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  1. Original post updated with the Wilson and Mizuno ultralight bags
  2. Which are we liking best in terms of practicality, experience, quality, tangle free life and general vibes from the selection of ultra light stand bags..? I would say this includes: Titleist Carbon Sun Mountain 2.5+ Callaway Hyperlite zero Cobra ultralight Sunday bag Wilson staff QS Mizuno K1-lo share away your thoughts, opinions, recommendations and photos
  3. Any updates on this bag..? Worth using instead of a SM 2.5+ or similar?
  4. Thanks both for the replies
  5. Hi all, My beloved R11 3 wood has just seen it’s last day. I’ve always preferred this shape and 3 wood over the M1 3 wood I also have. question to the community. Which modern day new 3 wood is going to be most like the R11..? The shape, weight and feel? thanks
  6. How heavy is the linksmaster? Edit: Just seen its 4.6lbs
  7. Would be great if you can. less branding the better!
  8. Haven’t tried any of the hoofers. I hear the tangle is bad with 14 clubs and mid sized grips
  9. for me the new pocket above the ball pocket on the 2021 2.5+ makes it my preferred. Although waiting for black colour to be available in the UK
  10. This. Sun mountain 2.5+ is the only true lightweight bag that can fit 14 mid sized gripped clubs with no tangle. But the colours are not great.
  11. not sure I’ll go to the lengths of adding or removing weight. Just a stronger or weaker lofted club with shaft length to match
  12. I'll split the length of the shaft in the middle too, like the lofts so it becomes as close to a 9.5
  13. Ok... need some more help. To satisfy this 10 club project I'm going to buy a '9.5 iron' and '6.5 iron' to add to my 4-PW set of MP20's. The loft of the 9.5iron will be 40 degrees splitting the 9iron (42 degrees) and 8iron (38 degrees) in the middle. Same with the 6.5iron. Now... am i better to buy a 9 iron with 2 degrees stronger loft OR buy a 8iron with 2 degrees weaker loft to create the 9.5 iron? thanks all
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