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  1. Went to fitter today. Lie angles ranged from 2 to 3 degrees flat . Bent them to 1 degree upright . Improved turf interaction substantially. Strike is still a bit towards toe , not nearly as bad tho . He had me hit shots with a shaft that was 1/2 inch longer. Which improved strike even more . So I'll probably get them lengthened during the winter .
  2. I'm going Thursday to another fitter . He said we'll go through all the irons and bend each one as we go through the bag
  3. I'm going to another fitter , who happens to be a member at my club. Hopefully it'll give me some answers
  4. It was an actual fitting , for an hour , on trackman . I recall hitting the irons solidly at the fitting . However since the day they arrived.. something has just been off . I don't toe my driver, fairway woods, or my 50,54,58 .
  5. I was told that the Apex irons "standard" lie is more upright than my old irons that were mizuno's
  6. Distance from the ball at address is definitely not the issue
  7. I was fit for Callaway Apex's in the spring . I was fit for a lie angle 2 degrees flat . I have been hitting it off the toe , all season!! I've always suffered from a bit of high handle into impact, but I generally still struck my irons pretty solid . Today at the range . I grab my brother's 7 iron T200 that is 3 degrees upright . Proceeded to hit 3 consecutive shots dead center. My divots with my clubs clearly show the toe digging, the 3 I hit with his 7 iron , perfect square divot . I hate to be the guy that blames the arrow .. instead of the Indian. But is it possible the build was messed up , or the fitter fit me improperly?
  8. I'm a 5 index .....I've played for 6 years . I have ONE eagle . I'm not long off the tee....260 , so I'm not on in 2 very often . Hell ...I don't make a lot of birdies. My last 2 rounds i shot 77 and 76 and I had TWO birdies total.
  9. I just had a round of 37/48 this morning .....
  10. You talk like they're getting soaked . They barely get anything on them .
  11. I get that ...but 90% of the time it results in them barely getting any mud /water on them . Wesley Bryan had like 2 or 3 holes left in his round . I'm not offended by it nor do I care .. just think its kinda overdoing it .
  12. You get all your clothes for FREE . What is the big deal if you get some mud on your shirt or pants ?
  13. Fit and ordered Feb 17th for Sim 2 10.5 with hzrdus smoke black 70g stiff . Was supposed to ship 3/12 ... now it's been changed to 3/23. Hopefully this time it ships !
  14. So ..over the winter I've been working on my wedges . Working on taking a bit off my wedges . I hit PW 130 ... and have been working on hitting PW .. 120 , with more control , on down with my 50,54, and 58 . So the thought entered my mind . Why do I opt for my 7 iron from 165 . Why not apply the same gameplan with all my irons ? Put my ego aside and have my 7 iron become my 155 club . Applied this thinking playing 9 holes couple days ago , with good results. Just came back from doing some simulator work on foresight. It was just really smooth , consistent center strikes , and much tighter dispersion.
  15. To be fair . Shiels doesnt really dive into the dispersion very much . I got fit for both .. the 2 Max I was spinning more , and lost about 6 yards in total distance . I missed left much more with the Max , and on the off center strikes my spin would get up around 3000 versus 2600 to 2800 with the SIm 2 . I wouldnt put much stock in any of these "comparisons " on YouTube. Yeah ... center strike versus center strike , with optimized swings , of course they're going to be close to identical . We dont know if he's tossing out really bad misses etc .
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