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  1. Agree 100 about the misses still being out there and in play. I put contact tape and was hitting a string towards the heel that were still in play and close to 240-250.
  2. For me what I saw was forgiveness due to the spin being consistent across the face. With my ping spin would get way too high the more I moved off center. I know that added spin is how I’m delivering the club but the I’m hoping the 3 is a better match for my swing etc.
  3. I agree 100! I’d rather be in the fairway than 10 yards farther. From what I saw on the monitor I was just as accurate with the TSi3 but longer overall. I’ll admit I was in the fairway probably more than I should have been some days. But the spin on that max killed me if I wasn’t centering my shots. And I know I’m adding spin by my swing but after being fit into the TSi3 with the adjustments I’m hoping it’ll help me make better contact resulting in better accuracy. I guess we’ll see how that translates to the course. I’ve committed to it and I’m gonna give it a few months.
  4. And my miss is slightly high towards the heel. Once the weight was moved to the H1 position I started seeing great numbers even on my misshits with the TSi3. so what was said above would make sense in my case.
  5. Snap hooks and ballon shots were exactly why I started looking for other options from the g400 max. Shots in the middle were good but misses were tough for my swing and head/shaft combo. in all of the testing I did with the TSi3 I had one snap hook and only a few ballooning shots.
  6. I’ve been watching some reviews online and that’s what they’ve been saying...many people were fitted into the 3 thinking the 2 was better. I fully admit when I had the max I just swung cause I felt like I couldn’t miss which led to crappy results. While not perfectly centered my contact pattern was much tighter on the face with the 3. im hoping that with some range time it’ll be even better. I was looking at some of my numbers and I was getting 240 or so off the center and close to the heel. Those would have been 200 with my ping due to the extra spin
  7. mpetruzz

    TSi3 or TSi2

    I came from a Ping G400 Max and was fit into a tsi3. I was fully expecting to be put in the 2. My bad shots with the ping would just go up and down, moonshots with no roll. Once adjusted I found the dispersion with the 3 to be right up there with the 2 and in fact maybe better with the added adjustments. Here’s what sold me on the 3...my miss is a bit high and close to the heel which I hit with the 2. Ball carried 205 with 215 total. Next shot with the 3 in the same spot....220 carry with 235 total!! Not to mention centered hits feel, sound and perform better with the 3.
  8. I had a Ping G400 Max and was fitted last week into the TSi3. My good shots with my ping were 265ish but my misses were balloon shots that went straight up and down...too much spin for my swing. I went into my fitting thinking the tsi2 was going to be the winner and was shocked at how well I hit the TSi3 when my fitter gave it too me. I was hitting 275 plus on good shots so a little farther. But on my misshits I was getting much better results without the spin getting crazy high. I did hit the g425 and it felt and performed just like the Max for me. Hopefully it’l
  9. I don’t remember the exact number but with my current driver I was high 2000s and misses went up obvi higher. I had similar spin rates from the tsi2. Spin with the TSi3 was low to mid 2000s and misses were also lower than my ping. I do remember a specific instance where the TSi3 helped me...had a misshit with my gamer high on the face and hit it 205 carry, 210 total. Next shot was with the TSi3 and same hit but I had lower spin and ballflight and it went 220 with 235 total.
  10. My average with my gamer was about 250 with an occasional longer drive if it was the right hole and conditions. My bad shots with the TSi3 were going about just as far and when I was catching it well I was 270ish. on the sim even with my bad hits they looked to still be playable. I completely expect a crappy swing to not stay in play no matter which club I use but as mentioned there were times the ping kept me somewhat playable when I had do right to be with the head being so big there were times when I’d put a lazy swing on in cause I felt like I couldn’t go offline and tha
  11. Right, and I’m not expecting the same level of forgiveness. I guess I was probably overthinking it and wondering Holy crap did I make a mistake going from the most forgiving driver to something I’m gonna struggle with. I was fit for it so I’m sure it’ll be fine. Probably all in my head...I hope haha
  12. I played a G400 Max last season and hit it well but I often had high ballooning shots that would fall out of the sky and my bad miss was a snap hook. Was fitted for a Titleist TSi3 and just wondering over the course of a season and I gonna miss the forgiveness?? I thought the TSi2 was going to be recommended but after a few hits my fitter put me in the 3. I know the Max is the most forgiving driver but at this point with technology etc is it just more marketing hype?? I do make centerish contact and am a bit high and heel of center but def most times within the center
  13. Thanks again for all the feedback! I went back yesterday and hit the TSi3 again and tried a few different shafts and setups. I even hit the new g425 and even though my swing was horseshit, I did have enough good swings with all the various combos for my fitter to feel confident that the TSi3 with tensei raw white shaft was the best for me. I feel like with my g400 max I could just walk up and swing since it was so large and that led to lazy swings and sometimes bad drives. I absolutely love the look and feel of the TSi3 and with it being a bit smaller makes me focus and sw
  14. I had to run my daughter to dick’s last night and they had a demo TS3. When I put em down next to each other I was a bit shocked to see the shape difference. I personally prefer the TSi3 better. wasn’t the exact same setup as my fitting but I did hit some balls with the TS3. I agree with earlier comments that it didn’t sound as good. Was more high pitch and hollow feeling to me. Distances were similar in my small sampling but the ballflight was a bit higher, most likely due to my swing. After hitting it I definitely feel good about going with the TSi3 based on price differe
  15. Yeah I did lookup the additional shafts and am getting almost similar performance with the stock offering. Plus with the driver already being pretty high cost, I’m def gonna try to avoid a 250+ shaft on top.
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