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  1. So I can confidently say that I’m going to be using the TR20 over my g400lst moving forward. The forgiveness is a little better on the toe and even with the 460, I’m not getting any spinny balloon drives. The FP-6x has been super stable and there’s just no complaints right now. My club championship starts this weekend, so it’ll be exciting to have it out in competition. I wanted to get LM numbers, but the only place near me that’s open and has reliable launch monitors got 3 inches of water in the indoor hitting room and soaked the monitors following a broken pipe. I’m hoping to get in this
  2. If you’re getting distance and forgiveness from the TW747 then obviously “upgrading” would be silly. I will say they the TR20 is exceptionally forgiving on toe strikes, though. I’ve hit some drives that based on feel, I was expecting to be very very bad, but it kept them straight and still managed a good yardage. I’ve been very impressed. As for pure distance, it’s been on par with my g400lst
  3. Loving the feel so far. It’s a very solid feel that mimics a solid headed driver and reminds me of the SIM.
  4. In other words, Cobra made a really good driver within the rules of golf and there’s no reason to ban DeChambeau
  5. Care to elaborate on DeChambeau’s “cheat” driver? Cause I’m inclined to not believe you
  6. The tour blue is such a good shaft, easily my favorite of all time
  7. So the TR20 arrived yesterday and I did what any good wrx’er would do and took it straight to the course. First off, thank you so much Honma and GolfWRX. Things like this are icing on an already great cake. It is up against some absolutely stiff competition (g400lst), and is going to have to perform very well to take over. I’ll start with some photos of it I excitedly took after getting home from work. I was lucky my box was in perfect shape when it got here. They are very sturdy boxes, so for the above’s to have shown up like that.. that thing was manhandled! I didn’t take many p
  8. I just can’t think of a better set of irons for the money. The sub 70 testing thread grabbed my attention, I really like the boxier look to them. I built a set on their website and it’s an up charge for the 4 iron and for DG. A 4-p set with x100 came in at about 950$. Hogan may not have as many options for shafting, but with none of them being up charged, they’re unbeatable. The heads are hands down on par with T100, p760, MP20, etc. You give nothing up choosing Hogan irons over the big boys right now
  9. 2 and a half years now, and the only thing threatening to remove them is the new Hogan combo set of the PTx Pro and Icon.
  10. City, State?Hollidaysburg, Pa Current wedges?50, 54, 58 Vokey SM5 What conditions do you play in (soft, average, firm)?Soft and Firm, here in Pa a lot of our courses can be soft if we’re getting rain, but after a week of sun like right now, it’s starting to really bake my home course. Usually no in between for me. One thing that would improve your current wedges?SPIN! Even on very crispy wedge shots, I’m not getting the reaction on the greens I’m expecting. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos?Of course I do! I have no issue writing
  11. Oh I don’t disagree, but from a feel perspective for OP, it’s at least worth a try if he likes the shafts he’s been using. With such drastic differences in performance for different golfers with the same equipment, it’s almost impossible to give an answer of “yes this will work” or “no you can’t just swap shafts and expect the same results”. It’ll all come down to the individual. On the topic of using the same equipment, how about Berger and his TM MC’11 irons for the win today eh? Those are classics
  12. Many pros keep the same shaft from club to club and model to model, and they are the most concerned with maximizing performance. Jon Rahm has been using the Tour Green in his driver for years now. If it’s a shaft you like the feel of in your irons, the feel will most likely be similar in another iron that weighs roughly the same. Performance may change some, but I can’t imagine a change in performance so drastic that it makes the new irons unplayable. You just have to test it out and see what results you get
  13. Mine all bent strong by as much as 4 degrees. Yardage’s were everywhere!
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