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  1. I use Mission Enduracool golf style hats. Very light and when wet act to cool down your body. They also send a Enduracool towel with the purchase of a hat. I would recommend a color other than white though.
  2. Probably my 60 degree wedge. I can hood it for a short bump and run or open it up for a flop. I can open the face for a high pitch with little run or use it square faced for short run out.
  3. I agree I would not like to play behind someone teaching their child to play. In fact, I WAS stuck behind a 4some with to children who did not play bad but we still had to wait for multiple shots for them to get our of our range. Go late afternoons and let everyone play through.
  4. sort of like the USFL and NFL. Alot of traditional golf fans would not like it, they want the pros playing the same rules that they follow.
  5. i used one during an extended rain storm worked well for a few shots.
  6. I like how he patted himself on the back for such a great broadcast at the end.
  7. maybe there is an issue. I dont remember allergies being so prevalant during the 60-80's so maybe some food product is causing ED. Maybe its natures way to control the population.
  8. if you really are considering walking away maybe you should. I cant relate as I wouldnt know what to do without golf. I have been playing for 50 years. There are so many shots to master in the short game alone. If you were expecting faster progress well you need to play a minimum 3 days a week. Its not an easy sport and could take years.
  9. I'm no hero and play the seniors but I would like to try a few par 4s from the tips and play not as a 4 but expect a 5. I think a different perspective may help when I move back up
  10. Since joe buck has chops as far as golf and fox is concerned, I would like to see him give a demo and maybe play a hole for tv.
  11. I suffer from the exact same problem. I cant pick a spot in front of the ball, I cant use a line drawn on the ball. With me its a vision thing. If the putt is 10 foot or less I am ok. Longer i try focusing on the line on the putter and turning my head towards the cup. Its better but i still miss putts. The thing is my putting is great, speed is good reading putts is good. If i have a 15-20 footer i could be inches off. I am thinking of bagging it and going totally on feel on the longer putts. It would be easier with a bullseye or 8802 type putter but i am putting well with my milled anser clon
  12. Is this a warm weather ball also? I thought it was just for cold weather.
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