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  1. Anybody have luck on getting a replacement from TM for this? Usually their customer service is pretty good, but the claim I submitted a few months back on a cracked fairway wood was replied to with "I don't see it" and no response after that.
  2. Googled "Taylormade SIM Cracking" because mine is cracking in the same spot and the guy at the shop told me it's just paint and it's not a big deal. Glad mine isn't the only one with this problem.
  3. Duluth, MN 1 TM Sim 9* w/ Speeder Evo 661 X I would like to try a Category 4 60g I've never been fitted for a driver and would like to see where I can improve. I want to get the best results so I am willing to share any info I need with a fitter.
  4. Can't find the reddit thread or the THP pics. Somebody wanna slide into my DM's?
  5. Raw White shafts in 6x and 7x, but the fitting would be the best part. I usually just guess at what fits me.
  6. 1. Nevada Bob's Golf Duluth, MN 2. Duluth, MN 3. 0.9 4. TM Sim 9.0 w/ Fuji Evo Speeder 661X 5. I was not fitted 6. TSi 3 7. Willing to do reviews with numbers/pictures
  7. I like the layout of the new software. A return of the mobile app would make it even better
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