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  1. I was fit and ordered on Feb 17th . Went in as a "custom " order. As of last Tuesday it was "in production" . Hoping it wont be too long ..
  2. I would say that is subjective and changes from player to player ..
  3. I just had a fitting yesterday . Opted for the SIM 2 . The MAX i saw a bit of a left miss , more than with the SIM2. Dispersion wasn't any better than the SIM 2. Spin rates weren't that different either. I lost 5 yards total distance with MAX due to a 300 or so more of spin. MAX head is slightly lighter than the SIM2 . Swing speed stayed the same with both 104 -105 .. Ball speeds 151 to 155. The SIM 2 isn't a SUPER LOW SPIN driver as its being called. I I hit up around +3 to +5 and spin never got crazy low. Occasional 1950 spin ..but stead between 2000 to 2400.
  4. I just returned from testing out SIM 2 for an hour on trackman vs my F9 . I was fit for F9 .. 10.5 cranked down to 9 ... hazrdus smoke 60g x stiff . SIM 2 with hazrdus smoke 70 g xstiff blew my F9 away as far as dispersion. I gained 3mph club speed and 2 mph ball speed , but 9 more yards average carry , 10 yards total . I like to play a small pull fade . I found that toe strikes with the SIM still managed to cut a bit , where my driver I'd lose it left all day . SUPER forgiving driver in my opinion , and spin was pretty steady, averaged out 2400-2500 . I didnt find the SIM 2 to be "low, low
  5. Hit the RadSpeed today . My F9 10.5 cranked down to 9 w/weight back , stock smoke 6.5 60G shaft. My F9 was 4mph faster than the RadSpeed with the same shaft , same settings. The RAD did seem a bit more forgiving , I was turning the ball over right to left more as well. I prefer playing more of a fade . I also spun it MORE with the radspeed. I have a pretty high AOA on average around +4 too much spin isn't an issue for me ...but the Rad was averaging in the 2700's where my F9 averaged out in the 2200's. Nothing to spark an interest to change from my driver.
  6. I just ordered some generic "super speed " clubs for $99 . Same 45 inch shafts, light,med,heavy weights. I'm going on 47 years old , driver swing speed is 97 to 100 . AOA is +2 to +4 ... smash is steadily in the 1.51 to 1.52 range . Spin is good . So only thing left for me to get more distance is more speed. 5 mph more and I'd be ecstatic!
  7. I'll generally wear under armour long sleeve turtleneck , cold gear whatever it's called. I'll put a lightweight golf vest over that , and then a windbreaker over it. Offers me plenty of warmth but still gives me enough range of motion .
  8. Even if you don't have wide feet ....buy yourself a pair of wide or extra wide golf shoes. Absolute game changer for me. My feet would be killing me after walking . Since I switched to wide shoes a couple years ago my feet feel pretty good after walking 18
  9. Comments/suggestions indeed are welcome . I was just trying to get a feel for shallowing... I pull the handle like crazy ...
  10. I've struggled with arms getting too deep , and behind my body in backswing. Causing a lot of blocks and hooks . Focus this winter is to keep arms in front of chest , more vertical, to make it easier to get back to ball without getting stuck .
  11. I've seen 1.52 smash factor with driver . However yesterday, at my lesson I had a drive that registered 1.53 smash . I thought 1.52 was the highest possible smash factor for driver ?
  12. Belong to a private club . 8am is the earliest tee time on weekdays . 730 on weekends. I play a regular Sunday match at a public course next to my friend's house. We tee off at 530 in the summer time .
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