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  1. You are probably correct. I’ll have to see if I can wait patiently for the next i210 release, or to see if my eyes get the better of me with another release. Selfishly I wish they’d release them ASAP haha.
  2. I appreciate the defense of Ping and certainly 2020 has thrown everyone on the face of the Earth multiple curveballs. But hundreds of thousands if not millions of businesses have and are adapting. I can’t give a company the size of Ping a get out of jail free card on EVERYTHING “just because, ya know, 2020.” Surely there were some road bumps to address early on, but we aren’t seeing nearly the audibles out of these other brands. And let’s be completely honest here. Golf industry is coming out of this pandemic looking like roses and sunshine compared to some of these other markets
  3. Dang, I didn’t realize they were coming out with new Pros. I can’t wait for all the new irons to come out I’m 100% getting new ones. I love my current irons a ton but I’ve put so many rounds on them they’re reaching end of life already haha.
  4. Also, I am holding off on irons because I love the i210s and would buy them but the thought of a new version coming out after I pull the trigger is too much pain to risk. I’ll likely have a 425 LST and the newest iteration of the 210s this time next year... so please don’t mistake my previous comment as Ping bashing. I love ping!
  5. Your point is fair on the schedule. But let’s not inflate Ping’s standing in the market place. Their share of the market and annual revenue numbers are remedial at best when compared to TaylorMade, Callaway, and Titleist (Acushnet). Because they are private it’s tough to find their Net, and I imagine they are proportionally the same as their competitors, but to frame it as if people flock to them and that they couldn’t benefit from taking up some of their competitors market is just not true. Honestly, they probably understand they won’t be able to effectively do that without dumping an obscene
  6. Not trying to stir the pot, genuinely asking: Are we 100% that the ZX5s have a badge, and that its not just part of the club?
  7. Going to be difficult without IG. As far as any of us can see this is the only place it’s publicly viewable.
  8. Looks are subjective, and unless they brought back Nike’s Sumo cube I doubt their sales are going to take a plunge for a dash of color. That said, I enjoy the looks, but curious why it seems that every weight is heel side, just varying degrees. Also, I want to stake an early claim that I bet this driver will have the most enjoyable sound of any driver ever made with all that carbon. All these people hating on the looks will quickly get over the blue in favor of that beautiful muted crack. I love my 410 LST and am leaning toward the 425 LST as a replacement, but I can’t say I haven’
  9. I certainly don’t know this for a fact, but just from an onlookers standpoint my guess is their focus early on into the NA market was to buy up market share. Easiest way to do that is create the lowest barrier to entry. 6 or 7 years into this ordeal, my guess is they feel their brand and product has been established and are looking to maintain their share of the market with likely increased margins. Again, I may be wayyy over my skis here and welcome someone who actually knows something to correct me (just be gentle please haha), but the long and short of my point is I’m not all th
  10. These irons will without question be great, but I actually want to acknowledge Srixon for the level of detail they provide on their website for consumers. The comparison chart at the bottom of each of the iron’s respective pages is top notch. While I am not the minister of all things golf equipment, I can’t remember such a well laid out and thorough product comparison to help a prospective consumer make an informed decision on set composition. Well done Srixon!
  11. @awtryau89 Great write up, and thanks for the information. If this is even close to 400 RPM reduction for me I’ll be on it out of the gate. The 410 LST set up has been the most reliable set up I’ve had since Gen2 M1. I honestly didn’t have any intention of putting a new big dog in the bag for ‘21... BUT if I can get rid of some RPMs I’m going to have to seriously consider it. Right now my course numbers are consistently at 2900-3000 RPM and 182-183 ball speed. I know a chunk of that spin is due to the amount of loft I deliver at impact, but if I can get some help from my equipment I would be e
  12. I’ve been away from you guys for quite a while, but I come back baring gifts! I’ve finally moved on from the Evnroll and the Ventus is too light after I went full BDC during quarantine this summer. Evnroll ER2 SOLD- Has 20g Counterweight in pistol grip. Also a couple strips of lead tape on the sole. Length: 34” Loft: 1* Lie: 70* Fujikura Ventus Black 6X Velocore SOLD - It’s basically brand new. Was built/installed by the fellas over at TrueSpec. No Tipping Playing Length 44” (Ping G410 LST) Golf Price MMC4+ Standard w/
  13. I have a low bounce K 60* that I use for all my bunker shots. That said I’ve flipped some balls around greens with all kinds of face angle with the 56D and don’t seem to find any issues with it. To be fair the turf I play on out east is probably less firm than your north Texas hard pan so I may not be speaking apples to apples here.
  14. I just felt the need to bump this post because I love the Baffler so much. Clubs come and go, but this thing just stays right there in the bag all these years. I recently bought a slew of new clubs and debated switching to a hybrid or driving iron to fill the yardage gap of the ole F6 Baffler. It’s just so damn versatile I decided instead to hunt out a new head and get a different shaft. I put a Fuji Pro 2.0 TS in what was essentially a “NOS” head I got off eBay. She’s just such a joy to hit. Any lie, many yardages, high shot, low shot, doesn’t matter. That is all, just some love for an old fr
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