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  1. BirdieBall Putt Up - $250 Shipped When the PuttUp ramp is removed, you have a dead-flat Classic 4' x 10' Indoor Putting Green (equipped with 5 holes with cups and flags) When the PuttUp incline is installed, you have the ability to practice putts up to 18' long. Ships with everything shown in photos There are 3 blemishes all of which are shown up close. Two marks from my dog (damn you Miles) walking across the green, and one is just a dirt smudge. None of them impede the roll of the ball, and unless you are left handed they won’t come in to play. Sun Mountai
  2. I have not, but based on what I saw in a 8* head SIM2 it would be fine. Assuming you have solid swing speed and a somewhat aggressive transition it would be similar to the OG Motore Speeder if you’re familiar with that shaft at all. Not sure what lofted head, but I’d imagine it’d be great in a 16* head or something like that. Launch for me was Mid and spin was Low, again using a driver, so if we assume launch and spin characteristics hold true I’d imagine you’d see something similar in your fairway metal.
  3. I ordered mine on Feb 1 under the assumption that they were to be in stock again starting that day. I have not heard a peep. These companies inability to keep the equipment in stock is one thing, and while incredibly frustrating, it is at least understandable. What I am not ok with, and what I will not be convinced otherwise about, is the complete lack of communication from the OEMs and retailers. I’m beyond frustrated at this point.
  4. I think everyone would agree, partisanship aside, what they do there is generally very good for the golfing community. However, tests like this are misleading to me. Everyone stresses get fit, get fit, get fit. Then we lump an insane amount of data together from what looks to be a tremendously broad spectrum of players. In no way shape or form is that representative to the average consumer. The average consumer doesn’t hit a drive 210 one hole and then 325 the next, which is about what their range looked like on that chart they posted. I just wish they would either display performance based on
  5. It’s an insert. By the looks of the image here it seems it could be a couple layers? The shaft bends in some of those are interesting. Would love to see the heads with more neck/hosel options. I think that’s one thing that some of the other companies have really started to do quite well, that Ping just hasn’t yet decided to commit to.
  6. These numbers are bonkers. Wish it wasn’t so ugly haha.
  7. Haha yeah I didn’t even have to watch the video and I guessed that. Their video content seem a bit watered down to me this equipment release cycle. Hoping they’re just in the background generating some good head to heads or something, but as a whole I’ve been slightly disappointed thus far. Regardless, the guys are great and they are in a league of their own as far as YouTube reviews are concerned.
  8. No chance you’re more accurate with this set up. Spin is fun and all, but not if you can’t get it close to the hole. Maybe for smooth tempo players, or lower swing speeds this has some applications, but that’s about all I could see really.
  9. SIM looks slightly closed, but SIM2 looks perfectly square to my eye. Maybe with some adapter adjustments it will look open but in standard setting, I felt it sat dead square.
  10. 3wood is the star of the show for me. I think you have the right mentality here.
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