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  1. I have the RTX-3 CB version and they work fine for me. They're easy to hit and when I hit them well/properly they do what they're supposed to. I'm a guy who once I find something that works, tend to stick with it until it doesn't. I don't think going to a RTX-4, Zipcore, or other brand/type will improve my shots. In this case it's the Indian not the arrow. One more thing, I got all of my wedges (RTX-3) news for $80 or less, so that made me happy too.
  2. Old Scotland Links in Bridgewater generally will stay open provided no snow.
  3. Thanks all for the replies. I don't know this for sure, but the "flipping" at impact could be the cause as I have all of a sudden started seeing it in my Higher clubs (7i - 60 deg wedge) where I have noticed a drop of 10-20 yards in distance and more lofted shots. My golf partner once said you I did a lot of wrist movement on my wedge shots. Maybe I am carrying that over to the other clubs now. I do kneed to get a good video of my swing of a Driver, 7i, and wedge analyze it.
  4. I bought a new driver this early spring through some swing mods and pacing have been able to fix my sometimes frequent extreme slice. I now mostly have a moderate fade, still a little more side spin than I want, but light years better. However, I think I am loosing a lot of distance (20-30 yards) due to my ball really skying off the tee. My set up is 9.5 deg loft angle and the ball height on the tee relative to the face of the club is halfway up. Compared to others that I have played with, I am about 1/2 inch lower on average. The ball position relative to my stance is in-line with the l
  5. I'd ditch the Cape Club and play Old Barnstable, Bayberry Hills, or Pine Hills or Waverley Oaks (Just off Cape on the way to Boston) instead of the The Cape Club. IMO The Cape Club is overpriced for what you get and Hole #1 I believe still being redone.
  6. Furnace Creek in Death Valley in July/August. Death Valley Golf Course. Would that be to sadistic? I would allow them to use carts.
  7. Played here yesterday (Sept 7) because golf buddy booked a foursome with two other friends. Greens are totally shot. Probably some of the worst greens I have ever seen. Some type of mite disease the clubhouse said. 20% reduction in greens fees as a result. Temp green on #10 Lakeside. Rest of the course was fine and in decent shape. We played Lakeside. Would be a good play with decent greens. I would wait until next year as idl says above.
  8. Same here. Got the TF Gamer 2020 on sale and decided to give it a try as a D2Feel fan and the D2 Feel being discounted. Decent performance off the tee, but the durability is mediocre. Some cases 7-8 hits, before scuffing, but most of the time about 5 holes before I started to see damage to the cover. Haven't tried the HC yet.
  9. Cape Courses: Dennis Muni’s Pines and Highlands - Both excellent courses. Replay on other for only cart fee. Cranberry Valley:Excellent Course, fairly bland as far as difficulty Bayberry Hills: Similar to CV as far conditions and layout. Captains: Probably the most challenging of the above, but generally crowded and pricey. Bass River: I think this is a nice course. Some interesting holes and generally very good conditions. The Cape Club: Over priced and not worth the extra $. Rather play others or Pine Hills Falmouth CC: Decent course, but n
  10. Soft sided bag (Club Glove, Sun Mountain or another reputable brand) coupled with a Stiff-arm device is all you need. Remove your driver and wood heads if you can and pack them either in your carry on or wrap them in your golf towel and store them in one of your golf bag's side pockets. Wrap your irons with a towel, coves or bubble wrap and then you're set. A cheap option to purchasing a Stiff-arm device is to get a wooden broom stick and cut it 2-3 inches longer than your longest shaft in the bag.and then put a tennis ball over the top of the stick. If you have an expensive putter, b
  11. As the OP, I have read all the comments and have been entertained with the different positions and methods used to bring drinks onto the course. As mentioned in my OP, I believe the course should have no issues with you bringing in water/non-alcoholic drinks especially if they don't have water out along the course. Regarding alcoholic beverages, I won't bring them on at anytime. If we have an opportunity to purchase one either from the cart girl or at a course shack, and I am in the mood for one, I will do so from them. You're talking $6+ tip for a beer, not big money and no more than you
  12. I want to get everyone's take on this. Almost all courses I play have a "No Coolers Allowed" rule, but I very rarely have been stopped, even when the starter sees me load onto the cart in the back basket. Now my cooler is soft and holds about a 6-pack (if that) and I never bring beer, mostly a few bottles of cold/frozen water, soda, or Gatorade and a bag of ice for cooling down and keeping the drinks cold. If I want beer during a round, I buy it before at the pro shop/cafe', at the turn, or from the beer cart. Today was pretty hot and I arrived with my cooler. The Pro Shop informs us that
  13. Played Poquoy Brook last year a few times and it was fine. This year it appears to be much more pricey, so I haven't. Played Lakeville CC and that has definitely gone downhill over the past few years. My goto course for value is Acushnet or if I can find a deal at Pembroke, then there. jdl - Played Black Swan two weeks ago and thought the conditions were pretty decent. I can see where you are at with holes 5 - 9, but I think most of the rest are require some thinking and/or skill. On the first hole If you crush your tee shot, you're in the rough. Hole 2, the par 5, you can play both side
  14. I played a few days ago and walked off at the end of 14 holes. Just wasn't into it then. Don't know if it is the start of the end my relationship with golf or not, I hope not. It was hot, I was playing lousy, not seeing a lot of improvement in my scores even though my knowledge of the game and my swing has improved over the last 3 years with considerable playing, and completed only 14 holes in just under 4 h because of waiting a few minutes or more on each hole. Same thing happened when I was sailing, competttive cycling, fishing, skiing. All of a sudden there was a moment where it stopped
  15. The "GPS" in phones is not generally pure "GPS" all the time. True GPS (Satellites) use electronic chips that require considerable power. Most phones, to save power, use cell tower triangulation to locate your position, which is generally not as accurate (maybe within 10 yards or so) as GPS. If your phone is out of cell range, the better phones will switch over to the true GPS chip for location. This is why if you have every used your phone as a navigation tool, it can still give you directions even though your "bars" are low enough to not allow cell reception.
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