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  1. Dont know about temporary greens right now but given the choice i would regularly pick AC unless i know there is going to be significant wind. AC is one of the best courses in that area -- i play it regularly throughout the year. Since its off the water i'd just suggest dressing warmer than you think you need to.
  2. took me 3 times trying it out before i placed my order, only because i couldn't believe the numbers i was seeing but finally ordered last night. Ordered the SIM in 8* with the HZRDUS Green 6.5 X-Stiff, seeing legitimate 15 more yards of carry, spin numbers significantly down, and ball speeds up 4-5 mph from my current PXG driver. Getting 280+ carry with total distances 300-320, i've never seen that before on golf galaxy simulators, ordered a rocket 3w as well -- my carry/distance numbers with that were more in line with my current driver
  3. I did actually because I did not believe it at first. I brought mine in and hit some shots then went back to the SIM. I am planning to go back and try hitting some more choking down on the shaft also because i feel like the 45.75 is just too long so i want to see if there is much of a difference if i choke down to around 45 inch.
  4. This really shocked me to be honest when i tried it out. Im currently playing a PXG w/ an AD VR7X, i was hitting an 8* Sim with the Hzrdus Green X-Stiff and i was getting numbers ive never seen before in my local golf galaxy. I realize everything is different outdoors but i was still shocked, was not planning on buying a driver any time soon but i may not be able to ignore it. I was getting SS in the 113-116 range with ballspeeds getting up to 166, spin around 2k and carrying 280-290 consistently rolling out to 315-320. This was easily 15-20 yards longer than my PXG. My PXG SS was more around
  5. Very simple -- car radio is busted and driving around without it for a month is torture so cash is needed to replace it. Already gaming the fastback version so I dont really need this just sitting around. Brand New T22 Newport 35" still in bag from original purchase - never took it out. $600 No trades.
  6. for me PXG Gen2 9* with an AD VR 7X has beaten out anything else i tested. I've hit every head out there right now with multiple shaft combinations and nothing has been able to bump it out of my bag.
  7. im extremely happy with my 0811X....i've been playing with an AD VR 7S from my fitting, i was between S and X but for some reason the upcharge was even more for the X. The feeling off the head is amazing and i havent come close to finding that with any other head out there. I recently was able to get a deal on a 7X and the performance is even better so i can stress enough how important it is to make sure your fit into the best shaft for you, with the S i felt like i was getting a little higher ball flight then what i like and a little more spin. Going into the X i immediately noticed my ball f
  8. hands down for me best acquisition this year is a Gen 2 0811X in 9 degrees with a Tour AD VR 7S
  9. I've got a Newport and Fastback both with my name on them at my local GG when they come in. I've been going to the same store for years around the corner from my office and lord knows I spend enough money there...I was ordering new shafts and brought these up, they told me they were getting at least 3 of each.
  10. When are these going to be available to get ordered?
  11. ive been thinking of going to 6.5s and this gives me even more of a reason to make the switch......take my money now!!
  12. play ACCC after 3pm when it gets cheaper -- you still should be able to get around with plenty of time to spare if you get off anywhere between 3-330
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