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  1. I'm someone who played Scotty Cameron putters for years, bought and sold them, had Circle T's, played them a little, and sold them. I always "liked" their putters but i think in reality i just wanted to have a Scotty Cameron in my bag. Two years ago I picked up a TM Spider after messing with it in the store multiple times, I was drawn to the light head/black shaft, it felt nice in the store so I said screw it ill try it out. My putting has improved drastically over the last 2 years. That's not to say that the putter itself made me a better magically, but I found something that really fit my eye and matched up well with my stroke. Bottom line in my opinion, don't buy a Scotty to just to buy one -- if you find something that really matches your stroke, fits your eye, and your super comfortable with, then go for it. Otherwise, keep on searching until you find that right fit, whatever it may be.
  2. cma8516

    Titleist T100

    anything KBS is an issue right now
  3. heard same so i cancelled -- from what i've been told KBS is a major problem for Titleist right now.
  4. I had ordered T100's back in september with Ctaper 130X. Originally they were anticipated for December waiting on heads. Then I received the update that my shafts were holding it up, looking out to January, then this week I received another update that now they're anticipating shafts not coming until end of February. If they actually came in for Feb, it would be mid march if i'm lucky before they're built and arrive. I cancelled my order, switched to TM, and they already confirmed they had heads and shafts in stock and i'll have my order by Feb once its added to their build queue.
  5. cma8516

    Titleist T100

    i ordered in september, was originally told december for shafts to come in....then it was january...now its maybe february. cancelled and went to TM and already confirmed everything was in stock and would just need to be built
  6. I'm waiting on a set with C-Taper 130X -- just checked today and was told that again they've been pushed back. Now they're "hoping" to get shafts by end of February - 10 days then to get them into production so if i'm lucky ill have them in time for a first round if we get a warmer march. Been seriously debating cancelling my order and swapping to 770/790s, according to TM site they're available right away with my shafts.
  7. just heard my order from August got pushed back yet again into January now -- waiting on C-Taper 130x's.....
  8. Ordered 9/23 through Golf Galaxy --- T100s w/ C Taper X stiffs and mid size tour velvet -- update I got today was that they are just waiting on heads, likely mid december. Interesting side note -- the guy was telling me their ping rep was just in the store and told them not to expect any new bags, at all, in 2022.
  9. AC has become extremely expensive. Their rates change during the non peak summer months but I also believe with the big boost in membership during covid they're planning to go fully private next year. I think the rates are as high as they are to keep public play down but if people are still going to pay that much they'll take it this year.
  10. Any thoughts on West Orange? That and Golden Bear would be the closest to me but initiation at Golden Bear is up there right now after all the move expenses. Tried to reach out to WO to see if i could play the course, waiting to hear back, only initial concern is that it will end up being a bit short for me.
  11. for the shore its public courses -- although you can join AC its still public.
  12. its ok - i've played it a bunch. its not bad for an early spring/fall round but if you try to play it in the summer there isnt a single ounce of shade. i much rather play AC or ballamor though in the area.
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