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  1. Up for sale today are two New Scotty Cameron Headcovers. 1. 2016 Masters Headcover - New in Bag - $150 Shipped 2. 2016 Cinco De Mayo Headcover - New in Bag - $150 Shipped
  2. Hoping to sell as a pair. Would take the 58 if he takes the 52 depending on the price.
  3. I wonder what the "Tempo Enhancing Design" is. Counter balanced?
  4. which is why some players prefer an "easier to hit" design, that doesn't have a spring face. Getting harder to find these days Definitely. I do think the i200s/210s are the best in that category. Both forgiving and consistent. I just didn't like the look or the sole design otherwise I'd happily game those for the performance.
  5. Exactly. This video should help demonstrate that as well. Play what you can hit your yardages consistently
  6. 100% Ping Glide 2.0 if you're looking for a more forgiving wedge in a compact player's profile.
  7. My vote would be JPX 900 Tours. You may get along better with the 718MBs as they would play most similar to your existing set and match in nicely with the Vokeys.
  8. Up for Sale today are two Scotty Cameron Headcovers from 2016 - New in Plastic Cinco De Mayo 2016 - $180 Shipped OBO (Having a hard time coming up with the value. Only seeing two available on Ebay for $300) Masters 2016 - $180 Shipped OBO Take them both for $300 shipped CONUS only
  9. Took a look. Owned both. Wasn't surprised at the results, at all. I do, however, wish that I could get my MP18s to have the JPX finish. That would be my ideal blend of both worlds but, I am glad that I am using the 919T. They are quite fun. It would be so nice if more companies had different finish options available.
  10. It seemed like there was one driver that took that approach with the infinity weight track. I don't know how you can even get into that room talking about square designs and magnets though.
  11. Have you considered hybrids for long iron replacements? I've you're not a hybrid fan, some of the longer irons such as the T-MB, p790, srixon or callaway utility irons would be good options to test.
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