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  1. It would be nice if you labeled your photo attachments so we didn't have to play roulette while looking for the pics we want. Just saying.
  2. Hi, -No Trades -Paypal is [email protected] -No I'm not splitting heads. 1.). PXG Gen4 0311P, 5-GW, Project X LZ 6.0. Golf pride MCC midsized grips, Standard L/L, and 1 flat. Used for 1 round of golf and these things feel like melted butter off of the face. I picked up 2mph ball speed and 6 yards compared to the Gen3 (I've had every generation). I hope I don't regret selling them. To build this set on PXG is $350 an iron with the $39 upgraded shaft fee and $10 per grip fee which comes to $2,443. Then you have tax and $60 shipping. $2,100 shipped v
  3. Hi, No trades. Paypal is [email protected] 1.). PXG Hybrid standbag. Excellent bag, just going back to my vessel (I was to lazy to take my clubs out for the pic... :)). The coolest thing about this bag is the putter slot outside of the 6 way. Its so handy, and has a magnetic pouch for your laser, etc. I've used it for 1 round of golf and really like it. PXG has it for sale at $450 plus tax/ shipping. $375 shipped. SOLD 2.). PXG Bat attack putter. Heel shafted for a slight arc swing. 34.5". Used for one round. The face could pass for new with n
  4. Yes, I have tried both and the odyssey TEN is more stable I.M.O. and has a better look at address. The triple track is a nice eye sight feature. I just ordered a PXG BAT ATTACK with my PXG Gen4 iron and hybrid order...so these have to go to fund my new HO'ng adventure The Apex hybrid is phenomenal to be honest and the Tour AD DI shaft is the GOAT of hybrid shafts! Thank you!
  5. Hi, AD CLOSED. *No Trades. *Paypal is [email protected] 1.). Callaway Apex 21 (19) degree hybrid w/ Tour AD DI 85X. Standard L/L/L. Used for 2 rounds of golf. I'm just too old to swing an X anymore. NO sky marks! Cost $500 plus tax to build on Callaway. 2.) Odyssey 2 ball TEN triple track 34" putter, Superstroke Pistol 2.0 grip. Rolled indoors only. Not a mark on it, could pass for new.
  6. Damn, just a bit out of the price range or I'd pick these up as a back up set. They are UBER soft, and a joy to hit...GLWS!
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