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  1. Haha, yeah I’m a total club whore!! I bought the i25s for 250, 4-LW and am not seeing any i210 sets for less than 650 and up. And those are usually 5-PW. I’ll keep my eye out but based on the comments, but not in a rush.
  2. Thanks for the additional info. I’m good with all of that except I don’t have a swingweight scale. any other suggestions that may give the same info??
  3. Ok I can def drill out a small hole. So I noticed that one of the 6 shafts doesn’t have a tip weight. Anything I should be concerned with??
  4. So I have a set of Bridgestone JGR HF2 heads and want to install a set of Steelfiber shafts in them. The shafts have tip weights in them. Ive cleaned and prepped the shafts and head’s and here’s the issue…the shaft is pushing back out of the head after I apply the epoxy. I’m not using too much and can’t figure out what is going on. im sure it’s a rookie mistake so any help would be appreciated. thanks!!!
  5. Thanks, I actually like the feel of these. I know it’s subjective. I’ve read some descriptions that these are “precision” irons so I’m assuming they’re not meant to be the longest but more consistent
  6. I picked up a set of Ping i25s and am shocked at how much I like them. They sound and feel great but my only gripe is they’re a bit shorter than my old set which was a players distance. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m wondering if something like the i210 would give me the same feel and sound but with more distance. I did have these bent to power spec lofts which has helped. Picked up I25 4-LW for $250 in pretty mint, so not sure if the extra money to go to the i210s would provide any real differences. Wanted to get some opinions.
  7. I have a similar question…my dumbass hit the ground before I made ball contact which kicked up some mud and left a mark of the face of my TSI3. it’s only a surface scratch but when you hold it just right you can see it and it triggers my OCD haha. without making it worse anything I can do??
  8. As much as I like the PXGs I think I may be selling them. A friend is selling his 0311s and I can’t turn them down. If anyone wants a “new” set of 5-GW 2021’s PM me!! They’re gonna be listed shortly.
  9. I’m not a pro so for me my strike affects the gapping probably more than anything else if I’m honest. For today’s round I’d use my PW or GW then maybe just need to chip with my 58 onto the green. For me knowing that I had the distance didn’t make me swing to hard which resulted in a better overall shot. At times I’d overswing or muscle it thinking I needed and extra 5 yards and most times hit a crappy shot. Today I just swung easy and had no issues. These are longer than my cobras, obvi due to the stronger lofts. What I did notice was that when I was in a distance between two clubs I’d stay with the lower club an wasn’t coming up as short. I did fly a few over the green but just by a bit, just required a chip shot on.
  10. I just played my first round with these today. Started off with crappy balls and 35 degree temps so the first few holes they felt hard. As the temp warmed up and my swing came smoother they really came alive. On smooth swings where I made good contact they felt great and were longer than my Cobras. At the turn I switched to my normal balls and the feeling dramatically improved. Even my playing partners commented about how good they sounded. Good results for the first round of the year in NY with crappy temps at the start. Will do some more testing against my old gamers and will make updates.
  11. One of my concerns was some people’s feedback about the low spin and not being able to hold greens etc. after watching this video and seeing how strike played a pretty big role in the spin I’m feeling better. One shot was a few mms high on the face and it spun quite a bit more. I certainly don’t center all of my shots so my strike will most likely play the biggest role in spin etc
  12. I went to the range with my set of 2021 PXG 0211s and they were nice. Hard to tell with range balls but felt soft and def seemed longer than my cobra forged tec irons. The lofts are stronger so that makes sense. Felt good so I’m going to get on a sim and see what the real numbers were. The shaft felt a bit whippy compared to my cobras so I def had to put a smooth swing on it. Didn’t have any concerns from what I saw about weird launch/descent angles based on the weird lofts.
  13. If I had them bent to more standard lofts then I should expect similar spin numbers right??
  14. So far from what I’m seeing people that have actually hit the clubs seem to like the way they perform and feel. Others based off the lofts and added length are assuming they’re gonna produce fliers etc. I guess I’ll get em on a sim and see how they compare to my cobras.
  15. Haha I have no prob buying equipment but already have SO MUCH. I think I’m gonna pull the trigger on the new 0211s and compare em too my Cobras
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