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  1. holy moly, its like someone took a video of my swing THanks for the advice guys, I will try that. I have been working on taking a "1/2" back swing, which apparently is an actual full swing... My prior angle of shaft was 40 degrees past parallel and now it is around 5 degrees. I will add the hip bump to my practice as well.
  2. O...M...G... That's insane that you could get a reservation for this year!! Congrats!
  3. Most of you that drive the ball 280 yards down the middle will never understand the struggle of the tee box. Hitting the ground and sky balls, topping the next attempt, or hitting screaming flyers that land through some ladies window on the second street over from the course. This is a DRIVER for those of us that cannot swing a 500cc empty sledgehammer on a 47" shaft and literally ruins the entire round of golf. IMO, This isn't really meant to hit on the deck. Honestly, if you (like me) cant hit a great driver... you probably shouldn't be hitting 3w off the deck either. Just like we shou
  4. Thanks @MonteScheinblum and All others, I will check out your Instagram account to se if I can figure out my backswing
  5. "How yuu doin.." Ya.. I know.. Its crazy, I don't know how I even get there..
  6. ok, thanks, will try the stick drill.. sounds like that is gonna hurt
  7. I just can’t stop the flip. Ideas welcome to retrain my brain on how to stop? FullSizeRender.mov
  8. I was just looking into this. I settled on a 50 degree GW CBX2 for pitch shots and bump and run and heavy grass. I have vokey 54/58 for the "finesse" Lob and high soft shots. Of course I blade the crap out of most of those so I use my cbx more and more. I think the CBX has a higher swingweight? It definitely feels like it, I don't feel as flippy with it.
  9. Nobody has mentioned Golf Club of Houston? Home of the Shell Houston open for several years. That is a top tier quality course, although expensive ($130) but it is really nice. Gus Wortham is the hidden gem in Houston and if you can get a tee time, it is a great track, and literally the best Maintenance crew in Houston.
  10. BigTerp I did that drill too. Wall on the right side, hold the club upside down, below the head, and practice down swing "inside" the wall. Both are my swing faults, but the over rotate reverse pivot generally causes me to HAVE to cast and swing arms first rather than dropping inside, so I am trying to figure that out first. I will start with the "Half-swing" which I agree is actually probably a full rotation
  11. In Houston the hidden Gem I think is Gus Wortham City Muni. They are 100% non profit and pour money into the maintenance and upkeep. This is not your average city muni.
  12. I have a terrible over swing and reverse pivot. I heard about standing beside a wall (that can be dinged) about 3 inches away and taking a full backswing with an iron. The head of the iron touches the wall and that is the extent of your backswing. if your smashing the wall with the iron your over swinging in the Back. Thoughts? I am certain that Monte has suggested something like this.
  13. @DShepley where did you get that alignment stick holder thing? I need one of those! Does it stand up vertical too?
  14. I am an absolute EXPERT in over using my hands and wrists to "guide and hit" the ball. Supposedly your just supposed to swing "Through the hitting area" and let the ball get in the way. I still don't get it In order to not drop kick, there is a fine margin between "relaxed" and "noodle" Don't activate your wrist, but there is a point in the tension that is holding, but not "Using". That will take practice to get that feel. Also the centripetal force of the swing will keep the head out of the dirt, just have to remember to hit 2 feet past the ball, don't try and his "At" the ball.
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