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  1. Course Name: Seacroft GC Town/City, County: Skegness Price Range: £30 midweek Course Website: https://www.seacroft-golfclub.co.uk/ The wife and I had a really enjoyable round at Seacroft last week. Weather was superb for a November day and at only £30 it was a true bargain. The fairways were scruffy and patchy, almost as if the grass hadn't grown since summer but everything else about the course was lovely. There is bunker restoration work being done on Holes 1, 2, 17 and 18 but they don't effect the overall enjoyment of the course.
  2. Incredible, and I've not been able to buy £30 worth of diesel since Friday due to fuel shortages/panic buying.
  3. Carnoustie in 20mph winds. Fully deserves its nickname and reputation.
  4. That's awesome. Past the photo and info onto my group of fellow golf and NFL fans. Sadly however none of us support any of those teams lol
  5. I think this is a very different situation if living in the US compared to the UK. The average golf membership in my part of the UK is around £1000. That's unlimited golf, 7 days a week. Many clubs also over a senior membership which is Monday to Friday golf only at a reduced rate. The seniors are our club play our club 2 to 3 times a week and every week have an away day to another course. That way they never get bored of one course. I know the membership cost tend to be much higher in the US so this isn't such a viable option. The main bonus I believe of being a member of a club is the comradery you develop with other members. The social aspect and number of friends I've made due to being a member is worth the money.
  6. If you wish to donate and ship to a Charity then the Charity of Me will always accept jk lol
  7. So this weekends golf was a disaster. It was club champs, I was in the final group (groups play in handicap order) but as you all know I have not been driving well and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried. All was good for the first 2 holes with a par and birdie, then a lost ball on a Par 3 (not a bad shot just couldn't find it over the green) meant a walk back to the tee and a reload. I parred with the second ball, so only a double and not the end of the world as 33 holes to go. Drove out of bounds on the next hole (par 5) and I was unimpressed. Salvaged a double on that hole and moved on. 4 holes down, 3 over par and 32 holes to play. All was good after this couple of birdies to get myself near par and was in joint 1st after 9 holes. Got the the 11th. 169 yards Par 3 (stroke index 18) no wind flag at the back. I thought thats great, there's no wind, and plenty of green to land on and finish below the hole. Instead I land 6 feet pin high of the hole on a downslope get a massive kick and end up in large waist high bushes and shrubs behind the green. No room to take a unplayable as I would still be in the bush, only option was to play sideways towards the driving range and OB. You can guess where this is going. Took a strong swing thinking I will probably nudge it out through the bush but instead got nothing but ball which sailed OB. Drop back in the bush, take a gentler swing and thin the ball OB instead. Take a another drop, decide to hack it towards the green as half the bush has now been chopped down by my mighty swipes and whiffed the ball,, stoned cold air shot and knowing I have to try the same thing again. Moved the ball about 4 feet out of the bush, chipped on the green and two putted for a 10 and all hopes of competing gone. After that I played the remaining 25 holes in 5 over par. I've attached a maps picture to try an explain what happened. On a happy not, the 14 year old kid I've mentioned before won the clubs champs and shot a course record 69 on the Saturday (I had the pleasure of marking his card for it, which made my hell even worse)
  8. So the driver woes continued over the weekend. However I did have three rounds over the weekend, all of which were very different. Saturday was a standard medal competition but one of the most prestigious of the year. My golf was very good other than the driver which found me all sorts of trouble. Inconsistent strikes, two way misses and no confidence make it hard to play well of the tee. Sunday was a shootout event. 19 of us teed of together on the first and all play the hole together and the worst score on the first drops out the comp. The remaining 19 move onto the 2nd and repeat all the way to the 18th. Last man standing wins. Monday was an open tournament at the wonderful Beau Desert. The driver was still a little temperamental but some work Sunday afternoon had reined it under control a little. A solid level par front 9 was very satisfying but two double bogies on the back cost me dearly. I love Herbert Fowler courses but I've never seen greens like those.
  9. Played on Monday in an Open Tournament at Beau Desert, Birmingham, England. Stunning course and some of the most penal green surrounds I've experienced. Herbert Fowler at his most devious.
  10. Was there yesterday, great day out and incredible how small the crowds were. Some amazing golf on display and the girls really seem to be enjoying themselves.
  11. Personally I prefer a lighter shaft over a heavier one. The heavier shafts give me a tendency to pull hard on the club from the top whereas the lighter shafts allow me to transition smoothly.
  12. Take care and get well soon Conrad
  13. I'm not an expert but I would guess they are regular based on the R listed after the Prologic.
  14. Well that was a buys weekend of golf. Took Friday off work to play a wonderful course about an hour from my home called Stoke Rochford. Had a great day out with some friends, played some decent golf (game is certainly improving rapidly) and overall a very relaxing and enjoyable day out. Saturday I played with my usual group and again had a very solid round. I decided during the week to commit to changing my putting grip from a traditional style to left hand low and this round was to be my test/baseline for it. Putted surprisingly well and pace control was better that anticipated which was a pleasant surprise. Sunday I played a matchplay match against Wifey, the loser was to buy dinner that night at the restaurant. By the end I felt bad for her as I had my best round in about 2 years. I shot a 4 under 68, made up of 5 birdies and 1 bogey. 3 birdies were back to back through holes 7 to 9 and I missed putts from inside 10 feet on both 10 and 11 to continue the run. I just couldn't miss a shot and as wifey said, when I bring my A game she just can't compete as she's hitting hybrids and mid irons into greens and I'm hitting wedges, and with the putter getting hot she really can't compete even with shots. I'm still a little lost as to what happened. I'm not naïve enough to believe that changing my putter grip is some miracle fix for my occasional putter woes but the putter face felt a lot more stable through the stroke and my tendency to turn the toe over slightly through the stroke and thus pull putts was gone. Time will tell but I'm encouraged to continue with my commitment. I'm playing after work this evening with my nephew, he's expressed and interest in golf over this year and has been to the range and on the course a few times with friends but he asked me last week if we could have a round this week. Should be a lot of fun and will be good to catch up with him as he's not only my nephew but also my godson and since he recently bought his first house with his girlfriend I've been instructed by wifey to get all the gossip as we've not been able to see them due to covid.
  15. "Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it". - Robert Frost
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