and some detailer's finishing compound to smooth it all out. I followed with the clear coat that's included in the Scratch Fix All in 1. Once it was dry then I went back to polishing until is was blended into the existing clear coat. It isn't perfect and by no means is it a factory finish but it's good enough that I have to really look for the imperfections. All in all, it turned out a lot better than I expected.
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