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  1. My friend played there two years ago and said it was one of the nicest courses he has ever played on, but a little pricey. I think he stayed on site too.
  2. All above yes. My Fly Z+ shaft works in my F9 head. I had a 10.5 deg Fly Z+ (STD) and when I put the STD in the window of my F9, I am at 10.5 (My Normal setting).
  3. Thanks all - Made my reservations today. Going to play Baywood Greens on the way down. Then overnight in OC, Glenn Riddle Man 'O War and War Admiral next day, overnight in OC again and then Lighhouse on the way home. Should be a good 72 holes of golf. Hope temps stay moderate and rain holds off.
  4. I am planning to go to Ocean City, MD in two weeks. I have played there before at Lighthouse, Rum Pointe, and River Run. Will play Lighthouse when down there, but looking for other spots to play. There are lots of courses there and I know that many are recommended but looking for input from recent plays on conditions. I was thinking of hitting Heritage Shores on the way down (will be in Wilmington, DE area) playing Lighthouse on way back. Looking at someplace to play 36 or 27 on day 2. (Either on same property or nearby), then Lighthouse on Day 3 (wayback). Don't want to break the bank
  5. Wilson C200 7i - 32o Loft, KBS 105V Stiff. 150 yds carry
  6. Thanks all for some good advice and suggestions. I will try them the next time out.
  7. So I played yesterday and had a hard time getting the ball out of the sand. Need to practice, but where? Most courses have a drive range and a putting green, but no sand traps, so where/how does everyone practice? Thanks.
  8. Asics shoes have wider toe boxes than most others.
  9. Look at trail running shoes. I have used Asics and Salomon mainly because they have fit my feet best, but other companies make them with and without waterproof membrane. They have aggressive soles, easy to walk in and comfortable. The won't work in really wet conditions (spikeless don't either) unless the ground is soft enough to allow for a bite. On a side note, if your feet hurt that much in golf shoes, maybe you need orthotics or looked at by a podiatrist. Out of wack feet will cause not only foot pain, but leg, lower back, and shoulder pain.
  10. I have ASICS golf shoes (2 pair). The Sunbelt and the Gel-Ace Pro. Both are excellent. The Sunbelt is more breathable summer shoe and the Gel-Ace pro much more Waterproof and heavier. I wear Asics sneakers because they fit my feet best and the Golf Shoes are no different. When my Sunbelts finally wear out, I'll get the Course Glide or a small nubbed trail running shoe.
  11. Math formula for the # of sets of irons/clubs you should own as a Golfwrx'er # Sets = # cars + # houses + 1 back-up set. You need a set in each car in case you drive by a new course and you need to play. One at each house property you own (especially a vacation home) to avoid travel costs for checked luggage and lugging it around. One set of spares in case one of the others breaks.
  12. I like new toys. I have infinite amounts of money. I get fitted and buy a new set of clubs for every round I play and then as I am walking off the 18th, post on eBay and head to the golf store for another fitting and set of clubs. As I head to the store, I look at videos from golf experts Shiels, Crossfield, and Newton's website and what is new and hot. I easily get board with stuff and always want something different and I want to keep as many people employed as I can with my spending practice. Unfortunately, the second part of my story is a lie, having infinite money, making the res
  13. Set of mint Srixon Z565’s 4-P with KBS C-taper 120S shaft +1.0 inch off of the ‘Bay. Never even hit a club with that shaft. A crapshoot there.
  14. This guy played in our league last year and has a club building business. He built several clubs for some of the league members and they were really pleased. He is located in Medford, which is just north of Boston proper. There is always Club Champion in Needham, MA too. Jaxon Golf
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