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  1. I’ve been away from you guys for quite a while, but I come back baring gifts! I’ve finally moved on from the Evnroll and the Ventus is too light after I went full BDC during quarantine this summer. Evnroll ER2 SOLD- Has 20g Counterweight in pistol grip. Also a couple strips of lead tape on the sole. Length: 34” Loft: 1* Lie: 70* Fujikura Ventus Black 6X Velocore SOLD - It’s basically brand new. Was built/installed by the fellas over at TrueSpec. No Tipping Playing Length 44” (Ping G410 LST) Golf Price MMC4+ Standard w/
  2. I have a low bounce K 60* that I use for all my bunker shots. That said I’ve flipped some balls around greens with all kinds of face angle with the 56D and don’t seem to find any issues with it. To be fair the turf I play on out east is probably less firm than your north Texas hard pan so I may not be speaking apples to apples here.
  3. I just felt the need to bump this post because I love the Baffler so much. Clubs come and go, but this thing just stays right there in the bag all these years. I recently bought a slew of new clubs and debated switching to a hybrid or driving iron to fill the yardage gap of the ole F6 Baffler. It’s just so damn versatile I decided instead to hunt out a new head and get a different shaft. I put a Fuji Pro 2.0 TS in what was essentially a “NOS” head I got off eBay. She’s just such a joy to hit. Any lie, many yardages, high shot, low shot, doesn’t matter. That is all, just some love for an old fr
  4. Wedge spin is negligible differences these days and can be made up with playing the right ball in most cases anyways. Wedges are such a preference for each player. The grind and the visuals play the biggest role for my tastes followed by feel. Clean/new grooves will always spin more than enough for me personally, and as far as looks go the SM8s check every box. I made the switch to the D grind on the 56 this season, and I absolutely love it. That said, I also think Callaway’s wedge offerings are beautifully designed, and preform just as well as the SM8s.
  5. > @"Cottonseed." said: > Great pics. > Did you guys use a CR member to get on or utilize your own clubs pro? > In terms of exclusivity, it definitely ranks higher than your aforementioned comparisons (Streamsong, Pinehurst, Bandon). > Am I right in saying that? I would definitely agree with that. That being said, it wasn't terribly difficult for us to get on. We knew someone with a corporate membership, and worked our way in through that relationship. None of the guys, including myself, were members at a private course.
  6. Hey WRX Fam, I just wanted to provide a course review for a place that I haven't seen a ton about on this site or online for that matter. I recently had a gathering of life long buddies and we settled on a golf trip. 5 of the 7 are heavy golfers with the other 2 being pretty novice, but still enjoy getting out when they can. **Accommodations:** We were placed in the Bobby Jones house. This is right off the 9th fairway on the Creek 9 Holes. Upon pulling up we initially though the place looked small in size considering we would have 7 dudes in this place. However, upon inspecting the pl
  7. **Cobra King MB/CB 4-PW** * N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 130 X-Stiff * Grips - MCC4+ Midsize w/ 2 Wraps (probably need replaced after this season) * 5 Iron Length - 37.75" * Swing Weight - D2 There is lead tape on a number of the heads to get the swing weight to exactly D2. If you would prefer the look of the iron to be clean I am happy to remove lead tape and it's residue prior to shipping. **SOLD** **Cobra F7 3-4 Hybrid** * Aldilla Tour Green ATX 105H - 2.0 Tour X-Stiff * Grips - MCC4+ Midsize w/ 2 Wraps (plenty of life left) * Length - 39.25" * Swing Weight
  8. Hey Lip, I hit the 760s and the Pro 19s back to back during a fitting - To me there was not a huge discrepancy, however, I personally felt the the 760's seemed a tad bit more "forgiving" in the looks department. As in the top line was a hairrrrr thicker, and honestly this could have just been the brushed (760) vs polished chrome (Pro 19s) and the way the light hit each. Also, I'm fairly certain there was more offset in the 760s and the blade length was a hair longer. Again, most of the difference in set up were very small aside from perhaps the offset, if that's something you're super sensi
  9. They just came in. Range session 5:30 PM sharp. It's going down!
  10. Just ordered my Pros from True Spec with $-Taper 130's. Can't wait to get them in the bag.
  11. Black metal will always wear. It doesn't matter what the marketing lingo is used to promote their particular type of finish. If you are worried about the finish go with the chrome. If you hate chrome get a different set of irons such as the Wilson V6 Raw.
  12. Just did my first ever full bag fitting, chose True Spec in my area. Went in wanting to hit everything, and no allegiance to any brand's flag. Definitely wanted to get away from my mega players clubs that I just can't get along with given the amount that I play. I probably was never good enough for them haha but I was at least able to move around the course well enough when I was playing and hitting balls multiple times a week. I honestly hadn't even looked into the Pro's, which happened to be the very first club we tested. The results were fantastic, so the fitter and I kind of just figured
  13. Just wanted to provide a follow up on my True Spec fitting I had this past weekend. I specifically asked to have the HMP's put into the testing rotation. I have nothing but positive things to say. Unless you are looking for a blade these should appeal to just about every golfer down by the ball. They inspire confidence, but are not off-putting with head size, offset, and/or top line. That being said, my numbers were good and forgiveness was there - Certainly both far better than my gamers now, which I just don't have the game to play anymore at this stage in my life haha... perhaps I never h
  14. Have a fitting at True Spec this coming Saturday. These will 100% be put to the test. If it wasn't for the fitting, I'd probably be buying them sight unseen and/or unhit. Be sure to post your results and thoughts. Thanks! Definitely will. Looking forward to hitting the smorgasbord of clubs and shafts they have to offer as I will be doing a full bag. I'll see if I can snap some photos of the LM data with HMP's in comparison to other irons.
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