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  1. I'm not sure if it is mental fatigue or not but I am prone to a dip in my performance around the 7th to 10th hole on a round at my home course. I think that because it's an easier stretch of holes than the ones around it, and I'm settled into my round I relax a little and lose some focus and get caught out on 3 short par 4s, 2 of which if conditions are right I can drive. Only happens on my home course so I'm positive its a comfort thing and just me thinking "this is an easier stretch so I can relax"
  2. Coincidently I was watching this video last night (same guys who did the chipping video) and they were talking about how due to a dodgy back the player really struggled with the early tee times due to the colder temperatures. Also super interesting to hear what it was like inside the ropes at a major.
  3. Glad you got as much from the video as I did. It was an eye opening video for me, I think I subconsciously knew about the ball position relating to the arc of the swing and it's impact on shot type but I had never thought about it and made myself aware of it. Now when I want to play a floating chip shot and put the ball forward, open the face adn set up a little to the left my brain understands why my body is doing it rather than what it used to do and try to "correct" myself into a standard chipping method. I find this concept has allowed me to be more reactive to the
  4. This is my new favorite YouTube channel. It's not an out and out instruction channel but more a vlog channel of a Europro Tour level professional trying to improve and share his love of the game. He is however very good friends with a Paul Warring (a European Tour winning professional) and Paul appears in many of the episodes. Even when present he doesn't do technical instruction but more provides playing golf advice and ideas to help people improve. Mainly I like this channel for the relationship these two have, and the realistic and helpfu advice about golfing your ball and not trying to mak
  5. My dad was a master of the 7 iron bump and run shot, he hit it anywhere from the edge of the green to about 40 yards as long as nothing was in the way. It's always been a shot I traditionally struggle with due to spin control, some would have a little bite, while others would come out flat and roll forever. Eventually I learnt (from an old journeyman tour pro) that it was technique that caused the issue. A few set up tweaks cured the inconsistent spin and now it's my go to green side shot if a valid option.
  6. What a topsy turvy weekends golf I had. Saturday was a Texas scramble, 3 men and 1 women per team with 3 tee shots each requirement. I could not hit a bad shot. Hit 13 of the 14 fairways from the tee, barely missed a green and chipped it relatively close when I did miss. Wifey played really well also and one of our other guys played well also. My playing partners admitted afterwards I pretty much carried the team around for a gross 67 nett 59. We were well off the lead however with the winners shooing a nett 54 off a 14 handicap. I've ranted previously about how I think the ne
  7. One of my regular playing partners got a hole in one back in May during a club competition. Hugo Boss have an agreement with England Golf that for any HIO's made during a registered club competition, Hugo Boss will provide that person with a free watch. We have several older members of our club walking around with watches more expensive than the clubs they earnt them with lol.
  8. That course looks really nice. Awesome for your friend getting his first ace.
  9. I'm a Brit and most in the UK will refer to it as the British Open.
  10. I've missed so much and only been absent a couple of days. Been super busy with work and also spending some time at our pro's house looking after his cats as the wife volunteered herself several years ago to be his cat sitter. So he's off for a few days golf trip playing Forest Pines (https://forestpinesgolfclub.co.uk/) and I'm popping into his house morning and night to feed his cats. Not hit a golf ball since Sunday, in a little funk at the moment as wifey and I just don't have the motivation or desire to go play our own course. The condition is not great at the mome
  11. Had a enjoyable day at @DavidH88 home course Bulwell Hall in Nottingham. The course defiantly has a lot of potential and had a really good 20 min chat with the owner while in the bar as he owns both Woolston Manor and Blakes Golf Course which are more my neck of the woods. The staff were incredibly friendly and really made us feel welcome. Will definitely go back again some time to see how it is improving although I doubt we will get to pay the same low low price.
  12. Spent Saturday at The Centurion Club in St Albans watching the LET Aramco Team Series Event. The course is superb and was so happy to return having played it in the England Golf Sixes event two years ago.
  13. So today you will all find me in the Bar, on a stool, drinking my woes away. Lasts nights scratch league semi final was a hard blow to take as the logistical s*t show that is the league came front an centre. (move on if you don't want to read a rant) This was the "semi-final" of the league, not sure how a league has knockout stages but that's another argument for another day. We have played 6 matches in the league this year. That's six weekday evenings through May and June that six separate golf clubs in the county have asked their selected six players to
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