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  1. Belong to a private club . 8am is the earliest tee time on weekdays . 730 on weekends. I play a regular Sunday match at a public course next to my friend's house. We tee off at 530 in the summer time .
  2. My opinion on posting 9 hole scores for handicap purposes. I feel like most players will have a thin handicap as a result of posting combined /9 hole scores. Have a buddy who is playing off an index that is glaringly too low for him. He posts a bunch of combined scores around 76 to 78 . However when we play matches he comes nowhere close to putting up those scores over 18 holes. Just don't think that combined 9 hole scores are an accurate reflection of a players ability. I play off a 4 index ..I can put up 36's pretty often ..but I haven't shot lower than 76 all year. If I played 9 holes of
  3. I've made strides in my game this year . I'm finally breaking 80 pretty regularly ( about 50% of my rounds ) . However when I do it's 78 -79 . I've had rounds where I'm 2 over with 3 holes to go and proceed to finish double ,bogey,bogey. Yesterday I finished bogey,bogey to shoot 79 . I play the tips . I'm thinking about playing a couple rounds from the forward tees which are around 5800 yards in comparison to 6800 from the back tees. Just to see if it can get me in the mentality of going low . I generally don't make a ton of birdies . 3 in a round is a lot for me . Just wondering if playing
  4. Bought new Sun Mountain 4.5 LS today . Had to polish up the sticks and take a pic
  5. Lol... I actually strike my irons really well . Probably strongest part of my game. I have just decided that there is zero reason for me to not utilize the extra forgiveness for the longer iron shots.
  6. This winter I've decided to finally put my ego in check . I've switched out my 4 iron for a hybrid . I'm strongly thinking about taking my 5 iron MP 18 mmc out and replace it with JPX 919 Hot Metal 6 iron . My 5 iron is 25 degrees of loft.. The JPX 6 iron is 26 degrees of loft . Found one slightly used at super cheap price. Thought it would be worth experimenting with . Anyone else tinkered with this type of idea ?
  7. I have the Callaway hyperlite zero . I'm just looking for something with a bit more room to get clubs in and out of the bag , with less tangle. Would the 2.5 provide an upgrade to that ?
  8. As someone who used to carry a 7lb bag ..yeah it's HEAVY .
  9. Any solid player will be able to adapt like that when you're hitting ball after ball with the same club on the range or simulator. It's a whole different story when you're only hitting 12 to 14 drivers over a 4 hour round. You'd think he'd acknowledge that ?
  10. He knows darn well that the numbers are inflated. When I dared to question the almighty Crossfield about the numbers not being realistic ..he go's into condescending mode . He knows that he's not carrying it anywhere close to 260+ out on the course with ball speeds under 150 mph and especially one as low as 142 !
  11. Interested in this bag as well. I have the Callaway Hyperlite zero..and although light as hell i gotta deal with quite a bit of club tangle getting clubs in and out .
  12. And that is what I called him out on ( the 142 ball speed 260 carry ) . He told me basically that I don't know what I'm talking about lol. The fact that his top ball speed was 151 proves that 142 was TERRIBLE contact! Yet he's trying to justify it with high launch /low spin ! Sorry Mark you're full of it and he knows he is !
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