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  1. Love this tournament. Bucket list course for me.
  2. Got a dozen Tour speed balls and a Footjoy glove from my wife.
  3. 83 on this nice Christmas Eve. Driver was absolute trash.
  4. Played the Q star tour for a bit but it spun too much off driver. Switched to the ‘19 ProV1 in May and instantly picked up distance. Been playing it since with some random tour balls I’ve found mixed in here and there. Found a chrome soft and really liked it so bought a dozen of those this weekend.
  5. Q star tour. Went nowhere off the driver for me. Super spinny from wedges down to driver.
  6. Break out the Marlin 35 and deer hunt. I’m in the south so we can play year round though.
  7. Can’t beat an early morning Waffle House run with the boys before playing.
  8. 9 years old and still happy as a pup.
  9. Been on a fitness kick this summer and almost completely cut out alcohol to help the abs shine through. Made this Stone Woot stout that much better. Trying now to find the balance between craft beer and lifting.
  10. Yellow Chrome Softs definitely seem to hold up better than the white ones. Feel the same to me though.
  11. Grabbed a couple of fresh wedges for the bag. Maltby TSW DRM. I had been playing a 44 pw ,50 gw, 56 sw set up. Switching it up a little and now playing 44 pw, 48 gw, 54 sw , 60 lw. They feel pretty good just from chipping around the yard. Playing with them for the first time in the morning.
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