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  1. The 2020 Bridgestone Tour BX is my ball of choice. Tried the 2021 Pro V1 for a few rounds, but came back to the BX. The BX does everything well for my game.
  2. I believe he's still a free agent. Back to the irons and putter he was playing when he left TM...the wedges are the same as he's played all year. Interested to know if he still is playing the Bridgestone BXS.
  3. 1. Done 2. Done 3. Minneapolis, MN(Edina, MN) 4. Yes, Fitted for my putter. 5. Irons.
  4. The MTB Black is similar to the Pro V1. There’s a huge Snell forum in the Golf Balls section of the equipment forum if you need other reviews and info.
  5. Simple answer is YES! I like the same feel with each club.
  6. Cobra’s fairways have been my favorites. Easy to launch and one of the best going through the turf.
  7. 1. Rushford, MN 2. 2.6 3. Bridgestone J15cb’s 4. KBS C-Taper 130X 5. 100g x-stiff 6.Yes!
  8. Played 18 with the 2021 V1 today. Really liked the ball. Compared to the 2019 V1, I would say that the ‘21 version has a softer and better feel and it performed better in the wind…barley moved in a crosswind and didn’t balloon into the wind. Good trajectory for me with irons and wedges. I would still like to play it side by side with the BX, but first impression was very pleased.
  9. My take is that this is a ball test about performance only. The MGS team made the test as equal and consistent as possible by hitting each ball with the same driver, 8 iron and wedge at the same swing speed at 3 different speeds with the robot. If you look at the the 115 and 100 mph driver test the spins rates seem high for that speed(2,600-3,000 rpm’s) which tells me that the PXG driver produces more spin than others. For me, my driver carry distance is around 270-280 yards and my 8 iron carry distance is around 160 yards, so I look at data for the High SS for the driver and Mid SS for the 8 iron. The launch angle and peak height data tells us if the ball will have a lower or higher trajectory on average. As for feel, it’s proven and as Tony said in the follow up article that a ball with 86 compression will generally feel softer than a 98 compression ball. Also a urethane covered ball will also feel softer than a surlyn covered ball. Every golfer has there own opinion on feel. MSG makes ball recommendations for each swing speed based on the best overall performance…it’s our decision as golfers to do our own on course and practice area tests to determine which ball best fits our golf game. This test gives us a starting point for our own testing.
  10. I started the year playing the BXS but struggled with feel around the green and putting . Made the switch to the BX and it has been longer off the tee for me with the same performance with my irons and I have better feel with it around the green and putting even though it feels firmer. Decided to try the 2021 V1 after seeing the MGS ball test that showed that the V1 seemed to have similar spin and distances to the BX with hopefully a slightly softer feel, maybe somewhere between the BX and BXS.
  11. Interested in hearing your comparison. I hope to be comparing the ‘21 V1 to the BX this weekend myself.
  12. Watched the TXG review on the PF-1&2 and the irons really impressed Ian and Matt. I've been gaming Bridgestone J15CB's 4 years and love them. These New Level irons are now on my radar for replacing the J15CB's. Great feedback and info in this forum! I might order a demo to try out.
  13. I'm interested to see where my current ball the Bridgestone Tour BX stacks up. Also the Snell Black and Maxfli Tour's. Also to see how the Prov1/Prov1X and LD perform since Tony said Titleist is the highest rated for consistent/quality construction in the Ball Lab tests.
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