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  1. Won these in an Instagram giveaway. Very happy with the quality and fit of both and will be looking to pic up more from this company (UP apparel) in the future. Picked this up for the daughter in a sale (Walrus Apparel)
  2. I know it's sort of Monte's forgotten masterpiece but I still often refer to Drive 4 Dough and it's faults and fixes section. There's so much useful information and Monte covers so many of the problems most people run into.
  3. Courses have been shut since 5th January so a long layoff for us Brits who generally play year round. I wasn't intending on playing so much but it's just fallen that way. It's a bank holiday weekend so Friday and Monday are national holidays and usually have competitions going on at the club. Does #2 Son own a farm? I'm just assuming as your talking about getting seasonal help in.
  4. So golf is making a return in England on March 29th. So far I've got the following rounds booked. 29th March - 17.30 9 hole tee tie with DW to shake the rust off 31st March - Day off work to play 18 holes at 11am with DW (House competition to play that's still due from Boxing day) 2nd April - Bank Holiday so 18holes booked at Luton Hoo (Top 100 Course) to play our overdue anniversary competition. 3rd April - DW has 18 holes booked with the ladies section 4th April - Tee time booked for 13:00 to play with the daughter. 5th April - Mixed event at the
  5. I feel like you guys are speaking another language with all these American shops. The DW and I are eat a hard core omnivore diet. We love both meat but try to ensure there is plenty of the green stuff with it. Since we are from very different cultures, our weekly menu is a mix and match of eating styles. She's Hispanic and I'm English from Italian decent so we have everything from Tapas to Lasagna with a hint of Shepard's Pie thrown in. Our big issue and a regular source of disagreement in the kitchen is spice levels. Being Hispanic, Maria likes this to
  6. Thanks @Obee she's 13 atm, but aiming for single figures this year. On another note she was also a born an bred Riverside resident until 2015.
  7. @Argonne69 You're killing me friend, I can't hit a ball until the 29th and even then it's March in England so not pleasant weather and yet you're posting these gorgeous pictures of great courses in great weather. Please keep them coming
  8. My 5 year old son has to teach my mum how to use electronics such as her phone. It's a little embarrassing as my mum is an intelligent woman who was upper middle management at a very highly respected hospital and travelled the world with work teaching others to use MRI, CAT and X-ray machines. however she doesn't seem to be able to work out whatsapp. lol
  9. Just set the simulator to 100ft elevation, and you too can gain yards. Just $40 to find out how
  10. Shame, as I was just starting to like you
  11. Leonard career almost mirrors Fred couples'. Will be interesting to see if he gets HOF consideration like Freddie did. I suspect he wont.
  12. I love the old ISI irons. I haven't liked a Ping iron since...
  13. I just raid the DW's nail polish collection.
  14. She's a Raiders fan so they were out the question (we like household rivalries) I went with the Chargers. Maria used to live half way between LA and San Diego so the location has some emotional context and also I life the uniform colours. The main other contender was the Seahawks, who I saw play when in Miami years ago but I tend to like underdogs and not appear to be a bandwagon fan as they are doing fairy well currently.
  15. She's got a Ventus Red shaft waiting to go into her Ping 410 and a Aldilla 2KXV Blue shaft waiting to go into her three wood, another Ping 410
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