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  1. 1. City and State? Duluth, MN 2. Handicap? 1 3. Where do you practice? Various outdoor ranges, indoors in winter. 4. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? I have not 5. Do you have a current iOS device to use with the Ernest software? Yes 6. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes
  2. 1. City, State? Duluth, MN2. Handicap? 1.03. Current Iron set? Mizuno MP 604. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right handed5. Why do you want to review the Takomo 201 irons? My current irons are old, worn, and out of spec. I have been looking for a new set for quite a while. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  3. Also looking for a SIM 3 wood head (15*). Prefer SIM TI, but open to Max depending on condition
  4. Looking for a M2 3 wood (15*) with a lower launching X stiff shaft. OG 2016 M2 would be ideal, but willing to try a '17.
  5. 1. Duluth, MN 2. 1.2 3. Currently use a 12 year old Leupold that still works great. 4. $250 or less should get you a high quality laser. 5. Yes
  6. Brought this dude home last week. If the first week in the crate is any indicator, he's going to need the chiropractor more than I do.
  7. Like the set ups and custom clubs you guys have going on, especially the rusted Srixons and the blacked out SIM2 Max. After the trip is done, can we get some full WITB's from the testers?
  8. Anybody have any experience going from FJ to Johnnie O? Athletic medium FJ's have been my go to, but our shop just started stocking Johnnie O. Stick with a medium or try out a small?
  9. 1. Duluth, MN 2. 1.5 3. Currently playing Vokey SM8's 4. I would like to try out the 60* V grind with a Modis 125 5. Yes 6. Yes
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