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  1. Looking for a RH R9 3 wood with an xstiff shaft. No dents/damage
  2. Duluth, MN 1 TM Sim 9* w/ Speeder Evo 661 X I would like to try a Category 4 60g I've never been fitted for a driver and would like to see where I can improve. I want to get the best results so I am willing to share any info I need with a fitter.
  3. Can't find the reddit thread or the THP pics. Somebody wanna slide into my DM's?
  4. Raw White shafts in 6x and 7x, but the fitting would be the best part. I usually just guess at what fits me.
  5. 1. Nevada Bob's Golf Duluth, MN 2. Duluth, MN 3. 0.9 4. TM Sim 9.0 w/ Fuji Evo Speeder 661X 5. I was not fitted 6. TSi 3 7. Willing to do reviews with numbers/pictures
  6. I like the layout of the new software. A return of the mobile app would make it even better
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