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  1. still not selling the Mizuno ? if you change your mind let me know ! GLWS
  2. As multiple people pointed out : blades don't change that much. A friend of mine has a set of Nike VR Pro, which I am going to take to the course. If the pro accepts to lend them to me for a round I'll see for myself. Thanks for all the input it's helping a lot !
  3. It's not so much about outgrowing the irons. If anything I'm kinda not that into the 7TW as people will look at the bag and think to themselves : he's a fanboy, where I couldn't care less. It was the best performing set for me. If those were SGI I would've played without hesitation. The issue is more that i'm not sure how good i'll be on the long run, so actually more of the opposite of outgrowing, like I wouldn't be good enough and that decision would be quite costly as I'm not planning to get a new set right after
  4. Just to clarify, my objective is just to play better. The part that shocked me is : in my head, I'd never even try out the blades because I felt I wasn't a good enough ball striker. That is why I'm researching more insight on the topic. At the end of the day, I will make my decision based on what I think is best, but collecting more information is helping me to make that best decision. Thanks again everyone, all the feedbacks are super appreciated !
  5. Thanks for the input folks, really appreciate it
  6. So here it is folks, another topic on the eternal blades or no blades. I've been fitted, and the irons I was hitting best, most consistent etc were the P7TW. I'm wondering if this change is a good or bad idea. More context below. Long story short, I've been improving quite a bit this season and told myself I'd consider switching gear if I got below a 5 hcp, as I got to a 4.1 career low, I figured I'd treat myself to a full bag fitting. I have an ok swing speed (112mph on gamer drives, I can crank it up to 118-120 with not so good dispersion). Irons
  7. If you're interested in splitting the head and shaft, I'd be interested in the shaft only.
  8. All your shafts are a little over reg. length, if I was to cut them down to regular length would they play standard X or a bit stiffer ? GLWS
  9. It seems like a recurring issue on M2 '16 3 woods because I cracked mine earlier this year. If you have a proof of purchase in the last 2 years they'll replace it though I found the M4 3 wood to be quite close to what the M2 was, maybe slightly spinnier but that would have to do with my shaft choice not the head.
  10. I think there's something widely overlooked in this statement. The thing in question being how important is putting in general ? Let's take a step back and look at the impact of putting on scoring : - in order to secure a birdie you HAVE to make 1 putt. - say you 2 putt every green, you won't lower your score. (unless you drive the green on par 4s & hit par 5s in 2 but leave that out of the equation for now). Unless you are a decent putter you have virtually no chance to go in the red numbers. Now on a course like Augusta that is extremely difficult, you will be facing bogeys and hav
  11. I hit both M2 '17 & '16 last year prior to buy my new driver. I'll be honest, there wasn't much change between both apart from the sound they produce. '17 for me was more of a metalic metal-wood noise, while '16 was more... the word i've read above was muted, which is kind of true, less metalic and more solid as if you were hitting a wooden baseball bat (versus an aluminium one) if that make sense ? It felt a lot better in term of feedback as I felt the geocoustic on the '17 was kind of sound engineering to make an artificial noise feel better... Which I didn't like. Also, I feel I can
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