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  1. Happened to two of my friends and the fitter that sold them originally said he wouldn't sell PXG anymore, due to the fact that the irons only last 2-3 years and then the polymer filling seems to change. I personally have never had PXG, they seem really nice but this fitter told us that he has heard of the issue and it is not a new thing.
  2. I replaced the shafts in my Zx5 with the KBS TGI 80 shafts, which is what you see in the PXG. They are.. amazing. IMO Srixon has a longer life than PXG. I have several friends that the PXG heads have "Gone Dead" after a season. Apparently its a well known thing.
  3. Midhandicap here: Dr, FW, 2Hy, 4Hy, 5i-pw (45d), then 50, 54, 58, putter = 14
  4. oh wow that is great! Small changes from the 421 which I can see, on the lines. Is it the same size as the 421? About 365g?
  5. Watching them get destroyed by the courses has been really fun though. Cant wait to see how friggin bad I play in that course, but I am for sure excited about it
  6. I have literally the same problem. Here are some ideas I am using that are helping: 1. Walk into the stance open, facing your target which should be left of the flag, then turn to face ball. If you walk up to the ball and look at that "little spot in front of the ball" you will automatically be closed to the ball and actually facing the "little spot" 2. Put the club head down with the face aligned to the target, then walk around the shaft to stand perpendicular. Club face first, then align to the direction. 3. Pick your face target, which is left of the flag. At address (bent over) you should be able to look left to your "eye target" and NOT SEE your left shoulder. If your left shoulder is blocking your eyeline target.. your closed. 4. Do NOT adjust or slide turn to correct your angle of feet after you have set your stance. All this does is change your feet. Step away and realign over again.
  7. Epic Max LS 9 degree Tensei Pro CK orange 60 stiff (Authentic and Pured) - plays 45” - $425 Ping G425 Max - Choice of Tensei Shafts AV Raw Blue stiff shaft or CK pro orange Regular - $400 Pink Autoflex 505S plays 46” Callaway Tip - $675
  8. Ummm.. what's the differences? I have the 421 right now, but I have been looking at getting a new model..
  9. 4 days in 2023 is BOOKED!! Day 1: Afternoon Trails 2: Bandon then Pacific 3: Preserve then Sheep 4: Trails then Preserve Woohoo!
  10. I just heard the news that Byron passed away. He made great sticks and was a real pleasure to chat with when needed.
  11. yes, its just glue. I did it by accident from bad glue, I assume you would just heat and pull apart.
  12. I have about your same swing. Nippon Modus Shafts. They are Mid High kick point so they done balloon up, medium trajectory. the 105 and 125 are same bend in a different weight. The 120 has a lower kick and will launch a little higher the 130 is a tour level shaft. Nippon Shaft | Realizing Pro Golfers' Tour Dreams
  13. Not the polar but yes a stability shaft. Its a steel tip, so it pulls out exactly like a steel shaft. That is a difference between these and the LAGP shafts, these are two piece hafts.
  14. Congrats! I haven't gotten my email yet, but I haven't given up hope on my tickets Take a pair of FJ weather pants. June is good weather though. I only had one pair of leather golf shoes, its fine. Make sure you have a lighter stand carry bag, leave the tour staff bag at home. Caddies are expensive but completely worth it in my opinion. lots of information out there
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