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  1. If I only played at a driving range, I would miss driving the golf cart over bumpy paths while trying not to spill my drink.
  2. Played on August 12. Good/Great conditions all-around. Great value. $45 w/cart mid-week for 18. I’ve played here a few times and have enjoyed. On hole #2, you need to be left of center in fairway to have clean shot at the green. #4 is long, but reachable with a decent drive and second shot. Most fairways are wide and forgiving.
  3. Wyncote is a great links style course, but in Oxford, PA, not exactly near West Chester. Glen Mills is in Thornton, PA, just south of West Chester. A great play and public too. It's tough and has some great conditions and holes. That's too bad. Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone in the two privates that I mentioned, but both are great tracks from what I hear. Hopefully someone here can help you. If you can't get on a private, consider Broad Run or Glen Mills. Haven't played Broad Run, but Glen Mills is great conditioned, challenging track.
  4. Why don't you have the pro at your club call the pro at Radley Run or Hershey's Mill to see if you can get on, both in West Chester and decent clubs. If your are looking for a playing partner in PA in/around West Chester at a Private and then you would host them in MA, can't help there.
  5. OP - Glad you liked them both. ArtMBgolf - I am confused here, #18 at RM is a Par 5, at least it was a few weeks ago. The Par 3's are 3, 5, 9, 12 and 16. When I played a few weeks ago, you started on the downhill dogleg Par 4 just behind the club house, Hole #2 was a Par 5 along I-95, then an uphill par 3 for #3. I finished on 18, which was across the street parallel to #10 and near the drive/practice range. After I finished on the 18th green, I drove the cart across the access road for the parking lot and passed the clubhouse. I played the course exactly as it is numbered/labeled on the scorecard.
  6. Glen Mills is excellent (Played a few weeks ago), but $$ and about 35 minutes or so off of I-95 if you are heading from Philly to Wilmington via US 322/Rt 1. Rock Manor is a very good track (I also played a few weeks ago) for about $25 less than GM and less than 5 minutes off of I-95. The 2nd and 3rd hole at RM are like 50 yards from I-95 as the crow flies. You can hear and see the traffic on it from the fairways/greens in some spots. Haven't played White Clay Creek (WCC), but it's <2 miles off of I-95 and I heard only good things about it. As previously said, these two are going to be the closest to I-95 and are really good tracks. WCC is a few dollars more than RM if budget is a concern.
  7. Second Rock Manor. Literally right off of I-95. White Clay Creek is also a few minutes off of I-95. As far as ease of access to I-95 and quality courses, these are probably you best bet in the area. They are a little pricey though, with White Clay being more than Rock Manor.
  8. Misconception here regarding air density - Humid air is LESS dense than dry air. The ball should have traveled further on the carry. Maybe there was less rollout. Glad you liked GM. I only played it once and it a challenge and I will play again.
  9. My two cents. Not from the area, but my family lives in Chester county near West Chester and Kennett Sq. Played Loch Nairn, Wyncote, Glenn Mills and Rock Manor. Played Rock Manor and Glenn Mills a few weeks ago and the conditions were excellent at both. Rock Manor is in Wilmington, DE, but right off of I-95 and maybe 25 minutes to the Philly Airport. Glenn Mills is near Thornton, PA and about 30 minutes to the airport. Wyncote is a nice track, but far from the airport, about an hour. It is the closest to Lancaster though. My vote, of the above three, would be Glenn Mills. It is a challenging course that rewards good shot play and requires some good course/hole management. Next would be Rock Manor only because of of it's easy access to I-95 and the airport. Solid track, but nowhere as challenging as Glenn Mills. Wyncote is a great track, very links like and a harder play than Rock, but not as hard as Glenn Mills. Really can't go wrong for any of them, but for bang for the buck, a good challenge, access to the airport, etc. Glenn Mills.
  10. My first set of irons was dumpster dive Tommy Armour 855 Silver Scots which I had regripped and lengthened. As a newbie, they were sometimes difficult to hit and the grooves were starting to go, which for a beginner wasn't a super big deal. Played with those for about a year. Then got fitted for a set of Wilson C200's, and my game instantly improved. I think the Wilson C200's are a very underrated GI iron. Mine were new, custom fit (+1.0") and less than $500 for a 4-GW set. So easy to hit, forgiving, and the distance was great. After 4 years of playing these, I walked into a golf shop and hit the ZX5's and they felt so smooth, well-balanced, long, but still forgiving. But, at $1200, unaffordable. So I found a set of mint almost new Z565's with the right shaft and length for $600. I still game the C200's as they are competent irons, but only play them on dog tracks and save the Srixons for the more manicured lawns. The Srixons I think is my last brand. Can't say enough good things about the quality and performance of them.
  11. Thanks for all the recommendations. Played Rock Manor and Glen Mills. Went off as the fist group for each and the conditions were great on both. Greens were phenomenal at Glen Mills. Fairways at both were outstanding. Rock Manor was a relatively straight forward with shot placement and greens. Glen Mills is one tough course. Probably one of the toughest I have ever played. Gorgeous course with lots of elevation and undulating fairways, multi-terraced greens and some holes with very tight fairways, but also some of the largest greens I have every played. Will definitely play both again.
  12. Agree re: Highland Links in Truro, MA. High on the dune bluff, virtually no trees, fully exposed. Granite Links is not really a links course, just in name.
  13. Will be in the Concordville/Chadds Ford, PA area next week. Looking for a a place or two to play that is in good/excellent condition. Have played Loch Nairn and Wyncote a little further west, but was thinking maybe Broad Run or White Clay. Other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  14. Agree with posters above, Lighthouse over Rum, but Rum is excellent. Down there I played Rum, Lighthouse, both Glenn Riddle courses, and River Run. Nearby played Baywood Greens. Ranking: Light House, Rum, Baywood Greens, War Admiral, Man O' War, River Run. I can't remember which hole it was 15 or 16 at Rum, but I called it the Crater Green. Green is surround by bunkers and mounds, making it hard to see the green/pin from the fairway. I do remember Rum being breezy near the water. Light House is one of the best courses I have ever played, but can be pricey.
  15. The Z565's came with KBS C-Taper Tour 120 Stiff shafts at +1.0 inch. My C200's have KBS Tour-V 110 Stiff shafts at 1.0 inch. I maybe notice a slightly lower launch with the C-Tapers, but haven't played them enough or have monitor data to support. The lofts on both sets is exactly the same.
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